Liver Detox – Basic knowledge


You probably already know that the liver is the body’s main filtering system that converts toxins into waste, cleanses the blood, metabolizes nutrients, drugs, and produces protein. A healthy liver will clean itself and function optimally to eliminate toxins from food and the environment. But don’t let come when you have serious illnesses like hepatitis, cirrhosis and you just noticed it. Start liver detox today.

1. Why is the liver poisoned?

✅ Currently, we face many factors that affect health. From environmental pollution, toxic chemicals, from skincare products to preservatives in food, etc. These cause the loss of nutrients, accumulation of toxic and dangerous substances for the body such as heavy metals, leading to chronic inflammation such as hepatitis, cirrhosis, which is more harmful than liver failure, cancer liver. It all makes you tired and even life-threaten.

1.1 Overweight

✅ According to scientific research, environmental chemicals such as pesticides, resins, etc. will be stored in the body’s fat tissue. In addition, excess fat can accumulate in the liver causing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease, which interferes with the functioning of the liver.

1.2 Drink a lot of alcohol

✅ When alcohol enters the body, it will be converted into acetaldehyde – very toxic to the liver. According to many studies, drinking alcohol-containing about 0.3 liters of pure alcohol per day will cause liver toxicity, hepatitis.

1.3 Smoke


✅ The toxic chemicals in cigarettes will create free radicals, damaged liver cells leading to fibrosis, and impair liver function. If you are a smoker, you must liver detox immediately.

1.4 Use suger

✅ Providing too much-refined sugar is also harmful to the liver and can cause fatty liver even if you are not overweight.

1.5 Taking medicine

Many medicines are not good for the liver

✅ There are many types of drugs that are harmful to your liver function, usually over-the-counter medications like pain relievers, antibiotics, etc. Use drug abuse as one of the causes of hepatitis, liver failure … Consult your pharmacist for unwanted effects in the medications you take.

1.6 Insomnia

✅ Insomnia is one of the causes of liver diseases. The reason is that during sleep, the liver will filter the blood and eliminate toxins more effectively. If you often stay up late, don’t get enough sleep, it will disrupt the process of liver detoxification, gradually affecting liver health. If you want a deep sleep, check out my article HERE

2. When Do I Need Liver Detox?

✅ Before getting into the details of the signs that you need liver detox, I would like to give you advice is you need to do it right now when you have no specific symptoms. These symptoms only warn when your liver really has a problem, please remember “Prevention is better than cure”.

Here are the signs that your liver is having problems, pay attention:

  • You eat healthily but do not feel healthy.
  • Sensitive to chemicals, odors, or drugs, when you smell you immediately feel nauseous.
  • Stress, anxiety, mood swings that you’ve never experienced before.
  • Constipation often.
  • Feeling always tired, vague.
  • Skin with many acne.
  •  Seasonal allergies.
  •  Overweight.
  •  Flatulence, indigestion.

In the following section I will give you a list of foods you can use right now to have a healthy liver.

3. Measures to help detoxify the liver at home


Be careful when using drugs: There are many drugs that can cause liver damage, especially acetaminophen (paracetamol) – a painkiller, antipyretic drugs available on the market with many different brand names. Therefore, it is easy to overdose if you use many drugs with the same active ingredient. Paracetamol poisoning seriously affects the liver, in severe cases can cause liver necrosis, the most dangerous is fatal. In order not to increase the burden on the liver, never exceed the recommended dose, and only take it when absolutely necessary.
The virus that causes hepatitis can be spread from an infected person to a healthy one. To avoid spreading the hepatitis virus, you should have safe sex, do not share needles, razors, toothbrushes … The best proactive measure to prevent is hepatitis vaccination.
Exercise every day: Not only helps the body flexible, healthy, exercise also helps increase circulation, support better detoxification.
Note in the diet: Because the liver is responsible for breaking down fats, storing vitamins and minerals, and eliminating toxins from food, the liver detox is simply a healthy diet.

  • Avoid processed, fried foods: They cause the liver to synthesize continuously and be weakened, vulnerable to toxins and free radicals. In addition, experts believe that trans fats affect the immune system, which can lead to inflammation throughout the body. Nitrates and nitrites commonly used to preserve foods are also harmful to overall health.
  • Do not use moldy foods: Moldy foods such as peanuts, soybeans, corn produce powerful toxic aflatoxin, which can cause degeneration or necrosis of liver cells leading to liver cancer.
  • Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables: Vegetables not only contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants but also are rich in fiber, which helps in better digestion. If you find it difficult to eat a sufficient amount of vegetables a day, one way to consume more is to squeeze the juice and juice. Vegetables that help cleanse the liver and detoxify the liver are best: cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts
  • Eat plenty of potassium-rich foods: Potassium-rich foods help lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, and support a healthy heart, and even help cleanse the liver. Potassium-rich foods include sweet potatoes, tomatoes, spinach, white beans …
  • Avoid soft drinks: Soft drinks often contain citric acid that can prevent the natural detoxification of the liver, especially if the liver function has been impaired.
  • Drink enough water: Water helps the body purify and eliminate toxins better.

4. Recommended for you :

🎁 Milk Thistle Extract helps to alleviate alcohol

✅ For more than half a century, scientists have been successful in identifying the active ingredients in milk thistle, most notably a related mixed group called Silymarin. Silymarin is a flavonoid-rich mixture like silybin, silydianin, and silychristin. Of which silybin is the main component. Good effect on the liver based on the mechanism of action of silymarine. Silymarin is safe and well-tolerated, helps protect the liver from alcohol or drug damage, and helps restore liver damage in cases of hepatitis, cirrhosis, steatosis.

1️⃣ Nature’s Answer | Milk Thistle Extract

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Nature’s Answer Milk Thistle is the natural way to promote healthy liver function. Super Concentrated with 2,000 mg per serving, Nature’s Answer Milk Thistle also promotes liver detoxification, as well as waste elimination. It’s alcohol-free and since Nature’s Answer Milk Thistle is a liquid extract, it’s absorbed faster than tablets or capsules.

2️⃣ NOW | Silymarin

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