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Child development :

📌 Child development is always a matter of concern, including the physical, said and intelligence development of children. In particular, nutrition is important for the health and development of children. Nutrition is not only a factor affecting a child’s physical development, but also a very important factor for the child’s intellectual development through the developmental stages of the baby. If your baby has a diet full of nutrients, it will be a foundation to help children grow as they grow. If the baby has a poor diet, it is easy to suffer from malnutrition, lack of nutrients and when the mother provides too much nutrition for the child, it will cause the baby to be obese, affecting the health of the child. Nutrition not only affects the development of the brain and intellect but also directly affects the emotional index EQ. Children who are malnourished at an early age are at greater risk of autism, anxiety and depression.
📌 In addition, children with chronic diseases are often much more retarded than other children. There are many factors that make children sick such as due to limited nutrition, polluted living environment, infectious diseases. Therefore, parents should pay attention to good health care for children when the weather changes and attention to vitamin supplements to help children increase resistance to disease more effectively.
✅In this category I focus on the articles related to nutrition and common diseases in children. These can be foods that help children become smarter or take care of their eyes when they are nearsighted … all of them are intended to help you get reference methods when caring for children at home. However, for child development effectively, you should consult nutritionists and doctors.