Nosebleeds – What to eat?


Nosebleeds in children are very common and can be caused by causes such as a deficiency in vitamin C, the baby’s habit of picking his nose too hard or the weather is dry and cold, making the nose dry and bleed. Except for a lot of bleeding, abnormal medical attention should be sought immediately, and nosebleeds are not dangerous. To improve nosebleeds, in addition to keeping your nose clean, you can use the following essential vitamins and minerals in your daily diet.

1. What is Nosebleeds?

βœ… Nose bleeds are a condition with blood flowing from one or both sides of the nose. Most nosebleeds occur on one side of the nose, rarely on both. This is not a disease, but a general symptom of many causes. Most people have had at least one nosebleed in their lifetime, most often in children. This condition is usually mild and can resolve on the spot. However, if not handled promptly and properly, patients can experience dangerous problems, even leaving many complications later.

Causes of nosebleeds

βœ… In children, the rate of nosebleeds is 2 times higher than that of adults. The cause of nosebleeds is the rupture of blood vessels in the nose, causing bleeding. Usually, nosebleeds occur suddenly and it is difficult to determine the cause clearly. Here are some causes of a nasal blood vessel rupture, leading to nosebleeds :

  • Dry, cold, or overheating weather causes vasodilation, sensitive and fragile blood vessels.
  • Infections that cause local inflammation: rhinitis, sinusitis, rhinitis, …
  • Injury to the face and nose: being hit in the nose, an accident causing fractures of the nose and nose, broken nasal septum, broken jaw bone, frontal sinus rupture …
  • The habit of forcefully picking the nose by the hand causes damage to the mucosa and nasal vessels.
  • Have a cold, allergy, continuous blowing nose with strong intensity.
  • Lack of vitamin C, K: vitamin C helps the durability of blood vessel walls, vitamin K is involved in blood clotting. Without these 2 vitamins, the body is prone to bleeding.
  • Use lots of chemicals like cocaine, aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, nasal sprays, and some allergens.

First aid : This is the first priority when someone has a nose bleed.

  • Position the patient in an upright position, with the head slightly tilted forward. Do not tilt your head back because blood will flow into your throat, trachea, causing breathing problems. If possible, spit blood in the throat and mouth out.
  • Squeeze the nose and perform mouth-to-mouth breathing for 10-15 minutes until blood flows slowly or stops bleeding.
  • You can use cotton soaked in vasoconstrictor drugs to deepen into the bleeding site.

2. Good food for Nosebleeds

2.1 Vitamin K


βœ… You need to provide adequate vitamin K when nosebleeds. This vitamin will ensure normal blood clotting. The main source of vitamin K is green vegetables. You can supplement your child through a diet rich in green vegetables such as Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, Cabbage, Asparagus.

2.2 Kali

βœ… Potassium regulating body fluids, preventing dehydration, avoiding tissue in the nose is dry causing nosebleeds. Mothers can supplement potassium for babies every day through meals containing lots of fruits, vegetables, foods like bananas, avocado, tomatoes, yogurt, fish, clams, carrots …

2.3 Vitamin C


βœ… One of the most common causes of nosebleeds in children is the deficiency of vitamin C. Vitamin C is a factor that helps strengthen the strength of blood vessels, limiting rupture when a strong impact. Good sources of vitamin C include:

  • Bell pepper.
  • Citrus fruits, tangerines, grapefruit.
  • Succulent fruits like strawberries, blueberries, etc.
  • You can also consider giving your child vitamin C from supplements.

2.4 Iron


βœ… Losing a lot of blood during nosebleeds results in iron supplementation to reconstruct the lost blood. Therefore, it would be a great omission to ignore this micronutrient when it comes to nosebleeds to eat. You can supplement iron with daily foods, please refer to ARTICLE .

3. Some foods to avoid

Besides the addition of good foods for your baby, you also need to know about the foods to avoid to prevent and improve nosebleeds.

3.1 The food is spicy, hot

βœ… You need to avoid giving children foods that contain a lot of pepper, chili, mustard, onions … because their nature is causing heat in the body, the more easily stimulate the breaking of blood vessel mucosa. Some fruits have thermal properties such as longan, litchi, mango, plum … should also be avoided.

3.2 Types of stimulants

βœ… Coffee, soft drinks, beer, wine are drinks with high stimulant content. They not only affect the heart, blood vessels, blood pressure, the risk of obesity in children but also increase the number of nosebleeds.

4. Recommended for you :

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βœ… BleedCEASE is a natural based polymer, calcium alginate, derived from brown seaweed, and through a proprietary process is manufactured into a unique stop bleeding product. As soon as BleedCEASE comes in contact with blood, calcium ions are released. Calcium is a clotting factor (Factor IV), which accelerates coagulation, stopping the nosebleed quickly. As BleedCEASE absorbs blood, the sodium ions in the blood change the packing from a dry mass into a moist or gelified mass. The moistness of the mass against the wound site promotes healing.
βœ… When a child has nosebleeds, The soft fibers of BleedCEASE allow it to be quickly and easily inserted into the nasal cavity without any discomfort. BleedCEASE continues to absorb blood throughout the duration of the nosebleed. This allows the nosebleed sufferer to insert BleedCEASE and forget about it until recommended removal, thirty minutes later.

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