Diseases that obese people often suffer from

Obesity is a condition of excessive and abnormal fat accumulation in an area of the body or body that affects health. Obesity is a health condition with nutritional causes. Usually, a healthy adult, with proper nutrition, their weight fluctuates within a certain limit. Obesity not only affects your aesthetics but also makes you more likely to suffer from many other important diseases such as hypertension, fatty liver … It can be said that controlling obesity should be a part of a plan that keeps you healthy and beautiful in the true sense.

1. Obesity has nothing to do with high blood pressure

βœ… According to studies, the incidence of high blood pressure in obese people is much higher than that of ordinary people. Because the fat tissue in obese patients is much increased, causing a corresponding increase in blood circulation, forcing the heart to work harder, increasing the heart rate to ensure blood supply to the body, causing blood pressure to rise to follow. In addition, certain amounts of sodium accumulate in the body of obese people, increasing blood circulation and high blood pressure. Weight loss is an effective preventative measure against high blood pressure.

2. Obesity is related to fatty liver


βœ… Normally, the fat absorbed by the intestine will be broken down, metabolized in the liver, then stored in fat tissue. When the body is hungry, stored fat is moved to the liver and other organizations to break down and generate energy. However, in obese people, due to the higher intake than the demand, too much fat synthesis, exceeding the tolerance of liver cells, obstructing fat breakdown in the liver, causing fat accumulation in the liver to form steatosis. Early-stage or mild to moderate fatty liver disease can largely change, which is to say that progressing weight loss, adjusting your diet, balancing your needs can improve or even lose your mood steatosis.

3. Obesity is associated with high cholesterol

βœ… Obesity makes it difficult to control your cholesterol level. When obese, triglycerides and “bad” cholesterol tend to rise, “good” cholesterol is too low. This causes the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the blood vessels. These are plaque that builds up in blood vessels, making it difficult for blood to flow, or blocking the flow of blood to feed organs in the body, especially the heart and brain. Therefore, they can cause dangerous complications for the body, such as heart attack and stroke.

4. Obesity is linked to joint diseases

βœ… Osteoarthritis is a common disease of the joints, most often affecting the knees, hips, or back. Gaining weight increases the pressure on joints and cartilage causing them to become inflamed and gradually degenerate. Arthritis in obese people is often a vicious cycle. When the joint is swollen or deformed, the activity decreases, the body becomes heavier, the pressure on the joint gets worse, the disease will become worse. So obese people with arthritis during treatment should start from losing weight.

βœ… According to numerous studies, there is an association between body weight and blood uric acid levels. The prevalence of gout is noticeably increased in people whose body weight is increased by more than 10%. Obesity increases the synthesis of uric acid in the blood and reduces uric acid excretion, a combination of both causes of hyperuricemia. Moreover, obese people eat more foods that contain more protein and fat. Then purines will be converted into uric acid when entering the body, making obese people increase the risk of gout.
βœ… The symptoms of gout in overweight and normal people are the same: Swelling in joints, heat, pain, redness, etc. The pain usually occurs at night. However, in obese people, the gout pain in the leg joints is usually more severe because of the large weight put on the leg joints.

5. Obese people are prone to gallstones

βœ… Nutrition of obese people is excess, high blood fat, in order to digest fat, requires more secretion of bile water, the burden of gallbladder increases. That causes a lot of cholesterol in bile fluid and gallstones to form from the deposition of cholesterol. In addition, due to the inactivity of fat people, the condition of the formation of stones also increases.

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