Top 5 drinks for losing weight


Losing weight is controlling the foods you eat as well as having an appropriate exercise regime to achieve a healthy weight. However, some people may only pay attention to foods and losing control of their drinks. Did you know some drinks make you unable to lose weight while this top 5 drinks for losing weight not only helps you lose weight but also improve your health?

1. Which drinks are covertly sabotaging your weight loss plan?

Drinking alcohol is not good when losing weight
  • Milk coffee: While unsweetened black coffee is the ideal weight loss drink, coffee with sugar or milk coffee can make you gain weight quickly. By adding these additives, you increase the energy in a cup of coffee by 250 to 300 calories. The consequence of obesity when using coffee is usually only evident after a long time of use. According to master, nutritionist Dana James, just absorb 120 extra calories per day, then in 1 year, your body fat can be increased to more than 7kg.
  • Soda: Each time you drink a can of soda, you will load hundreds of calories. This will vanish all your weight loss efforts. Besides promoting weight gain and increasing blood sugar, many experts believe that consuming too much-carbonated water can cause some cardiovascular diseases or can lead to death.
  • Alcoholic drink: The most recent research has shown that alcohol will make you gain weight faster and more than you think. According to Dr. Ray Sahelian, nutritionist, every 90 ml of alcohol or beer will reduce the ability to burn body fat to 2/3, not to mention that these drinks contain a lot of calories. The reason is that when drinking alcohol, the chemical molecules in alcohol split into acetate – a basic vinegar. At this point, the body will focus on burning acetate instead of destroying the calorie just tolerated by food or calories already in the body before, including sugar and fat. So if you want to lose weight, you need to stop drinking alcohol immediately.
  • Energy drinks: The active ingredients in energy drinks are caffeine, vitamins, herbs, creatine – a substance that helps provide energy for the active muscles and sugar. If you need to use energy drinks for high-intensity exercise, you should check the label carefully and find the sugar-free type is better.
  • Commercial fruit juice: Fruit juice may have as many calories as soda, but it is more nutritious. If you want vitamins and antioxidants without added sugar. Look for 100% fruit juice. Stay away from fruit drinks with added sweeteners. Check nutrition labels for percentages of real juice.

2. Top 5 drinks for losing weight

2.1 Drinks for losing weight: Filtered water

Drinks for losing weight: Filtered water

Filtered water: Replacing sugary soft drinks with water will cut hundreds of calories from your diet every day. Also drinking two glasses of water before meals can also help you feel full faster, so you won’t eat much. Water can also help speed up your metabolism, which reduces the likelihood of energy being stored as subcutaneous fat.

2.2 Drinks for losing weight: Skim or soy milk

Drinks for losing weight: Skim or soy milk

Skim or soy milk: Fatty and soy milk are low-calorie but nutritious drinks and a good choice when you are trying to lose weight. The overwhelming advantage of skim milk is its high protein content while its low fat and calorie content. This is why skim milk is the right choice for people who want to lose weight and reduce cholesterol. Skimmed milk is also a suitable drink for people who exercise regularly. The habit of drinking skim milk after exercise will help provide the body with essential nutrients and effective hydration after training with high intensity. Skim milk also helps improve muscle tone and eliminate unwanted fat.

2.3 Drinks for losing weight: Green tea

Drinks for losing weight: Green tea

Green tea: It’s one of the best drinks weight loss when you’re looking for a drink that not only helps with weight loss but is also healthy. The reason is that green tea not only contains no calories but also contains caffeine and micronutrients called catechins that play a role in burning excess fat and increasing metabolism, helping to effectively lose weight.

2.4 Drinks for losing weight: Vegetable juice

Drinks for losing weight: Vegetable juice

Vegetable juice: Vegetable juices are as nutritious as fruit juices, but contain fewer calories. One cup of tomato juice has 41 calories, compared with 122 for orange juice. Choosing unfiltered ground juice also gives you some fiber. That can help control your hunger. You should also note that vegetable juice is high in sodium, which can cause water retention and weight gain. If you buy vegetable juices from a store, choose a low-sodium option if possible.

2.5 Drinks for losing weight: Black coffee

Drinks for losing weight: Black coffee

Black coffee: When you need caffeine to boost your heart rate for movement and the circulatory system? Coffee is a better choice than soda or energy drinks. Black coffee is calorie-free and rich in antioxidants. Moreover, Caffeine in coffee helps fatty acids in the blood to convert into easily consumed energy. Therefore coffee can promote the burning of fat in the body. Caffeine also has diuretic and eliminates toxins from the body. Studies show that drinking a moderate amount of coffee can improve mood and help you focus. It may also reduce the likelihood of type 2 diabetes and some cancers.

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