Top 4 health benefits of bromelain | The anti-inflammatory enzyme from pineapple


Bromelain is a blend of protein digestive enzymes derived from stems, berries, and juices of pineapple. It has a long history used to treat diseases, mainly throughout Central and South America. It is currently classified as a dietary supplement and is safely recognized by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). People tend to use bromelain as a supplement for health benefits including reducing sinus problems, reducing inflammation, improving the digestive system, and reducing muscle soreness.

1. What is bromelain?


βœ… Bromelain is an enzyme mixture that one can extract from the stem or fruit of pineapple Ananas comosus. The active ingredients in bromelain include proteinase and protease, which are enzymes that break down proteins in the body. Healing people have used these enzymes for hundreds of years in many ways. Currently, pharmaceutical companies have been able to extract bromelain as a health supplement or lotion.

2. Top 4 health benefits of bromelain

2.1 Health benefits of bromelain: Reduce sinusitis

Health benefits of bromelain: Reduce sinusitis

βœ… Bromelain may slow down the growth of Prostaglandin (found in male and female tissues). High levels of Prostaglandin will lead to negative effects including swelling, inflammation. Bromelain may, therefore, be useful as an adjunctive therapy to relieve sinusitis symptoms and related conditions affecting the respiratory tract and nasal passages. When used with standard medicines, it can help reduce inflammation in the sinuses. A pilot study found that bromelain tablets were effective in reducing swelling, hyperemia, and other symptoms associated with chronic sinusitis. The study participants took it daily for a period of three months.

2.2 Health benefits of bromelain: Treatment of osteoarthritis

Health benefits of bromelain: Treatment of osteoarthritis

βœ… A 2004 review of clinical studies found that bromelain is a useful treatment for osteoarthritis, possibly due to its anti-inflammatory effects. Studies have also had different analyzes of dosages, eventually reaching an agreement to take 400 milligrams twice daily. However, they do not agree on whether bromelain, alone or in combination with other drugs, is effective in treating osteoarthritis.

2.3 Health benefits of bromelain: Anti-inflammatory

Health benefits of bromelain: Anti-inflammatory

βœ… Along with reducing rhinitis in sinusitis, bromelain can also reduce inflammation elsewhere in the body :

  • Studies have shown that the anti-inflammatory effects of bromelain are beneficial for people with asthma or other respiratory and allergy conditions.
  • Research shows that bromelain may be beneficial for people with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Some people take bromelain to reduce stomach pain and symptoms of digestive disorders. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, some people use it as an adjunct therapy to treat inflammatory bowel disorders.

2.4 Health benefits of bromelain: Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

Health benefits of bromelain: Prevention of cardiovascular diseases

βœ… Bromelain is effective in treating cardiovascular diseases, even preventing dangerous complications such as stroke, heart attack, and high blood pressure. The cause is due Bromelain inhibits the ability of blood platelets to stick together. This can help reduce the formation of blood clots that cause blood vessel blockages.

3. Note when using Bromelain

3.1 Side effects

  • Side effects of bromelain may occur in some people, especially when taken in high doses. Include the following: diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, menstrual bleeding worse than normal. Note, when using bromelain that experiences the above symptoms, it is necessary to stop using the related preparations and immediately notify the doctor to be able to switch to other therapies.
  • People sensitive or allergic to pineapple should avoid using products containing bromelain. The use of preparations containing bromelain can cause mild to severe allergic reactions.

3.2 Pay attention to adverse interactions

βœ… Some medicines may interact with bromelain, increasing the serious side effects that affect the health of the patient. Some drugs may interact with bromelain: amoxicillin antibiotics, tetracycline; warfarin, Pradaxa, and others (causing excessive bleeding) … Therefore, do not arbitrarily combine bromelain with these drugs. In order to avoid undesirable things, tell your doctor about the medications you’re taking (including vitamins or supplements), and let your doctor consider when prescribing medication to minimize dangerous drug interactions.

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