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Best foods liver

The liver is a very important organ in the human body, it performs a range of essential tasks from the production of proteins and cholesterol … and handling toxins such as alcohol, drugs, and biological products of metabolism. Therefore, you need to keep the liver in the best condition so that this agency can fulfill its task. Using Best foods liver is the easiest way to keep the liver in its perfect state.

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1. Best foods liver list

1.1 Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and kale provide glutathione that can activate the liver’s toxin-cleansing enzymes. Brussels sprouts contain many beneficial plant compounds that increase the content of detoxifying enzymes and protect the liver from damage, prevent liver failure.

1.2 Best foods liver : Turmeric


Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric with strong biological properties. Curcumin helps liver enzymes eliminate toxins, while turmeric’s antioxidants help repair liver cells, eliminate free radicals, and help the liver detoxify metals. In addition, technology also stimulates the gallbladder to produce so it helps detoxify the liver very effectively.

1.3 Best foods liver : Citrus fruit

Citrus fruits provide a great deal of vitamin C which is an antioxidant and protects liver cells. Grapefruit is also very beneficial to the liver because it contains 2 main antioxidants: naringin and naringenin. These two substances can reduce inflammation and protect liver cells, thereby helping the liver stay healthy.

1.4 Sugar beet


Beets contain vitamin C and a healthy amount of fiber. Both substances can clean the digestive system and support increased oxygenation of toxins to protect liver cells. Also, beets contain betaine antioxidants. Betaine is responsible for improving the structure and regeneration of liver cells.

1.5 Garlic

Garlic has many natural active ingredients that help the body fight disease. In it, sulfur is a lesser-known substance but has an important effect on activating liver enzymes to eliminate toxins. Garlic also contains large amounts of selenium, an essential micronutrient that helps to increase the concentration of natural antioxidant enzymes in your liver.

1.6 Best foods liver : Walnuts

Walnuts are a good source of glutathione, omega-3 fatty acids, and arginine amino acids, which support normal liver cleansing activities, especially when ammonia detoxified.

1.7 Olive oil

Olive oil is a healthy fat that is a great support of the liver. These oils have been shown to reduce fat levels in the liver. Fat accumulation in the liver is part of the early stage of liver disease. Therefore, olive oil has a positive effect on fatty liver, as well as other aspects of health.

1.8 Best foods liver : Green tea

A Japanese study found that the catechin compound found in green tea may help with healthy liver function. In addition, the antioxidants in green tea can also fight to age for liver.

2. Certain foods are harmful to the liver

Besides the foods that help you have a healthy liver, there are still some that make your liver condition worse. Here is a list of foods and drinks to avoid if you do not want to have liver diseases :

RED MEAT: With a rich protein content, red meat is an essential food in the daily diet of humans. However, many studies show that reducing the amount of red meat in your diet will help you have a healthier liver. If your liver is healthy, it can break down proteins in meat easily. If your liver is weak, it will be difficult to metabolize protein. When the liver has impaired protein metabolism, the excess protein becomes toxic and directly affects the brain, causing dizziness and fatigue. Therefore, some white meats such as chicken and fish will be a good choice for you to get protein and still not harm liver function.
SALT: Although our bodies require a certain amount of salt, using too much salt will have serious health consequences. In particular, the two parts that suffer the most serious consequences are the liver and kidney. Eating too salty will cause you to have high blood pressure and the body will retain the amount of water. Not only that, the salt accumulates in the body but retains all fluids, including fat, which causes the liver to stagnate, leading to fatty liver disease.
ALCOHOL: Wine and beer are two drinks that contain lots of alcohol and stimulants. The substance after entering the body requires your liver to work over “capacity” to handle and eliminate toxins out. If your liver is weakened, the excess alcohol will poison you. This is exacerbated by the use of alcohol and beer with liver-damaging drugs such as paracetamol.
FAST FOOD: Fast food and processed foods such as canned food, sausages, instant noodles … though very convenient and help you save time but will not be a good choice for your health. Research shows that most of these foods contain preservatives and artificial coloring. Regular absorption of these substances will increase the metabolic burden and significantly affect the detoxification function of the liver.
MOLDY FOODS: Mold foods will produce aflatoxin. And this is a fungus toxin that has been shown to cause liver cancer.
SOFT DRINKS: Soft drinks often contain citric acid that can prevent the natural detoxification of the liver, especially if the liver function has been impaired.

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