Top 6 benefits of Zinc for men


Zinc is a mineral that plays an important role in the body even though it only traces elements, zinc is involved in many important biological reactions of the body. Zinc’s effects include: boosting the immune system, fighting off diseases, supporting healthy and growing cells. In particular, the benefits of Zinc for men are in maintaining prostate health, ensuring the dosage of male sex hormones, and physiological health. Let’s find out.

1. Top 6 benefits of Zinc for men

1.1 Benefits of Zinc for men: Increasing male hormones

Benefits of Zinc for men: Increasing male hormones

Increasing male hormones: For men’s hormones, to increase testosterone, zinc supplementation is one of the effective and necessary methods. Because the role of male testosterone is the main reason contributing to the maintenance of healthy physiological health. In addition, the zinc in the male body is often concentrated in semen and the prostate. Zinc is essential in sperm production, most cases of low sperm count and low male sex hormones are due to zinc deficiency. In fact, each ejaculation can use up about 5 milligrams of zinc, equivalent to about half the amount of zinc that the man’s body absorbs in a day.

1.2 Benefits of Zinc for men: Zinc boosts sperm motility

Benefits of Zinc for men: Zinc boosts sperm motility

Zinc boosts sperm motility: Zinc supplementation for men will help improve the quality, strength of sperm, increase motility, endurance when they swim to the egg for fertilization. The weakness of sperm by men is also one of the causes of infertility because sperm cannot reach the woman’s egg. If you have a moving sperm count of less than 50%, one of the reasons may be vitamin and nutrient deficiencies, including zinc deficiency.

1.3 Benefits of Zinc for men: Reduced risk of prostate cancer

Benefits of Zinc for men: Reduced risk of prostate cancer

Reduced risk of prostate cancer: Zinc can be found in all organs, tissues, and cells of the human body; Especially in men, the prostate contains more zinc. Zinc plays an important role in maintaining and developing prostate health. When men reach middle age, poor diet, and absorption lead to insufficient intake of zinc. They also have a higher risk of prostate cancer.

1.4 Benefits of Zinc for men: Enhance immunity

Benefits of Zinc for men: Enhance immunity

Enhance immunity: Zinc helps to develop and maintain the effective functioning of the immune system, necessary for protecting the body from diseases and healing wounds. Zinc deficiency reduces the development and function of most immune cells, including T cells, B cells, and macrophages. By maintaining a diet rich in antioxidants like zinc, it helps neutralize the potential of free radicals that damage immune cells.

1.5 Benefits of Zinc for men: Zinc helps to repair cells after exercise

Benefits of Zinc for men: Zinc helps to repair cells after exercise

Zinc helps to repair cells after exercise: The more we work, the greater the strain on the muscular and skeletal systems. By now, the muscles have been damaged at the cellular level. A great deal of zinc in our bodies is stored in muscle and bone cells. Zinc is a key component in the recovery of muscles, from building structures for cells and proteins to helping the body relax.

1.6 Benefits of Zinc for men: Bone development

Benefits of Zinc for men: Bone development

Bone development: In addition to calcium, zinc is also an element that makes up bones. It is essential for bone growth and strength. Therefore, it is necessary to supplement Zinc appropriately for comprehensive bone development.

2. Supplement Zinc appropriately


βœ… Zinc benefits for men are undeniable, but not because of that that you can arbitrarily use zinc in large amounts. Men should take zinc in appropriate doses: about 15 mg/day. Overdose should be avoided because the excess Zn body also leads to many pathological conditions, especially competition for the absorption of other important elements such as copper and calcium. You need to diversify daily meals with foods rich in Zn and other essential nutrients to prevent Zn deficiency for the body. The best zinc supplements:

  • Nuts and seeds: legumes, corn, wheat, etc. are important and easily available sources of Zn.
  • Meat: Meat is a familiar food in daily meals and is also the largest source of Zn, especially beef, pork, turkey, lamb.
  • Shellfish: Shrimp, lobster, shellfish, oysters, mussels, … are not only delicious foods but also a great source of Zn supplements for the body.
  • Vegetables, mushrooms: Fruits and vegetables are an easy and inexpensive source of Zn supplements. It is impossible not to mention spinach and mushrooms.

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