Premature ejaculation – Disease of modern men


Premature ejaculation when having sex is a very common condition in modern society, it seriously affects the quality of life. Premature ejaculation is the reason why married life is not as desired, even making men can increase the risk of infertility. Therefore, the cure for premature ejaculation should be done as soon as possible. Let’s learn the basic knowledge about the causes and how to overcome premature ejaculation.

1. What is premature ejaculation?

✅ According to the Association of Sexual Medicine defines premature ejaculation as a situation in which men cannot control their own ejaculation, so that ejaculation takes place before consciousness. Or when the penis has just penetrated the vagina for less than 1 minute, it has ejaculated, even has not penetrated, and has ejaculated in almost every sexual relationship. I would like to give three factors for you to assess your situation:

  • The time of intercourse is too short, about 1 minute or less.
  • Inability to control his ejaculation.
  • The frequency of premature ejaculation is over 50% each time.

2.What the cause of this situation?

2.1 Stress

✅ Frequent stress, stress from everyday life, or work causes men to premature ejaculation. In addition to being too excited, the limited sexual skills of men also make men unable to control their ability to ejaculate.

2.2 Due to pathology

✅ Diseases related to the genital tract such as inflammation, prostate infection, urethritis, testis are also causes of premature ejaculation by men. In addition, if men experience abnormalities of the foreskin such as long, narrow, foreskin inflammation, it also increases the risk of premature ejaculation.

2.3 Masturbation abuse

✅ Masturbation is like a double-edged sword, it can make men sleep well, reduce stress, improve immunity, minimize sexually transmitted diseases, but excessive masturbation will cause unpredictable consequences. Frequent masturbation will form premature ejaculation reflex because male masturbation processes often fear people detect and act as quickly as possible. This situation occurs regularly will become premature ejaculation.

2.4 Habits of living

✅ Due to the use of many stimulant products such as alcohol, a diet that is not balanced with nutrients … also reduces your ability to have sex.

3. How does this affect my life?

This is a little-mentioned issue, but I still have to say here to show you the importance of this, I would like to mention four factors:

  • Psychological effects: When premature ejaculation men will always be inferior and inferiority complex about themselves, the feeling of not satisfying the physiological needs of their partners is always in the head.
  • Health effects: According to leading experts, men who have premature ejaculation will lead to a sluggish body, if this condition lasts, it can trigger many other dangerous male diseases such as apathy in sex, impotence …
  • Affect the ability to have children: When the quality of love is not guaranteed, it is difficult to avoid the number and quality of sperm is not good, moreover, the sperm has not been able to penetrate deeply into the uterus so that men are more likely to be infertile.
  • Impact on family happiness: It is undeniable that family happiness is achieved by the love of the couple and the harmony in the life of sex. If men experience specific physiological problems, such as premature ejaculation, it will cause feelings of disappointment for their partners, and they will also feel less confident in intimacy. The disagreement in the relationship between husband and wife will lead to the breakdown of the marriage.

4. Improve Premature ejaculation

There are many psychological methods and health products that are introduced to work, but I have not been able to verify, in my knowledge, please provide 4 effective foods for you. Should be used in the daily diet.

4.1 Oysters sea


✅ The first answer to the question of premature ejaculation should be oyster. With abundant zinc, sea oysters help men promote effective physiological health. In the male body, zinc greatly affects testosterone levels. This is the sex hormone that directly affects sperm quality and quantity, libido. In addition, oysters contain many important vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, calcium, iron; vitamins D, and B … They work to prevent the risk of prostate hypertrophy. This is a disease directly related to erectile dysfunction.

4.2 Red meat and Fatty fish

✅ Specifically beef, goat, and sheep. These meats are rich in protein. They will actively contribute to the process of blood circulation in the body. Including the process of blood circulation to the penis. Thus, the condition of premature ejaculation will improve markedly. Besides, when choosing fish, you should prioritize salmon, mackerel, and tuna. Because they contain lots of Omega-3s and unsaturated fats. These nutrients both enhance blood circulation and are beneficial for the synthesis of male sex hormones.

4.3 Avocado


✅ The amount of folate found in avocados is very high. They have the effect of converting proteins into energy. As a result, men will have high energy during sex.

4.4 Asparagus

✅ Asparagus contains a lot of phosphorus, manganese, iron, vitamins A, C, and B6 that help boost the immune system but also increase testosterone levels. Thereby you will improve the efficiency of premature ejaculation.

5. These foods should be avoided

In addition to choosing foods that can improve the disease, patients should also pay attention to foods that can make erectile dysfunction worse. Here are some foods that people should avoid :

  • Alcohol, beer, cigarettes: People who regularly use stimulants such as alcohol, beer, cigarettes are at a higher risk of developing erectile dysfunction. Not only does this food affect the nervous system, damage the liver, kidneys, they also have an effect on the hormonal balance of male testosterone.
  • Soy: Men who use soy and soy products will impair the production of the male hormone testosterone, making erectile dysfunction worse.
  • Foods high in fat: Overweight, obesity is a cause of countless human health problems, of which the decline of physiological function in men is a common problem. High fat consumption is the leading factor leading to overweight and obesity. Obesity also increases your risk of diabetes, hypertension, and prostate diseases. When fat into the body, it can cling to the blood wall, making blood circulation to the penis become slow and hard to erect. Therefore, to have good health, you should minimize fatty foods such as fast food, fried food, fried, canned food, …
  • Spicy, hot foods: Hot foods or hot spicy spices like chili, pepper, mustard are extremely harmful to the patient. They may cause inhibition of testosterone production in men.
  • Salty foods: Regular intake of salty foods affects kidney function and increases the risk of developing blood pressure problems. This is also a common cause of erectile dysfunction in men.

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