Nocturia-Annoying Disease

As you know, the older we age, the function of the body declines, including the kidneys and bladder, which are the main causes of nocturia in the elderly. Although not serious, nocturia affects greatly the quality of life: insomnia, fatigue, irritability, low self-esteem, sometimes depression, dementia … Therefore, the treatment of nocturia is an essential to set for the elderly.

1. What is Nocturia?


✅ Nocturia many times is a medical term to indicate excessive urination at night. During sleep, the human body produces less urine and is more concentrated. Therefore, most people do not need to wake up at night to urinate and can sleep continuously for 6-8 hours. However, if you have to wake up more than twice a night to urinate, your kidneys may be having problems. Nocturia is not simply a physiological phenomenon. Also, this can be a warning sign of some potentially dangerous pathology. Especially kidney disease: kidney failure … So my advice here is to get tested at health facilities to be able to detect related diseases.

2. Nocturia only with the elderly?

✅ Night urination many times is a common disease in both men and women, especially in middle age, the elderly. However, this situation now appears even for young people. For the elderly, the more the body parts are aging, the kidney function is also impaired. Besides, blood flow through the kidneys decreases, and the glomerular filtration rate decreases. Besides, subjects suffering from diseases of endocrine, urinary tract, prostate, … People who are constantly under pressure, stress at work, life, nervous system damage, … can also suffer from urinating at night.

3. Harm of Nocturia

Experts said that Nocturia, although not directly life-threatening, has a serious impact on daily life and reduced quality of life, in particular:

  • The tired body leads to depression: At night, the body needs to rest and recover to replenish energy for a long day of activity. However, if you have to urinate at night too many times, it will certainly affect the rest of the human regime. Because you cannot rest properly, your body is easily depleted by not getting enough energy each day.
  • Susceptible to many diseases: When people have a deep sleep, the human immune system will regenerate energy and excrete toxins outside to help ensure health. However, if you urinate many times at night, your body’s regeneration won’t take place. That indirectly promotes pathogens to form in the body. This situation, if taking place for a long time, can cause poor resistance, leading to many health dangers. People who often urinate at night are more susceptible to colds and high fevers due to the weakened immune system.
  • Causes of chronic insomnia: The condition of nocturia if occurring continuously for days, even weeks, and months certainly affects significantly the quality of sleep of patients. The effects of chronic insomnia can lead to some serious illnesses.

4. The cause of it?

  • Drink plenty of water: the ideal amount of water a day to load into the body is from 1.5-2l of water. Depending on your age, drinking too much water before bed causes excess water.
  • Due to psychology, stress from work, life leads to stress, anxiety, fatigue, heavy thoughts … This is the cause of nocturia.
  • Nerve nerves Diseases such as stroke, spinal cord injury damage nerves that control bladder activity. The result is frequent urination, which urinates day and night.
  • Abuse diuretics. If the patient uses diuretics to treat hypertension or other conditions that can cause excessive urination.
  • Using a lot of stimulants like alcohol, coffee, tea … These are all irritants to the bladder cause night urination more.
  • Age: The older the kidney function decreases, causing more urination
  • Due to pathological causes:
  • Nocturia many times due to diseases of the urinary tract: urinary tract infections, urethral stenosis, kidney failure, kidney stones, …
  • Nocturia many times due to prostate diseases: prostatitis, prostatic hypertrophy, …
  • Nocturia many times due to endocrine diseases: diabetes, hypertension…

👨‍⚕️ Because the nocturnal disease is related to pathological causes, I would like to remind you that you should visit health facilities to be able to detect related illnesses in time.

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