Melasma treatment

Melasma is a very common condition in women when they turn 30. Today, when the environment is increasingly polluted as well as many impacts come from work, family as well as life, the age of women skin pigmentation is getting younger and younger. Melasma is not really a dangerous or painful disease but it greatly affects the psychology and confidence of women. So what is melasma? What causes melasma? and what is melasma treatment effective and fastest?

1. What is melasma?


βœ… Facial pigmentation is a condition on the face of small round spots, dark, but mostly brown-black. Melasma directly affects the aesthetics of the human body. Melasma usually grows in patches, distributed mainly on the cheeks, nose, forehead, chin. The essence of melasma is the overgrowth of Melanin pigments in the base and mesoderm of the skin. The longer the skin ages, the more likely it is to spread, darken, and be harder to treat.

2. What types of melasma ?

I’m not an expert in cosmetology, but I can offer you the following 3 types:

  • Melasma patches: This type of skin pigmentation is superficial and easy to treat completely. Melasma appears in each of the rather pale patches, due to the objective factors from the hot, polluted environment or the use of poor-quality cosmetics.
  • Deep pigmentation: These are darker in color and appear in small spots, which can be caused by genetics, hormones that change suddenly during pregnancy, most with extended time.
  • Combination skin pigmentation: If anyone appears both types of melasma above, it will be classified as combination melasma. This type is complicated by the need to treat in two ways for different melasma on the same patient.

3. What causes melasma?


βœ… According to experts, melasma appears due to many causes such as: genetic, due to hormonal disorders of the body (pregnancy, premenopause …), due to mood, prolonged stress, unreasonable resting diets, drug and cosmetic abuse, external environmental effects such as sunlight, Smog, …

4. What should you eat?

βœ… I’m not an esthetician, so I can’t recommend using any melasma treatments. What I do in this section is to give you an effective list of melasma foods for your reference. along with your melasma treatments.

4.1 Sea fish

βœ… Eating sea fish such as salmon, mackerel … contains fatty acids that will help eliminate free radicals that are harmful to your skin and enhance the ability to deal with UVA / UVB rays, limiting the production process of Melanin-causes freckles, skin pigmentation.

4.2 Melasma treatment Foods : Seaweed


βœ… Seaweed is rich in vitamins, minerals such as potassium, magnesium, the collagen that help to smooth the skin and improve the dark, dark spots and freckles, making the skin healthier.

4.3 Green tea

βœ… Green tea’s powerful antioxidant has the ability to slow down the aging process, prevent cancer and other benefits for the body. If you drink 2-3 cups of green tea every day, you will no longer worry about acne, melasma.

4.4 Yogurt

βœ… Yogurt is not only a favorite snack but also material for beautifying the skin, improving wrinkles, preventing unevenly colored patches due to increased melanin causing freckles.

4.5 Melasma treatment Foods : Carrot

βœ… Carrots are good foods for freckled skin, carrots are rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, E and high antioxidant beta carotene that helps to remove free radicals that cause skin aging and promote the production process collagen lightens the skin and removes dark pigmentation.

4.6 Melasma treatment Foods : Tomato

βœ… Tomatoes rich in lycopene and vitamin A have the ability to destroy the dark pigmentation on the skin, giving you smooth white skin pink.

4.7 Fresh Lime

βœ… Girls should drink lemonade every day. This is how you take care of your body and improve your health, boost your immune system. Lemon juice rich in vitamin C will purify the body, eliminate toxins, and improve skin pigmentation, remove freckles, and help the skin rejuvenate, anti-aging effectively.

4.8 Melasma treatment Foods : Turmeric

βœ… Turmeric is considered the panacea of the skin thanks to its ability to heal wounds without scarring. In addition, turmeric can also destroy melanin on the skin very strongly so remove freckles safely.

5. Prevent of Melasma

The treatment of melasma is often not simple and quite expensive. Therefore, you should be aware of melasma before this happens. Besides using the above mentioned healthy foods, you should also pay attention to the following:

  • Avoid exposure to sunlight from 10 am to 3 pm: because the UV rays are most active at this time and can damage the skin.
  • Apply sunscreen: before going outside, apply sunscreen before 15-30 minutes, the chosen sunscreen must have a minimum SPS of 30. Need to be applied again every 2 hours or more if the skin is shed sweat or swim.
  • Cover your skin with sun protection clothing: wide-brimmed hats, sun-protective clothing or skirts can limit the direct sun’s effect on the skin.
  • Limiting alcohol, hot foods that cause skin congestion can limit skin pigmentation as well as other hyperpigmentation problems on the skin.
  • Use safety-tested cosmetics: Cosmetics can contain substances that are harmful to the skin, including skin abrasives and making the skin prone to pigmentation. Therefore, it is not recommended to use cosmetics of unknown origin, cosmetics that are not safe for the skin, and one thing to note is to choose cosmetics that suit each skin type of each person.
  • See a dermatologist when you have skin problems: Don’t leave it on for too long before going to the doctor, because early detection and treatment will be more effective. Absolutely not arbitrarily use drugs or products of unknown origin, because it can make skin pigmentation heavier.

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