Natural remedies for low blood pressure


Low blood pressure is a condition that can be improved if you recognize and treat it early. When you have low blood pressure, you should combine ways to improve the disease at home with your doctor’s treatment instructions. For quick recovery of low blood pressure, you may be ordered medication for low blood pressure. However, if the disease is only advanced and not too serious, natural remedies for low blood pressure is also very safe and effective, and these methods also help you avoid the risk of recurrence.

1. Natural remedies for low blood pressure

1.1 Natural remedies for low blood pressure: Diet for low blood pressure

Natural remedies for low blood pressure: Diet for low blood pressure​ – Drink plenty of water

Drink plenty of water: Low blood pressure can accompany dehydration, so it can increase blood pressure by increasing the amount of water you drink. Drink at least about 2 liters of water (8-10 glasses of water) every day. Drink more water if you spend more time outdoors or exercise. Patients can also drink diluted saline or lemon juice to replenish electrolytes. In addition, you can use drinks containing electrolyte groups such as sodium, potassium … for people who play sports.

Natural remedies for low blood pressure: Diet for low blood pressure​ – Eat plenty of meals throughout the day

Eat plenty of meals throughout the day: Instead of eating three main meals a day, you can spend them on small meals. Because eating only the main meals can make blood pressure lower, as the body may have to work harder to digest the food after it is loaded. And when divided into several small meals will help the body not to starve and lower blood pressure throughout the day.

Balance your diet: An important way to regulate blood pressure and improve your overall health is to eat a balanced diet, including lean meats, fish, whole grains, and lots of fruits. plants and vegetables.

Natural remedies for low blood pressure: Diet for low blood pressure – Use salt

Use more salt (sodium): People with low blood pressure should consider increasing their salt in the day to help raise blood pressure. But excess sodium can lead to heart failure, especially in the elderly, so it is necessary to have a doctor’s examination before increasing the amount of salt in the diet, can be used Soy instead.

Increased consumption of vitamin B12 and folate: Folic acid and vitamin B12 are essential vitamins for creating new cells in the body, including red blood cells. B12-rich foods include fish in leafy greens such as broccoli and spinach. You can refer to this Article.

Natural remedies for low blood pressure: Diet for low blood pressure – Use ginger tea

Try herbs: There is evidence that some herbs can reduce symptoms of low blood pressure, such as aniseed and rosemary, cinnamon, and ginger tea. However, a doctor’s opinion is required before Hypotension treatment by herbs.

Foods that are good for people with low blood pressure

Natural remedies for low blood pressure: Diet for low blood pressure – Use raisins
  • Raisins: Raisins are considered a great natural remedy for treating low blood pressure. Raisins help maintain normal blood pressure levels by supporting the function of the adrenal glands. Soak about 30 to 40 raisins in a glass of water overnight and eat them in the morning on an empty stomach. Doing this for at least a month will work.
  • Almonds: Soak 4-5 seeds of almonds in water overnight, peel and puree the next morning. Add a cup of milk to this mixture and drink every morning for a few weeks. This remedy will activate the adrenal glands and help treat low blood pressure.
  • Basil: Basil leaves are rich in potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) which are effective in controlling blood pressure in patients with low blood pressure. You can chew 4-5 basil leaves every morning or drink a teaspoon of basil leaf juice with honey daily when you are hungry.
  • Lemon juice: Lemon juice is very effective in treating low blood pressure due to the effect of reducing dehydration. The antioxidants in lemon juice can regulate blood circulation and maintain blood pressure. If you feel exhausted or tired from low blood pressure, drink a glass of lemon juice with 1 teaspoon of sugar and salt to control blood pressure.
  • Licorice root: Licorice root acts as a natural remedy to normalize the low blood pressure index caused by low blood cortisol levels. The compound present in licorice by inhibiting the activity of the enzyme responsible for breaking down cortisol. Add dried licorice root or powder to boiling water. Filter and drink this tea for a few days to control low blood pressure. However, this drink should not be used continuously for a long time.
  • Lean meat, liver: People with low blood pressure due to anemia (especially in young women) should eat lean meats (cow, chicken, pig), liver, chicken eggs, shrimp, fish …

Foods that are harmful to people with low blood pressure

✅ Besides foods that help increase blood pressure, you need to limit the following foods. They make your blood pressure even lower:

Natural remedies for low blood pressure: Diet for low blood pressure – don’t use tomatoes
  • Tomatoes, bitter melon, carrots: These foods lower blood pressure, if people with low blood pressure eat a lot of tomatoes, the more symptoms appear dizziness, dizziness, headache. Carrots contain succinic salt, causing potassium in the urine to increase, blood pressure is reduced, so patients should also limit eating a lot. In addition, patients should not eat cold foods such as spinach, celery, melons, watermelon, red beans, green beans, sunflower seeds, onions, etc. Because it removes sodium in the urine, so after a meal, many of these vegetables can cause you to lower blood pressure.
  • Royal jelly: Royal jelly itself is food that benefits the health and beauty of women in general, but is not good for patients with low blood pressure. Because royal jelly contains a large amount of active ingredient insulin that relaxes the arteries and lowers blood sugar quickly, so it lowers blood sugar. If patients have symptoms of low blood pressure, royal jelly should not be used.
  • Cat apples: This is a vasodilator, so it’s great for people with high blood pressure. However, if you use cat apples in cases of low blood pressure, the situation becomes more serious.
  • Beets: A cup of beet juice will be of great help to patients with high blood pressure. This means that people with a history of low blood pressure should not use beets.
  • Foods high in saturated fat: Processed foods, fast food, animal fats, fried … make the digestive system of the patient become more difficult, consume more energy, so easily cause lowering blood pressure. Not only that, but this food also produces free radicals – the cause of the formation of atherosclerotic vessels in the lumen of blood vessels, which obstructs blood flow in the body, reducing the amount of blood supplied to the organs.

1.2 Natural remedies for low blood pressure: Lifestyle changes

Reducing alcohol consumption: When you first drink, your blood pressure will increase because alcohol stimulates your heart rate. However, it causes dehydration and causes vasodilation, which in turn causes much lower blood pressure. If you have low blood pressure, absolutely avoid alcohol.

Drinking coffee: Caffeine causes constriction of blood vessels, which can increase blood pressure. Moderate caffeine intake can help raise blood pressure.

Changing body postures slowly: To reduce dizziness due to low blood pressure when standing up, change posture slowly from lying to standing or sitting to standing.

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