Top 5 best foods for cancer prevention


Cancer is an extremely dangerous disease that affects health and kills millions of people every year. Not only that, but cancer patients also suffer from the cost of treatment and pain due to radiation, chemotherapy in the hospital or tumor growth, and compression of organs. Thankfully, studies around the world show that 30-40% of all cancers can be prevented with a healthy lifestyle and types of anti-cancer foods. You should limit the use of harmful foods and use the top 5 best foods for cancer prevention early.

1. Top 5 best foods for cancer prevention

1.1 Best foods for cancer prevention: Celery

Best foods for cancer prevention: Celery

✅ Researchers in China found that eating celery 2 to 3 times a week can reduce the risk of lung cancer by up to 60%. Moreover, celery is very effective in preventing and treating breast cancer – the most common cancer in women, adding more apigenin in the diet can reduce the risk of breast cancer by up to 19%, ovarian cancer up to 20%. The apigenin found in celery is effective even on the breast cancers by blocking division and slowing the gene that stimulates cell growth.

1.2 Best foods for cancer prevention: Garlic

Best foods for cancer prevention: Garlic

✅ Today, through research, scientists have discovered the anti-cancer effects of garlic. This effect is explained by the combination of many active ingredients and amino acids in garlic, especially the active ingredient. antibiotics allicin, selenium has very strong antioxidant ability. Moreover, today people have sought to ferment this tuber to remove all the odors and still retain essences of good health. Through 60-day fermentation, garlic converts sulfur-containing compounds such as methionine, cysteine, methanethiol into water-soluble compounds such as s-allyl-s-cysteine, alliin, isoalliin, methionine, cycloalliin, cysteine ​​derivative, tetrahydro-β-carboline. These substances help increase the inhibitory effect of tumor formation, resist mutagenic, antioxidant, destroy tumor-feeding blood vessels, thereby helping to treat cancer.

1.3 Best foods for cancer prevention: Asparagus

Best foods for cancer prevention: Asparagus

✅ Asparagus is among the top vegetables rich in vitamins, nucleic acids, and other components that have certain effects in the prevention of lymphoma, bladder cancer, and skin cancer. According to the National Cancer Institute, asparagus is high in glutathione, an antioxidant that has the ability to prevent and treat cancer very effectively. Researchers have treated many cases and obtained very satisfactory results.

1.4 Best foods for cancer prevention: Mushrooms

Best foods for cancer prevention: Mushrooms

✅ Mushrooms contain polysaccharide layers that help inhibit the activity of carcinogens, promote the formation of antibodies so that the body creates immunity to tumors, inhibits cancer cell growth to be resistant to many types of cancer, including lymphoma, colon cancer, and liver cancer. In the anti-cancer food group, mushrooms are the recommended food for high-risk groups. Especially in cases of liver cancer, mushrooms are the first choice. At the same time, the high nutritional content in mushrooms has the ability to boost the immune system, enhance adaptability, and slow down the aging process … Therefore, cancer patients can completely eat mushrooms. There are many kinds of mushrooms that have very good anti-cancer effects such as shiitake mushrooms, chicken drumsticks, sun mushrooms, Enoki mushrooms… Especially Ganoderma is the most expensive and powerful anti-cancer medicine. With Ganoderma, we use the finely chopped dry to brake daily drinking water.

1.5 Best foods for cancer prevention: Turmeric

Best foods for cancer prevention: Turmeric

✅ Researchers have shown that curcumin (turmeric) found in turmeric as a beneficial herb in cancer treatment. It reduces the growth and spread of cells in cancer. Curcumin can reduce angiogenesis (growth of new blood vessels in tumors), metastasis (spread of cancer), as well as contribute to the killing of cancer-causing cells. Currently, curcumin in turmeric is used in many health food products to help prevent cancer.

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