Top 4 foot soak benefits

Foot soak with herbs is considered a long-known method to bring relaxation, fight disease. Foot soak in the hot bath (or adding supportive herbs if possible) is one of the simplest and most effective methods because of the many health benefits. This method can not only help you sleep well, fight stress, but also improve arthritis conditions …

1. Top 4 foot soak benefits

1.1 Foot soak benefits: Reduce fatigue

Foot soak benefits: Reduce fatigue

✅ It can be soaked feet with saltwater or herbs such as ginger, mugwort … The active ingredients in these herbs will be dissolved, when soaked will help regulate blood circulation, pushing Back fatigue, fight stress and relax.

1.2 Foot soak benefits: Brings a deep sleep

Foot soak benefits: Brings a deep sleep

✅ Foot soak is good for human health, especially middle-aged people, especially in the cold winter weather. The foot baths before going to bed will help your sleep be deeper and more delicious because the blood and the nervous system is circulated and relaxed. When soaking the feet, the nerve endings will be gently stimulated by active ingredients from herbs. For the best insomnia relief effect, it is recommended to massage lightly, pressing the pressure points on the feet while soaking.

1.3 Foot soak benefits: Relieves aches by osteoarthritis

Foot soak benefits: Relieves aches by osteoarthritis

✅ Herbal foot baths are useful for people with long-standing inflammation, joint pain. The herb contains many active ingredients that have a positive effect on the joints of the feet and the nerve endings in the feet that will backfire on the whole body to help reduce the pain caused by arthritis.

1.4 Foot soak benefits: Helps stabilize blood pressure

Foot soak benefits: Helps stabilize blood pressure

✅ For high blood pressure that often occurs in the elderly, soaking your feet in warm water also helps stabilize blood pressure significantly. Because when you soak your feet, the blood works smoothly in the body and makes blood pressure return to normal. When soaking the feet, the patient should need to keep themselves a relaxed spirit, avoid negative thoughts that lead to pressure, anxiety. In addition, for people with high blood pressure, can extend the time foot bath to increase efficiency.

2. The herb used to soak feet

You may not know, According to Oriental medicine, the foot is like the second heart of the body. Using herbs soaked in the foot will help clear blocked meridians, increase blood circulation, improve metabolism. In addition, the muscles, bones, joints are also supple and the resistance is better. Here are some natural foot bath herbs you can use at home.

1️⃣ Fresh ginger: Modern medicine has shown that ginger stimulates capillaries, improves blood circulation and metabolism. People who are afraid of cold or frequent cold hands and feet can soak feet with fresh ginger very effectively. Fresh ginger is also an indispensable ingredient in how to make effective foot bath salts.
How to use: Use about 20-30g of the fresh ginger, pound, and then put in about half a pot of water and cover tightly to avoid evaporation of some substances in ginger. Boil the mixture for about 10 minutes, then pour the whole ginger water into the pot. Then, add cold water to the boiling ginger at about 40 degrees and then soak feet. Doing this regularly every day will greatly improve your limbs.
2️⃣ Wormwood: This herb has a positive effect on gas warm recovery, hemostasis, and pregnancy. Using foot mug wormwood improves lung function, very good for patients with chronic bronchitis, and those who have a productive cough.
How to do it: Take 30–50g of fresh wormwood, rinse and put in half a pot of water. Cover tightly and boil for about 10 minutes. After the water, pour the whole water and leaves into the pot and add water to reach a temperature of about 40 degrees. Conduct a foot bath for about 30 minutes.
3️⃣ Safflower: Safflower is an herb often found in gynecological remedies, has the effects of menstrual bleeding, stasis, and analgesic very effectively. In the winter, many people often experience frostbite or chapped skin. Using Safflower to foot bath will work to prevent and reverse these symptoms.
How to do: Take 10 – 15g of pink flowers into the pot. Pour about half of the pot of water, cover tightly, and boil for about 10 minutes. Then pour the whole water and residue into the basin, add water to a temperature of about 40 degrees Celsius and then conduct a foot bath.
4️⃣ Herbal salt is actually a mixture of mineral salts combined with natural herbs. Depending on the herbs combined with salt, ginger, turmeric, mugwort or lemongrass, cinnamon, eucalyptus, cloves, etc., each will create its own effect. Herbal foot bath salt is one of the natural methods that support the function of blood circulation, easing pain in the joints of the feet and hands, thereby helping to relax and deep sleep. more sleep.
How to do it: Use about 30g of herbal salt mixed with warm water about 40 degrees. Fill your eyes with water and soak for 13-20 minutes in the evening before going to bed. While soaking your feet, use a towel soaked in saltwater, apply it on your knees, and massage evenly, combining massaging the calf muscles to help blood flow smoothly.

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