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Arthritis diet

Arthritis food

Arthritis can occur in all subjects but mostly elderly people. The disease causes dull aches and pains accompanied by stiffness that makes movement more difficult. Many patients abuse pain, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs to resolve temporary pain but have long-term consequences of drug side effects. Therefore, In addition to drug treatment, Arthritis patients need to have a reasonable diet. There are many types of products used to complement the skeletal system and joints, but there are also foods that are harmful to the joints. What foods avoid Arthritis? You should limit them to improve your arthritis condition.

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1. Foods avoid Arthritis

1.1 Foods avoid Arthritis : Fat


Patients with arthritis should limit the use of foods that contain too much fat, which will affect the process of calcium excretion by the kidneys, which can lead to osteoporosis. If you eat foods that are high in fat, you may feel pain and swelling in the joints, which can make the condition worse. Moreover, foods that contain too much fat can cause you to be overweight, obese to increase the weight on the already inflamed joints, in addition to the potential risk of many other conditions. This makes your condition worse.

1.2 Foods avoid Arthritis : Stimulants


Patients with rheumatoid arthritis should limit the use of stimulants such as alcohol, tobacco, coffee, soda, … These foods can cause calcium loss in the body, making the condition worse.

1.3 Foods avoid Arthritis : Protein 2020 08 12T141832.801

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis should limit the use of foods high in protein. Foods high in protein cause swelling, irritation of the joints, extremely uncomfortable feeling. Foods with high protein content such as beef, eggs…

1.4 Foods avoid Arthritis : Sugar


You should limit eating sweets such as candy, soft drinks, … If the patient’s body absorbs too much sugar, it will cause bone and joint damage, painful sensations, extremely uncomfortable numbness.

Patients with rheumatoid arthritis should limit the use of foods containing high levels of oxalic acid such as spinach, prunes, peanuts, etc. The oxalic acid will increase the likelihood of inflammation in the joints, leading to pain aches and conditions are not good.

2. So what should I eat?

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The diet for people with rheumatoid arthritis is quite simple. You need to eat lots of green vegetables because they not only provide fiber and vitamins but also prevent osteoporosis. Fish is also good food for rheumatoid arthritis, in fish contains many good ingredients for bone joints and bring high nutrition. People with rheumatoid arthritis should also eat a lot of fruit and can take calcium supplements. In addition, the food needs to be processed lighter, reducing the amount of salt in the food. The amount of salt in food affects the body’s absorption of calcium. Eating salty is a risk of osteoporosis. The following are good foods for arthritis :

  • Fatty fish: Fatty fish, especially mackerel, salmon or sardines, is the first choice for people with arthritis. They are high in omega 3 fatty acids, a substance that has been shown to have strong anti-inflammatory effects. Many other studies have also shown that taking omega 3 supplements may help improve joint pain in the morning and reduce pain frequency in patients with inflammation joint. In addition to omega 3s, fatty fish is also a good source of vitamin D. This substance is essential for the body to absorb calcium, help strengthen bones and joints and minimize the damage caused by arthritis.
  • Walnuts are high in vitamin C, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, and especially omega 3. These substances all contribute to the fight against arthritis, improve the strength of the muscular system osteoarthritis, stimulates regeneration of cartilage and bone cells, and enhances the body’s resistance.
  • Garlic: Possessing an abundance of allicin, garlic is used as a natural antibiotic to help fight infections in the knee joint, reduce arthritis swelling without causing any side effects to health.
  • Spinach is especially rich in plant antioxidants, most of which are kaempferol. This substance helps protect cartilage, inhibits the growth of free radicals that cause damage to joints, and anti-inflammatory reduces pain in the affected joints. In addition, spinach also provides a rich source of nutrients for the body such as fiber, vitamin C, D, and calcium. All are essential for strengthening the bones and joints, preventing osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.
  • Ginger: Ginger provides a lot of zingerone, iron, zinc, potassium which works to increase blood circulation in the body, increase the amount of blood to nourish the inflamed joints, help the internal damage quickly heal. Ingredients vitamin C, Shogaol, Paradol, and the antioxidants found in ginger such as pantothenic acid or beta-carotene help fight inflammation, protect healthy cartilage and bone tissue.
  • Berries: Strawberries, blueberries, cherries, grapes, etc. They contain quercetin and rutin – plant compounds that can inhibit the formation of inflammatory reactions in the joints. The rich vitamins and minerals in these fruits also help boost the body’s immunity and prevent bone and joint diseases.
  • Olive oil: Olive oil provides healthy fats that are anti-inflammatory, reduce swelling, slow joint destruction of cartilage, and increase the absorption and exchange of nutrients in the body.
  • Fungi: Fungi are great for people with arthritis. They contain lots of protein, antioxidants, and nutrients that have anti-inflammatory, analgesic. In particular, mushrooms also provide polysaccharides that work to improve immunity, combat the process of osteoarthritis, and prevent cardiovascular diseases.
  • Foods high in beta carotene: Beta carotene is found in many foods such as sweet potatoes, carrots, pumpkins, papayas, mangoes, dark green leafy vegetables. This is a precursor of vitamin A has many health effects such as anti-aging, improves immunity, reduces the harmful effects of free radicals on articular cartilage and bone cells, damaging inflammation in the joints.
  • Citrus fruits: Add lots of vitamin C to help fight inflammation, also participate in building and regenerating bone cells, developing cartilage tissue, and increasing the body’s resistance.
  • Foods rich in calcium help joints strong, stronger. Adequate intake of calcium can help reduce the severity of disease symptoms and prevent arthritis from worsening. The best source of natural calcium supplements for the body: Seafood, milk, nuts …
  • Avocado helps to increase the amount of collagen, improves the elasticity of cartilage and ligaments, helps quick healing of arthritis. In addition, vitamins A, B, E, calcium, and folate in avocado also help repair cartilage and bone lesions, prevent degenerative processes, contribute to shortening treatment time for arthritis…
  • Turmeric: Along with garlic, ginger, turmeric is also a necessary spice for people with arthritis. This food provides abundant curcumin. This is an antioxidant known for its powerful anti-inflammatory effects.

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