Wet saunas and dry saunas


Currently, the steam method brings significant effects for relaxation and health care. There are actually two types of saunas: wet saunas and dry saunas. Both are solutions that use heat to improve health, but they also have different health benefits.

1.Wet saunas and dry saunas rooms

  • Saunas use dry heat: Often use stone (gravel) heated to increase the internal temperature to more than 50°C, sometimes reaching nearly 75°C, along with 10% humidity, the body sweating, and self-relieving temperature.
  • Wet saunas use wet heat: They have a temperature of about 45°C but the humidity is always at 100%.

2. Benefits of dry saunas

  • For saunas, when you increase the temperature of the body, you can kill bacteria, parasites, and fungi, help detoxify the body and rejuvenate, brighten skin cells.
  • Stimulating and strengthening the body’s immune system, helping to improve blood circulation, eliminate toxins, and prevent acne.
  • Reduce stress, relax, improve mental state
  • Sauna has the ability to effectively eliminate excess fat. Because when the heat rises, your excess fat in the thighs, buttocks, abdomen will be burned through the sweat glands, helping the muscles firm.
  • Sauna is also considered an effective pain relief therapy, many people suffer from joint pain, back pain but after a period of sauna this feeling diminished.

3. Benefits of wet saunas

  • Helps unclog pores, eliminate toxins in the body, and cleanse the skin not only by the outside heat and steam but also by the sweat from the inside.
  • Wet sauna helps the body become more relaxed, more relaxed, reduce joint pain, muscle, reduce stress, fatigue, especially strengthen the immune system of the body.
  • When you breathe in the steam, it will ease the symptoms of sinusitis, asthma, allergies, and bronchitis.
  • Moist heat can improve circulation by helping dilate small blood vessels or capillaries. Blood can flow more easily and transport oxygen throughout the body to help stabilize blood pressure.

4. Some note when sauna

  • Never take a bath again after the wet saunas or dry saunas, whether it’s warm water or cold water. Because at the same time, the newly opened steam pores will absorb water, if taking a bath will cause the pores to constrict, retain water, cause stagnation, reduce blood circulation, cause body aches and may be infected, especially lung organs, and have poor digestion …
  • Avoid saunas when you have a cardiovascular disorder, high fever.
  • Drinking a cup of hot ginger tea after a steam bath will help you feel refreshed and healthy.

5. Top body massage essential oils are preferred

✅ Essential oils will act as essences to increase the effectiveness of the massage process. Due to the pure natural scents that the essential oil brings will be one of the great factors that bring a relaxed state, much more pleasant. Essential oils help you regain essential energy for the body, giving you a feeling of full vitality every day. In addition, nutrients contained in essential oils with anti-aging, effective anti-oxidant, moisturize the skin. Here are the Top 5 body massage essential oils are preferred:

  • Rose massage oil: Rose essential oil is rich in organic acids and antioxidants that help penetrate deep into the skin, promote the effects of skincare, and improve health. Massage with rose essential oil is an effective solution for the process of improving blood circulation, dilating blood vessels under the skin, eliminating toxins for the body, giving you a relaxed spirit, having good sleep, and deeper
  • Lavender massage oil: Lavender essential oil has a pleasant aroma, soothing, and captivates most users. It helps to reduce stress, anxiety, fatigue, quickly improve migraines, and insomnia.
  • Olive essential oil: With all the antioxidants, nutrients, vitamins found in olive oil, then massage with olive oil will have a great effect in anti-aging skin, accelerate the process regenerates skin, balances moisture from deep within, protects the skin from pollution and harmful elements from the environment.
  • Coconut massage oil: Coconut oil is rich in lauric acid, with a lightweight texture, penetrating deeply into the structure of each cell of the skin, increasing the cohesion between cells, creating degrees good adhesion, elasticity to the skin, moisturizing the skin, antioxidant, protecting skin from UV rays and nourishing firm, healthy skin.
  • Jojoba massage oil: Derived from a shrub in the southwestern United States and northern Mexico, Jojoba oil quickly gained popularity from many women who love beauty all over the world thanks to the cooperation using skincare its outstanding performance. Jojoba essential oil has the ability to moisturize the skin, tighten pores, prevent aging and wrinkles, remove dirt on the skin, contribute to preventing the formation process acne, bring bright white skin, youthful.

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  • Traditional Medicinals Organic Ginger Herbal Tea: Traditional Medicinals created this tea using high-quality ginger rhizomes, or roots. Effects of this tea: promotes healthy digestion and prevents nausea due to motion.
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  • Traditional Medicinals Organic Turmeric with Meadowsweet & Ginger Herbal Tea: Healers around the world have long praised turmeric root for its soothing benefits. Tapping into that ancient wisdom, Traditional Medicinals’ herbalists created this unique formula to include meadowsweet—historically used much like turmeric—and ginger’s warming properties to help to support a healthy response to inflammation.
  • Traditional Medicinals Organic Tulsi with Ginger Herbal Tea: An ancient herb for the modern age, tulsi is known to help the body adapt to stress. This gentle blend will keep you happy and optimistic throughout the day.

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