4 Ways to Treat Diarrhea at Home


Diarrhea is a pathology related to the gastrointestinal tract. Diarrhea can occur with anyone, it affects the life and health of patients such as fatigue, dehydration, loss of electrolytes, taste disorders… If not timely treatment, diarrhea will cause unintended consequences. 4 ways to treat diarrhea helps eliminate pathogens as bacteria, viruses … and replenishes the water and electrolytes lost during diarrhea. You can completely improve your diarrhea with these simple ways below.

1. The cause of diarrhea

There are many causes of diarrhea, such as:

  • Food poisoning: due to unhygienic eating, rancid food, contains grease …
  • Infection with viruses, bacteria: mainly respiratory viruses and intestinal bacteria. You should note that when you have diarrhea due to rotavirus, absolutely do not use drugs to stop diarrhea for children because these drugs keep the virus in the digestive system and release dangerous toxins. In this case, only water and electrolytes should be added.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome: more common in women and children, intestinal disorders, abdominal pain, more frequent bowel movements.
  • Overuse of medications: long-term use of antibiotics will imbalance intestinal bacteria, causing digestive system damage.

2. 4 ways to treat diarrhea at home

2.1 Ways to treat diarrhea: Replenish the body with water

Ways to treat diarrhea: Replenish the body with water

✅ You will not only lose water but also electrolytes, minerals like potassium and sodium due to diarrhea. Those are important factors in the functioning of the body. Although normal water does not contain electrolytes, it is still an effective way for patients with diarrhea. In addition, you can also supplement with oresol to replace water and electrolytes when you have acute diarrhea, excessive sweating, vomiting, … In general, Oresol medicine is quite safe for both adults and children.

2.2 Ways to treat diarrhea: Use Yogurt

Ways to treat diarrhea: Use Yogurt

✅Yogurt is a great choice for people with diarrhea because yogurt creates more beneficial bacteria in your gut. This helps restore balance to the intestinal bacteria. To limit diarrhea, you should eat yogurt before taking diarrhea medication.

2.3 Ways to treat diarrhea: Limit certain foods

Ways to treat diarrhea: Limit certain foods

✅ In order to quickly improve diarrhea, you should stay away from the following foods:

  • Foods high in fiber: Nuts, seeds, fruits, or whole-wheat products are high in fiber, when taken into the body, they have no effect on treating the disease but also cause the intestine to more activity.
  • High-fat foods: Foods high in fat, which increase gut spasms, making symptoms of diarrhea worse. When you have diarrhea, you should also limit the use of fast foods, fried foods that contain a lot of fat.
  • Foods that cause flatulence: When suffering from diarrhea, patients should avoid foods that can cause flatulence such as cabbage, beans, broccoli, … Some fruits such as peaches, pears, plums, types of Dried fruits should also be avoided as they will make diarrhea worse.
  • Milk and dairy products: Diarrhea may occur due to a decrease in the number of lactase enzymes in the body, it is essential for digesting the high levels of lactose in milk and dairy products. So when you have diarrhea you should limit the use of dairy foods like butter, cream, cheese, etc. However, you can still use probiotic-rich yogurt, they will be very good for the digestive system.
  • Sorbitol and artificial sweeteners: Sorbitol and some sugar-free foods that contain artificial sweeteners, will make you feel bloated and uncomfortable. Sugar-free candies that contain sorbitol are bad for the digestive system and can make diarrhea worse.
  • Alcoholic beverages such as alcohol, beer, and caffeine: When diarrhea patients should stay away from alcoholic beverages and stimulants such as alcohol, coffee, … They have a diuretic effect that makes the body quickly dehydration, adversely affecting health.

2.4 Ways to treat diarrhea: Use medicines to treat diarrhea

Ways to treat diarrhea: Use medicines to treat diarrhea – Berberine

Berberine: Usually, if diarrhea occurs, people often think of Berberine. This is an antibiotic with an herbal origin so it is quite safe. Berberine is often used to treat symptoms of diarrhea, intestinal inflammation. In addition, thanks to good antibacterial effect, Berberin is also used when suffering from diseases related to digestive tract infections such as dysentery, colitis, stomach ulcers …

Ways to treat diarrhea: Use medicines to treat diarrhea – Loperamide

Loperamide: Loperamide is one of the most effective diarrhea medications used by many people. The drug is used to treat diarrhea has no cause, slows down the digestive process, and allows food to stay in the colon longer. From there, the body can absorb nutrients, reduce the number of bowel movements, and limit bowel movements. However, caution should be used when using the drug because it can cause some side effects such as constipation, nausea, dry mouth.

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