6 Tips for motion sickness prevention effective


When traveling by train, car, or plane, many people often vomit, are tired and dizzy. Motion sickness is a condition that is not dangerous but brings inconvenience when traveling and is an obsession for those who have to travel by car. You know, just understanding it and applying tips like rehydration your journey will be much easier. Tips for motion sickness prevention effective include Snack before departure, Use fresh ginger, Use Citrus peel… Let’s find out.

1. Cause of motion sickness?

✅ Motion sickness is a mild form of the vestibular disorder that occurs when the nervous system is unable to receive and fully handle movement signals around the body. Besides, there is another cause of motion sickness which is dehydration. Every time we have to travel long distances by train, our body loses a lot of water and minerals, by sitting in the air-conditioned environment for a long time. This condition also causes a feeling of dizziness and lightheadedness.

2. 6 tips for motion sickness prevention effective

2.1 Motion sickness prevention: Snack before departure

Motion sickness prevention: Snack before departure

✅ Do not get hungry when riding because it is easier to make your body hangover. Lightly lining your stomach with bread or cookies is a trick to avoid motion sickness. Not only that, but the fragrance of the bread also helps to reduce the smell of the train, reduce the feeling of motion sickness, so you can bring a small piece of cake to smell when boarding the train. However, there is so much food in the stomach, this agency has to work hard, constantly digesting food will make you more likely to get dizzier.

2.2 Motion sickness prevention: Use fresh ginger

Motion sickness prevention: Use fresh ginger

✅ Ginger is warm, has an anti-nausea effect. You can prepare fresh ginger, peel, wash and cut the card, use lozenges throughout the way. If you can not use fresh ginger, you can drink ginger tea mixed with warm water or eat ginger candy, all of which help to enhance brain circulation, reduce dizziness, fast headache.

2.3 Motion sickness prevention: Use Citrus peel

Motion sickness prevention: Use Citrus peel

✅ Orange and tangerine peels bring pleasant aromatic essential oils, which can limit and prevent nausea and dizziness when riding. You just need to put in front of the nose and rub the shells together and then inhale slightly, the radiating oil helps relax and reduce car sickness. If you don’t have orange peels, you can use lemon zest or citrus fruits.

2.4 Motion sickness prevention: Replenish water and ions

Motion sickness prevention: Replenish water and ions

✅ When it is in a state of motion sickness, the body becomes tired of losing a lot of water and essential nutrients due to constant vomiting. Without timely replenishment of water and ions, the body continues to tire out and motion sickness becomes even more serious. All you need to do now is correct and sufficient water and ionic rehydration. You can use mineral water solutions to replenish water and necessary ions such as Na +, Cl-, Ca2 +, Mg2 +, K +, …

2.5 Motion sickness prevention: Choose a sitting position

Motion sickness prevention: Choose a sitting position

✅ You should choose the position in front of the car to avoid excessive vibration when moving, and sitting in this position makes you inhale less gasoline-the the cause of this situation. If the windows cannot open, sit in the windiest place, such as the front of the car, where the air-con
✅ Pay attention to something else instead of thinking that you are riding. The more you think about it, the more likely it is to get motion sickness. Also, if there is no better solution, try to sleep while on the go. Sleep is the best way to soothe the body when motion sickness.

2.6 Motion sickness prevention: Take anti-motion sickness medication

Motion sickness prevention: Take anti-motion sickness medication

✅ Each time you plan to travel a long distance, you can take anti-motion sickness medicine before boarding for about 40 minutes. This is the most effective way to prevent this situation.

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