6 benefits of deep breathing


Breathing is a basic human activity. Most of us breathe unconsciously, not many people pay attention to our breathing patterns. However, humans can completely control the breathing. The breathing exercises in yoga, meditation, or qigong are all aimed at making you a habit of deep breathing. Indeed, breathing exercises can improve your health and emotions more than you think. Benefits of deep breathing include Reduce stress, Anti-aging, Prevent respiratory diseases… So, get rid of the short and shallow breathing habit to get used to deep and regular breathing.

1. Introduce


βœ… Most of us don’t pay attention to breathing because this job is done naturally by the body. Therefore, we also do not care much about right or wrong breathing. However, if you know how to breathe correctly, it will greatly improve your health. Why do you need to breathe properly?

  • Breathing is a way to get oxygen from the body, while also expelling the toxins in the body through inhalation and exhalation. Half a million alveoli of the lungs are enlarged through breathing activity. This activity helps oxygen move from the bronchi to the alveoli in exchange for gas. Oxygen will be diffused into the blood to create energy for cellular activities. When breathing properly, the breath will purify the body, the increased amount of oxygen causes black blood to turn into red blood. At the same time, toxin N2 and CO2 accumulate in the heart, so when you breathe in and hold your breath, the toxic gas in your body mixes with your breath and then is expelled out. Enough for the body will kill the germs, bacteria, and viruses in the body. Dr. Otto Warburg won the Nobel Prize in 1931 for proving that cancer would not grow in an oxygen-rich environment.
  • In addition, thought and breathing is closely related. Breathing properly helps the amount of serotonin – a substance produced by the brain determines people’s mood and ability to concentrate – greatly increase. That will make you no longer feel tired, able to concentrate, have a strong personality, and be under good pressure, repel bad thoughts, mental suffering.

Signs that you are not breathing properly:

  • Sigh: Sigh is also one of the important breath. This is the best way for you to get oxygen and get rid of it. If you sigh unconsciously it may be because you are not breathing deeply enough and you are lacking in oxygen.
  • Frequent yawning: You often have to yawn if your breath is shallow 10-20 times/minute while long breath only 5-8 times/minute. This way of breathing is obviously not conducive to your health.
  • Body aches: If you often breathe through your chest, body areas such as shoulders, neck, and back will shrink to help you breathe deeper. Therefore, these areas will often suffer from pain.
  • Constantly tired: When you breathe improperly, you will not receive oxygen supply to the body parts especially the brain. Therefore, your body lacks oxygen so you will feel tired, weak.

2. 6 benefits of deep breathing

2.1 Benefits of deep breathing: Reduces stress

Benefits of deep breathing: Reduces stress

βœ… Emotions and breathing are closely related. So, controlling your breathing can also help control your thoughts and emotions. You will feel calmer when practicing deep breathing exercises. It relaxes the mind by stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system. Deep breathing will help you keep positive thoughts, reduce anxiety, stress, and improve the quality of life. So take deep breaths regularly to be in a good mood, relax your muscles, and avoid stress.

2.2 Benefits of deep breathing: Improve digestive system, cardiovascular

Benefits of deep breathing: Improve digestive system, cardiovascular

βœ… One thing that has clearly been proven is that deep breathing is good for the heart. That also makes the heart fully oxygenated. When there is a lot of oxygen, the heart will not be overloaded and always work well. Your digestive system also improves because breathing exercise provides more oxygen to the digestive organs and helps blood circulation.

2.3 Benefits of deep breathing: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory

Benefits of deep breathing: Analgesic, anti-inflammatory

βœ… Deep breathing is considered a treatment for common aches and pains. Breathing properly helps your body release endorphins, a natural pain killer. Taking a deep breath also stimulates a healthy immune system, reducing the symptoms of inflammation and infection.

2.4 Benefits of deep breathing: Eliminating toxins from the body

βœ… Your body can effectively eliminate toxins just by breathing properly. In the acidic body, the perfect environment for the disease to develop. Deep breathing prevents this because it reduces the acid level in the body and releases toxins, especially carbon dioxide (cannot be removed by shallow breathing). When you exhale, you release up to 70% of the toxins in your body. Deep breathing also prevents cancer. Therefore, not breathing properly can reduce the effectiveness of getting rid of these toxins.

2.5 Benefits of deep breathing: Anti-aging

Benefits of deep breathing: Anti-aging

βœ… This type of breathing increases the amount of oxygen in the skin and increases blood flow to the skin. Moreover, it stimulates collagen production and makes you look healthier. It also slows down the aging process and gives you a more youthful appearance, according to The Healthsite.

2.6 Benefits of deep breathing: Prevent respiratory diseases

Benefits of deep breathing: Prevent respiratory diseases

βœ… Deep breathing is like an exercise for the lungs. The body learns to hold more oxygen and work more efficiently. This helps prevent and relieve conditions such as sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, colds, and chest congestion.

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