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Entering premenopause, women have major changes in health and psychology, caused by the decline of estrogen hormones in the body. For premenopausal women, Soy Isoflavones is like a “panacea”. Many women believe in choosing soy sprouts for women’s health, beauty, and physiology because Soy isoflavones have many great benefits, and this is considered a natural source of estrogen supplements for the body. So what are the uses of the Essence of soy germ for premenopausal women?

1. What is soy isoflavones?

βœ… Isoflavones are powerful antioxidants, with more than one thousand plant-specific isoflavones. But only a few of them have been shown to have amazing effects on our health. It is impossible not to mention soy-derived isoflavones also known as Soy Isoflavones.
βœ… The main components of soy isoflavones are well known such as Genistein, daidzein, glycitein, formononetin, and biochanin A which are effective in preventing cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, breast cancer, prostate, pre-menopause symptoms. Compared with oestradiol, human’s most powerful female sex hormone estrogen, the effect of phytoestrogens like genistein is about 100 times weaker. Despite this, isoflavones still work to regulate the amount of estrogen hormone in the body. Isoflavones can stimulate estrogen receptors to produce low levels of useful hormones during menopause, perimenopause. In contrast, isoflavones can block the effects of excess estrogen in the body through two mechanisms: capturing and blocking receptors that interact with estrogens, stimulating the production of sex hormone-linked globulin that reduces estrogen levels a freedom of operation in the circulation.

2. 6 Soy isoflavones benefits

2.1 Soy isoflavones benefits: Good for cardiovascular

Soy isoflavones benefits: Good for cardiovascular

βœ… Soy isoflavones are good for health, help prevent the risk of heart attack and stroke, those who are at high risk of blood fat, taking Isoflavones supplements are essential. Moreover, for people with hypertension, when tolerated Isoflavones will lower blood pressure, lower blood fat. In the body, soy isoflavones interact with estrogen receptors in the blood to dilate coronary arteries, reduce arterial stiffness, lower blood pressure, and reduce platelet adhesion preventing unwanted blood clots from forming. In addition, it can significantly reduce LDL-cholesterol ‘bad cholesterol’ and triglycerides while significantly increasing HDL ‘good cholesterol’ HDL cholesterol. Results from 17 studies, involving more than 17,200 subjects with cardiovascular disease, showed that those who used Soy Isoflavone regularly were less likely to have a heart attack or stroke than those who did not use it.

2.2 Soy isoflavones benefits: Reduce the Risk of Obesity

Soy isoflavones benefits: Reduce the Risk of Obesity

βœ… Soy foods are rich in protein with all necessary amino acids, no cholesterol, and very little saturated fat so soybeans have a positive effect in helping the body regulate, metabolize fat, prevent fat accumulation in the abdomen and reduce appetite. Soy Isoflavones help control and reduce body weight but still maintain good health. Many research results show that using a diet rich in protein and soy isoflavones will help regulate and balance the hormone estrogen. According to research published in July 2003 in The Journal of The North American Menopause Society’s, proven that soy isoflavones work well for a woman’s body, this active ingredient helps limit the fat of the belly and organs. Therefore, using soy isoflavones from nature is the best way to prevent obesity and help women have a good physique by helping to allocate fat appropriately in the waist, buttocks, thighs. In addition, adverse health effects can be avoided due to the use of methods of slimming with medicine or estrogen replacement therapy. Natural soy isoflavones provide women with a balanced and healthy physique.

2.3 Soy isoflavones benefits: Reduce the risk of diabetes

Soy-isoflavones-benefits:-Reduce the-risk-of-diabetes
Soy isoflavones benefits: Reduce the risk of diabetes

βœ… Soy sprouts contain many healthy nutrients such as protein, lipid, fiber, calcium, vitamins, minerals, and Isoflavones. Using soy sprouts also helps regulate blood levels, reduce blood fat, prevent atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, … very well. Here are some of the main effects of soy isoflavones in particular and of soy sprouts or soy products in general for people with diabetes:

  • Health promotion for diabetics: Soy contains a lot of nutrients good for the health of users. Some nutrients must be mentioned as Protein, Vitamin A, C, E, Magnesium, iron, calcium, … All these nutrients are very good for health and help increase resistance for users.
  • Reducing diabetes: Soy foods are very low in sugar and high in fiber, helping to slow down the absorption of sugar into the bloodstream. Isoflavones in soy sprouts are thought to help regulate insulin sensitivity, improve glucose uptake, and improve diabetes.
  • Prevent and prevent high blood pressure: Soybean seeds contain some essential minerals such as Magnesium, Potassium, … These minerals have the effect of preventing and limiting high blood pressure. Regular use of soy during meals will help you stabilize blood pressure very effectively.
  • Prevent cardiovascular disease, reduce blood fat: Soy Isoflavones work to reduce bad cholesterol (LDL-Cholesterol) and prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaque in the lumen. Therefore, it helps to significantly reduce cardiovascular diseases for people with diabetes.

2.4 Soy isoflavones benefits: Skin beauty

Soy isoflavones benefits: Skin beauty

βœ… Soy sprouts act as a female hormone. The antioxidants in soy sprout will help a woman’s skin be ruddy, youthful, and prevent aging effectively. In addition, the genistein in soy germ has a structure similar to the hormone estrogen, which penetrates deep into the skin, reduces pigmentation, and repels freckles quickly.

2.5 Soy isoflavones benefits: Preventing cancer

Soy isoflavones benefits: Preventing cancer

βœ… The genistein component in soy prevents cell damage, reduces the risk of cancer. The daidzein in soy protein, if used in high doses, will stimulate the immune system, destroy harmful substances for the body, help reduce the risk of cancer. Soybean fiber content is quite high, so soy also has the ability to prevent colon cancer and stomach cancer.

2.6 Soy isoflavones benefits: Preventing the symptoms of menopause.

Soy isoflavones benefits: Preventing the symptoms of menopause.

βœ… You know the symptoms of menopause are due to the drop in estrogen levels. Soy isoflavones have effects similar to estrogen that should help reduce unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Today, the regular use of soy products to reduce menopausal symptoms is a natural, popular safety solution. In addition, premenopausal age or heart disease, diabetes, cancer, or aging skin and Soy Isoflavones will help you overcome the problems mentioned above.

3. Notes on using Soy isoflavones

When using supplements that contain soy isoflavones, you should keep the following in mind:

βœ… Objects of use include:

  • Women with impaired physiological function, vaginal dryness.
  • Pre-menopausal and menopausal women have symptoms: dull skin, melasma, wrinkles, unattractive facial hair, dry, fibrous hair, easy loss, hot flashes, insomnia, abdominal fat accumulation, osteoporosis …
  • Women who have dry skin, acne, freckles.
  • Use for women over 18 years old.

βœ… Do not use for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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