Set up your biological clock

Biological clock ( Biological rhythms) play a very important role for humans. It helps control sleep, habits and communication that positively or negatively impact health. If your circadian rhythms are disturbed and changed, your body will produce a lot of diseases related to metabolism, hormones, memory … For natural health, you should set back to his biological clock.


βœ… Over the past few decades, technological innovations have impacted human society in a staggering, undeniable way. However, the more modern life becomes, the more we have to face many factors that affect the biological clock: the movement to different time zones, the advent of the internet, the production technology of today. and night … endangering human health and psychosocial.
βœ… Every creature on Earth has its own behavior and perceptions, corresponding to each time of day, thanks to the internal clock of the body. Biological clocks are responsible for “monitoring” time and controlling the body’s activities during the day-night cycle (about 24 hours), corresponding to the rotation of the earth’s axis. They are present in almost every living organism: bacteria, fungi, plants, animals, and humans. The existence of biological clocks in every organism is known for a long time, but in recent years, there have been specific studies on this issue. To understand the importance of the biological clock to human life, let’s find out what is the biological clock? and what happens when you lose control of your body’s clock.

1.What is a biological clock?

βœ… Simply put, the circadian rhythm is a cycle of human health include: physiological capacity, intelligence, or emotions. These cycles are not fixed, it will be repeated many times according to different rules of health and society … Keeping the circadian rhythm changeless will help the body less sick. It can be said that circadian rhythms have a very important influence on a person’s health and life.
βœ… The structure of biogas is composed of 3 main parts: (1) Input (Input): provides the light source, temperature … corresponding to each time of the day-night cycle of the external environment. (2) Control Center (the center pacemaker): The task is to monitor the time and control the behavior of the body corresponding to the change. (3) Output (Output): regulate functions such as behavior, hormone regulation, sleep, body temperature, metabolism … of the body.

2.Rick of changing of Circadian rhythm

βœ… The reason for this situation is pressure work, social activities. It makes people’s sleep cycles more abnormal, thereby directly affecting the circadian rhythm of health. Here are the serious effects of disturbing emotions on the body:

  • Inefficient work, less creative at work.
  • Waking up erratically, not following the work and life around.
  • Psychologically affected, unable to control the emotions.
  • Thoughts are stagnant, interrupted by negative health effects.
  • It is very difficult for everyone to work effectively and achieve the necessary achievements at work.

3. How to reset the biological clock

3.1 Get enough sleep

βœ… Sleep is very important for the body. It helps the recovery agency to be able to continue operating the next day. However, many people do not get enough sleep according to their needs. This is also one of the causes of biological clock disorders.

βœ… You should get enough sleep and moderate at a certain time of day (about 8 hours a day). To be effective, you should maintain a regime of going to sleep – get up at a certain time and maintain throughout the week, including holidays. This will help us regain the balance of the biological clock more quickly.

3.2 Healthy diet


βœ… Eating is also a major factor that affects the circadian clock. Skipping meals and not eating the right meals are all negative health effects. Studies have shown that maintaining a reasonable eating time is very important to ensure the clock works properly.
βœ… The advice here is to make sure you eat your breakfast daily, eat it fully, and don’t skip meals. You should not eat dinner too late. If you eat too late at night, the excretion of waste will take place when you are fast asleep, causing toxic substances such as calcium oxalate, uric acid … to build up in the kidneys and urethra. If this persists will cause kidney stones and urinary tract stones.

3.3 Be physically active


βœ… It is no coincidence that experts recommend actively exercising, especially in the morning. Regular physical activity will be very good for the operation of the body. At the same time, daily exercise is also essential to keep the biological clock functioning properly.

3.4 Exposure to light

βœ… The lack of light causes the body’s temperature to drop and increases the secretion of the hormone melatonin, which makes it easier to fall asleep. This is why you should limit your exposure to light when you sleep. Blue light emitted from computers, mobile phones, iPad, laptops, etc. not only damages eyesight but also inhibits the production of melatonin hormones, making you unable to sleep well. And your use of electronic devices makes you sleep too late or lose sleep often and will upset the circadian clock.
βœ… In contrast, the light will work to increase body temperature, releasing hormones that help convert proteins into energy for activities. Therefore, to wake up the body, you should be exposed to light as soon as you wake up. It will help us repel the habit of extra sleep.

3.5 Remember the time entering the brain


βœ… According to research, the previous setup will help the body get used to doing the right jobs at the right time. This has put pressure on “activating” our biological clock. To do this, we can “record” in the brain the moment you want to wake up, exercise, rest. This will help you adjust your body to the time you have chosen.

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