Natural blood sugar control strategy

1. Introduce

✅ Diabetes is currently the most common and dangerous disease in the world. The cause is due to lifestyle, unreasonable diet, and air and food pollution in the world. According to the World Diabetes Association (IDF), there are more than 425 million people, meaning that 1 out of every 11 people has diabetes. Among them, 1 in 2 people with diabetes do not know they have the disease (do not go to the diagnostic test for diabetes). Late treatment will lead to many dangerous complications and directly affect the quality of life and health of patients. If not detected and treated in time, the disease can cause many very dangerous complications such as high blood pressure, limb necrosis, retinal complications …
✅ In fact, in the treatment of diabetes, people have to use drugs such as Acarbose, Metformin hydrochloride … but according to “Steps to Protect Health and Diabetes“: “The truth about diabetes medication is that it does nothing to cure diabetes. It treats the symptoms for a certain time. But as time goes by, you become immune to it requiring a higher dosage. Moreover, their side effects are even more fatal than diabetes itself. ” You know, diabetes is a chronic disease and you have to live with it your whole life. Controlling diabetes requires a natural and safe method to eliminate your blood sugar or at least support the modern methods you are treating and control the complications. This will limit the side effects of diabetes medications and avoid having to depend on them. In this article, I will introduce you to the most effective and natural methods of controlling diabetes and complications.

2. The 3 Step Type 2 Diabetes Strategy | Blue Heron Health News

✅ This is the main strategy I want to introduce to you in this article. This program focuses on addressing the true cause of diabetes in a completely natural way. This program, introduced by Blue Heron Health News – publisher offers a variety of remedies for various diseases. All of their remedies are natural and safe, so they can be used by anyone regardless of their health status. Countless articles and e-books are available on their websites from natural health enthusiasts, like Christian Goodman, Jodi Knapp, and Scott Davis. You may have heard their reputation.

Good food for pancreas

✅ You may not know that inflammation can be the most likely cause of your type 2 diabetes. Inflammation may be the reason why your cells ignore insulin (also known as insulin resistance). And inflammation can also cause your pancreas to shrink and die.
What the author of this program – Jodi Knapp discovered in the study of type 2 diabetes, is that only diet and small lifestyle changes can completely alleviate inflammation and control type 2 diabetes of you. So he created a 3-step system to reduce blood sugar and inflammation with these small changes. In the Type 2 Diabetes Strategy you will get :

  • The number of carbs you need to eat to have a chance against type 2 diabetes.
  • 3 little-known superfoods that effectively control blood sugar.
  • 13 compelling ways to liven up any dish – without added sugar or calories.
  • 4 low-carb fruits that lower blood sugar.
  • Tantalizing – low-carb recipes that stimulate your appetite.
  • 50 dangerous foods that you MUST avoid to treat your type 2 diabetes (WARNING: Many of these are considered beneficial but are not!)
  • $ 2.49 supermarket items instantly reduce your glycemic index.
  • 15 supplements, supported by university research for safety and effectiveness, even more than most type 2 diabetes medications!
  • And much, much more!
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3. Use the Keto Diet to control blood sugar

✅ Keto diets have many similarities with low-carb diets. That is the reduction of carbs (starch) to the minimum (about 5% of carbs on the total food). This carb reduction will be offset by increasing fat intake higher. You only need to eat 1/10 of the normal carbs, is 5% carbs, 25% protein, and 70% fat. When you eat fewer carbs, it means less glucose in the body. If it runs out of energy, the body forces the liver to make ketones from fat. These ketones are an alternative fuel source for glucose in our bodies. Fat is constantly being burned 24/7 to energize our bodies, while also giving us a feeling of fullness, limiting our eating and drinking more than carbohydrates. In one study, 262 patients were evaluated for 10 weeks, patients following a ketogenic diet consisted of 3 to 5 servings of vegetables, moderate protein, and fat until they found enough. In this study, participants were educated on nutrition and were closely monitored by health professionals about blood sugar so they could adjust their medication. And all participants were able to eliminate at least one diabetes drug, the level of HbA1C decreased. In general, the Keto diet is beneficial for people with diabetes. However, this method has some disadvantages:

  • If you start the ketogenic diet, it is best to consult an expert to get a reasonable keto menu. Because strong carbohydrate reductions may work for some people, but it can be dangerous for those who are new to the change. Especially if they do not strictly control blood sugar and the drug they are taking can cause a very serious case of hypoglycemic stroke.
  • In the Keto diet, the type of fat you choose is very important. It is important to limit the amount of saturated fat from processed meat products, cheese, butter, and cream. It is best to choose unsaturated fat, such as oil, nuts, seeds, avocado, salmon.

✅ If you are interested in the keto diet to control blood sugar. You can find out: “Custom Keto Diet Plan”. The program allows you to customize the Keto diet based on your condition and health based on the advice of nutrition experts, coaches, and chefs.  Custom Keto Diet Plan | Review – CLICK HERE

4. Natural blood pressure control strategy

✅ About 80% of people with type 2 diabetes have high blood pressure. Hypertension in diabetes is a leading risk factor for atherosclerosis and some complications of cardiovascular disease and stroke. These conditions can interact with each other. The following factors make diabetics more susceptible to hypertension :

  • When blood sugar is high, blood fluid increases, leading to high blood pressure.
  • Many obese diabetics: When obese, the sympathetic nerves are stimulated leading to tachycardia and high blood pressure. People with type 2 disease are often obese and prone to high blood pressure.
  • High blood pressure due to diabetic nephropathy: If a patient has diabetic kidney complications, the hormone (renin) that raises blood pressure will be released from the kidneys, the function of dialysis decreases, the number of blood increases leading to high blood pressure.

✅ In addition, some medications for high blood pressure, such as diuretics, have a side effect of increasing blood glucose levels in the body. High blood pressure also speeds up the onset and progression of diabetic kidney complications. The kidney is a dialysis organ to make urine and large amounts of blood continuously flow through the kidneys. Therefore, when blood pressure is high, a lot of the burden is placed on the kidneys, which further worsens kidney disease. In addition, high blood pressure has a negative effect on retinal blood vessels and accelerates the progression of diabetic retinopathy.

✅ If you are diabetic, look for ways to control your blood pressure naturally, avoid adding medication to your body because they have many side effects that make your condition worse. You can use the “The High Blood Pressure Program” which is a guide to reduce your blood pressure naturally and completely by Blue Heron Health News, the author of this program is Christian Goodman – The father of the program and CEO of Blue Heron Health News. He has always had a passion for natural health research, and he has found many solutions to various health problems that are rampant in modern society.
✅ It’s nice to tell you arranged suitable for everyone at risk or suffering from high blood pressure and being tired of doctor’s treatment regimens and the side effects of a range of anti-hypertensive drugs. The effectiveness of the program’s exercises has been proven by numerous studies. Thousands of people have benefited from them. “The High Blood Pressure Program” is quick, effective, and easy.

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5. You should pay attention to atherosclerosis

✅ Atherosclerosis is a condition in which plaque is formed which causes the inner diameter of the blood vessels to narrow. This is a scary disease that causes angina pectoris, myocardial infarction, stroke, … Causes of atherosclerosis such as high blood pressure, diabetes, dyslipidemia (hyperlipidemia), obesity, … These four causes have an adverse effect on each other, at the same time accelerate the process of atherosclerosis progression, causing a very vicious cycle called “metabolic syndrome”.
 ✅ To reduce atherosclerosis, you can refer to: “The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy” by Blue Heron Health News. The author of this program- Scott Davis once had a heart attack and the doctor prescribed too many medications to help clean up cholesterol that clogged his arteries but he refused to use them. He chose the natural way to lower his cholesterol level and it worked for him. Scott then teamed up with Blue Heron Health News to publish a book: The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy to provide home remedies for safe arterial plaque removal. In “The Oxidized Cholesterol Strategy” the author pointed out another more important cause: Oxidized Cholesterol. The Oxidative Cholesterol Strategy is an entire system focused on oxidative cholesterol and its relation to physical health. It also gives you helpful tips for removing plaque in your blood vessels naturally, without taking medication at home.

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6. Choose the right Foods

✅ Following a type 2 diabetes diet does not mean that you have to give up all your favorite foods, you can still enjoy a wide variety of foods and there are some foods that even help fight the disease. type 2 diabetes. To control blood sugar for people with type 2 diabetes, you need to choose healthy carbohydrates, fat, and protein foods. The goal is to choose and combine the right foods to help keep blood sugar levels within your target range and avoid major changes that can cause debilitating body conditions or complications of hypoglycemia very dangerous.
✅ To follow a healthy diet for diabetes, you must first understand how different foods affect your blood sugar. Carbohydrates are most abundant in cereals, bread, pasta, milk, candy, fruits, they are broken down into blood glucose faster than other foods, increasing blood sugar levels, potentially leading to hyperglycemia. blood. Protein and fat do not directly affect blood sugar, but both should be consumed in moderation to reduce calories and weight within a healthy range. If possible you should follow the instructions of your doctor or dietitian. In addition to using the right foods, diabetics need to have a proper meal design strategy, here are some suggestions for you:

  • Divide your diet into several meals throughout the day to avoid sudden increases in blood sugar.
  • Pay attention to the time so that the meals are not too far apart, making the body hungry. If being late for your mealtime, you can eat a small serving before meals with everyone.
  • Do not change too quickly and too much structure and volume of daily meals to avoid the body’s inadequacy leading to body weakness, hypoglycemia … When eating should chew carefully, swallow slowly to make you feel full, and avoid eating more.
  • Need to exercise after eating, avoiding lying down, sitting in one place after eating. This will aid rapid glucose transport into the cells, helping to naturally lower blood sugar after eating. Take time to exercise to ensure health and support the treatment of diabetes.

👨‍⚕️ Recommend for you: Some foods that people with diabetes can use.

1️⃣ Sucralose – The type of sugar most used when diabetes. Sweeteners are 600 times more than cane sugar. Useful when cooking because this sugar can replace normal sugar when cooking food at high temperatures. Sucralose is considered safe for diabetics and does not affect the health of patients. However, you should only use sucralose to sweeten the food, do not overdo it.

2️⃣ Brown rice helps regulate blood glucose levels because Brown rice helps improve insulin synthesis in diabetics. In addition, brown rice contains B vitamins, and antioxidants play an important role in the metabolism of glucose in the body. And Brown rice helps prevent diabetes complications :

  • Reducing cholesterol and protecting the heart.
  • Good for the digestive system.
  • Strengthen the immune system.
  • Improve liver function.

3️⃣ Gymnema Sylvestre ( Gurmar ) is one of the very precious medicinal plants that have been used in Eastern medicine with great healing effects. It has been used in India and China for more than 2,000 years to treat sweet urine like bile. Current studies have explained the hypoglycemic mechanism of this herb. Gymnemic acid is the active ingredient in Gurmar’s diabetes treatment. It increases the secretion of insulin by the pancreas and enhances the activity of insulin in the absorption of glucose from the bloodstream. At the same time, it inhibits the absorption of glucose in the intestine thereby stabilizing blood sugar after eating. Thanks to this, Gurmar has a great effect in treating diabetes, being dubbed the enemy of diabetes.

7. Epilogue

✅ The methods I have listed above are really effective and safe, scientifically proven methods that help you control diabetes and its complications. I do not deny the modern methods you are pursuing, but using these methods to support and reduce the amount of medication you take daily is also a suggestion for you to implement. Wish you will find the most effective method to control your diabetes and achieve a healthy, happy life ❗

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