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Bitter Melon – also known as bitter melon or Momordica charantia, is a tropical fruit-like fruit that is thought to bring many health benefits. It is grown around the world for edible fruit, which is considered a staple in many types of Asian cuisine. Bitter Melon is also used as a juice or a type of tea. Bitter Melon has long been considered a favorite food for diabetics because it not only works to lower blood sugar but also provides many beneficial nutrients. Not only that, but Bitter Melon also has many other health benefits such as cancer prevention, lowering cholesterol, or losing weight.

1. The active ingredient in Bitter Melon

Bitter Melon is a food that contains many important nutrients for health :

  • Bitter Melon is especially rich in vitamin C, an important micronutrient that helps to improve the immune system and prevent disease.
  • It is also rich in vitamin A, which promotes proper skin health and vision.
  • Bitter Melon provides folate, which is essential for growth and development.
  • Bitter melon is a good source of catechin, gallic acid, epicatechin, and chlorogenic acid, too – powerful antioxidant compounds that can help protect your cells against the damage of free radicals in the body.
  • High fiber intake – meets about 8% of your daily fiber needs in one serving (94 grams).
  • Also in bitter melon contains many important trace elements for the body such as potassium, zinc, iron.
  • Bitter melon contains abundant vitamin K: Vitamin K enhances bone health, anti-clotting, and is anti-inflammatory. Vitamin K helps improve arthritis, arthralgia. The addition of bitter melon satisfies the daily needs of vitamin K for your body.

2. Top 4 bitter melon health benefits

2.1 Bitter melon health benefits: Helps control blood sugar

Bitter melon health benefits: Helps control blood sugar

βœ… Bitter melon has long been used by indigenous people around the world to help treat diabetes-related illnesses. In recent years, several studies have confirmed the role of fruit in controlling blood sugar. A 3-month study in 24 adults with diabetes showed that taking 2,000 mg of Bitter Melon daily reduced blood sugar and hemoglobin A1c, a test used to control blood sugar control in three months.
βœ… Preliminary research suggests that the compounds found in Bitter Melon may have the same effect as insulin – the hormone responsible for allowing blood sugar to enter your cells. This suggests that Bitter Melon can help reduce blood sugar. You can use a juicer to force Bitter Melon to drink every day. However, you need to monitor your blood sugar regularly at home with a personal blood glucose meter to check if your bitter melon is better or not so that there is a suitable treatment.

2.2 Bitter melon health benefits: Helps stabilize blood pressure

Bitter melon health benefits: Helps stabilize blood pressure

βœ… Animal studies show that Bitter Melon extract can reduce cholesterol levels. One study found that the use of bitter melon extract resulted in a significant reduction in cholesterol, bad LDL cholesterol, and triglycerides. This is especially beneficial for the cardiovascular system because high levels of LDL-cholesterol and triglyceride cause the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the arteries leading to high blood pressure and cardiovascular complications such as stroke, heart attack.
βœ… In addition, Bitter Melon contains Charantin, Polypeptide-P, and Vicine ingredients that reduce blood pressure. Every day you should drink a glass of fresh Bitter Melon juice or if you feel bitter, you can use Bitter Melon to dry then make tea every day to support the treatment of high blood pressure. But in the process of using Bitter Melon, you still need to check your blood pressure regularly with a home blood pressure monitor to monitor the disease more often.

2.3 Bitter melon health benefits: Weight loss

Bitter melon health benefits: Weight loss

βœ… Human and animal studies have found that bitter melon extract can also help reduce belly fat and body weight. Bitter melon is a great addition to a weight loss diet, as it is low in calories but high in fiber. It contains about 2 grams of fiber per cup (94 grams). Fiber passes through your digestive tract very slowly, helps you feel full longer, and reduces hunger and cravings. Some studies also show that bitter melon contains active ingredients that work to burn fat and lose weight. To reduce bitter melon weight, you can stop the following combinations :

  • Using bitter melon tea: Losing weight with bitter melon tea is considered a popular way of leading a lot of people to share. However, drinking aloe vera tea with weight loss or not will depend on the dosage and preparation of each person.
  • Bitter melon juice: Reducing belly fat with bitter melon juice is rated not only for a slim waist but also to support skin beauty. Although bitter melon juice, to get the effect quickly, you should gradually get used to the bitter taste of this fruit.
  • Weight loss with bitter melon and squash: Both bitter melon and squash are effective for safe and healthy weight loss. In particular, the cost of these two materials is also very economical and popular, often used in meals. Combining these two ingredients will provide the body with a large amount of fiber, thereby reducing weight optimally and quickly in a slimmer shape. In particular, by reducing fat with bitter melon and squash, the body will better control weight, purifying and hydrating the body.
  • Bitter melon and honey: Honey is low in calories, although sweet, but has the ability to reduce fat. When combined honey and bitter melon, will be the golden formula to help get in shape. Accordingly, the bitter melon will provide fiber, stimulate the intestines to reduce appetite. Honey helps to alleviate the bitter taste of bitter melon, making the skin smooth. In particular, combining these 2 ingredients also helps reduce stress, anxiety very effectively.

2.4 Bitter melon health benefits: Help cleanse the body

Bitter melon health benefits: Help cleanse the body

βœ… Prevention of cancer: Bitter melon contains a number of compounds with antioxidant properties such as catechins that work to remove free radicals from the body and prevent cancer. Studies show that bitter melon extract can prevent the growth and spread of cancer cells, especially pancreatic cancer. It can also inhibit other cancer cells in the liver, colon, breast, or prostate.
βœ… Bitter melon helps to fortify the liver: The liver is a very important organ of the body to help detoxify and synthesize substances for the body. Bitter melon helps to cool the liver, fortifies the liver, aids digestion, improves gallbladder function. Eating bitter melon regularly can improve constipation, cirrhosis, hepatitis.

3. Notes when using Bitter Melon

When using bitter melon in food, in the form of herbal tea or supplements, you should note the following :

  • Bitter melon can be safe for most people when consumed for up to 3 months. However, you may still experience conditions such as headache, dizziness, stomachache, stomachache, and bloating.
  • Because bitter melon can lower your blood sugar levels, using bitter melon in combination with a medication that lowers blood sugar can cause your blood sugar to drop dangerously low. If you take any medicine that lowers blood sugar, consult your doctor before taking bitter melon supplements.
  • Bitter melon may not be safe for use in pregnant women because some of the active ingredients in juices and seeds can cause menstrual bleeding and miscarriage.

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