Foods to prevent memory loss in the elderly


Memory loss in the elderly tends to increase. This disease not only consumes quite a lot of health care costs for patients but also directly affects the quality of life of the elderly. Elderly people often face memory loss, forgetfulness, or even more serious, can completely lose the ability to communicate, and almost impossible to remember information, can not recognize even with the people most familiar with. You should detect this condition of your relatives as soon as possible because the early treatment will be much more effective. Foods to prevent memory loss is a good choice to start.

1. What is Memory loss?


✅ Memory impairment is the term for abnormal brain function, common in the elderly. The disease makes people confused, memory impaired, unable to take care of themselves or control their emotions.
✅ Amnesia is a gradual decline in memory and cognition due to the ongoing degeneration of the brain that occurs over the years. After 25 years old, every day about 3,000 nerve cells are destroyed and there is no new regeneration to replace. This phenomenon occurs quickly after the age of 60. Between the ages of 60 and 64, about 1% has dementia, up to the age of 85 with 50%.

2. Cause of Memory loss

  • Due to age: Along with aging and impaired function of organs in the body, the brain also leads to aging causing disorders to occur more and more frequently, especially reflexes, memory, concentration, thinking … Therefore, the first cause of dementia in the elderly is due to aging neurons.
  • Due to illness: Memory impairment can also be a consequence when patients suffer from traumatic brain injury, encephalitis, Alzheimer’s disease, stroke, cerebral circulatory disorders, stress, abuse of antidepressants, drugs, or alcoholism … Symptoms will be more serious when the elderly patients. At that time, the patient may have temporary memory loss, quickly forget, and can not recall the events just happened before.

I have to remind you again that dementia can be caused by other serious illnesses, so to determine why you need a specific doctor’s visit.

3. This disease has signs ?

  • Patients have difficulty with everyday tasks such as dressing, cooking or simply making a phone call.
  • Many times forget simple words that are difficult to communicate.
  • Forget familiar places like the way home, places to go, and sometimes not knowing how you’re home. Patients with memory impairment are also easily confused between day and night.
  • Mood swings for unknown reasons, and also less emotional expression than before.
  • People with memory loss are often suspicious, uncomfortable, apathetic, restless, anxious, or intensely agitated in memory situations.

4. Foods to prevent memory loss: The good foods

Foods to prevent memory loss: Salmon
  1. Limit the intake of saturated animal fats that are high in cholesterol such as viscera and fatty meats because they contain free radicals that oxidize brain cells. Instead, supplement the fats in the form of omega-3 found in fish to help brain cells fight to age.
  2. Enhance vegetables and fruits to combat brain aging.
  3. You should supplement the nutrients:
Foods to prevent memory loss: Orange
  • Folate and vitamin B12: help reduce homocysteine – substances that increase the risk of Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases.
  • Vitamins E and C: antioxidants that fight the release of free radicals, damaging brain cells.
  • Folic acid: reduces inflammation and improves blood flow to the brain, thereby improving memory.

4. Besides, you can play with simple family members to train the brain’s memory ability.

5. Foods to prevent memory loss: What foods to avoid

Foods to prevent memory loss: What foods to avoid – alcohol

Studies have shown that eating habits are closely linked to the “health” of the brain. Besides foods that are good for brain health, there are also foods that make your memory decline quickly.

  • Foods high in cholesterol: Scientists have shown that high-fat and high-cholesterol diets are closely related to damage to the central nervous system. As the fat accumulates in the walls of the arteries, dietary cholesterol-containing diets can limit oxygen to the brain, which in turn will damage neurons and impair memory. In addition to fried foods, at high temperatures, foods often produce high levels of antioxidants. These oxidants can “damage” or disrupt the body’s metabolic system, thereby promoting cell aging, including brain-damaging cells, causing memory loss.
  • Salty food: Salt is indispensable for dishes as well as body health. However, the overuse of salt in foods is the fastest way to damage the brain. Excess sodium content in a long time will accumulate in the body, hindering the flow of blood to the brain. Brain cells that do not get enough oxygen will age, making memory loss.
  • Alcohol: Alcohol and alcoholic beverages are the # 1 enemies of the brain because of the long-term buildup of stimulants and narcotics that can inhibit or paralyze the activity of brain cells. Many studies also show that alcoholics often have smaller brain stimulation and memory ability than those who do not drink alcohol.

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