3 Benefits of Keto diet


Keto diet ( Ketogenic Diet) has many similarities with low-carb diets. That is the reduction of carbs (starch) to the minimum (about 5% of carbs on the total food). This carb reduction will be offset by increasing fat intake higher. So the Keto diet has many health effects. The 3 Benefits of the Keto diet include: Lose weight, Support treatment of Epilepsy, and control Diabetes.

1. 3 Benefits of Keto diet

1.1 Benefits of Keto diet: Lose weight

Benefits of Keto diet – Lose weight

✅ With the Keto diet, our bodies are like a fat-burning machine because Keto fluctuating uses body fat as the main source of energy leading to weight loss support. Many studies show that this diet has advantages over the low-fat diet. Keto mode will make you feel full so you can lose weight without counting calories or tracking the food intake. This means: Keto diet can completely help you control your appetite while your body is burning fat 24/7. And, of course, controlling your appetite will help you eat less and make it easier to lose weight. One study found that people who followed this diet were able to lose weight 2.2 times faster than those who followed a low-fat and strict calorie-reducing diet. Congratulations, losing weight with the keto diet is no longer a problem for us all!

1.2 Benefits of Keto diet: Support treatment of Epilepsy

Benefits of Keto diet – Support treatment of Epilepsy

✅Several studies have shown that the ketogenic diet helps activate the function of Na and K ion channels, contributing to stabilizing nerve cell membranes, reducing excessive excitement – the cause of seizures, epilepsy. In addition, the metabolic product of fatty acids is ketones, which changes the concentration of amino acids in the body, especially stimulating the brain to increase GABA secretion – an important inhibitor of the central nervous system, which in turn suppresses the paroxysmal discharge in the brain, reducing seizures. The truth is that the Keto diet was originally created to support epilepsy patients.

1.3 Benefits of Keto diet: Control Diabetes

Benefits of Keto diet – control Diabetes

✅ In many studies, a keto diet is an option that helps you manage type 2 diabetes and improve your diabetes status. This happens because in the keto diet we cut down on carbs to a minimum (5%), which reduces blood sugar significantly. In one study, 262 patients were evaluated for 10 weeks, patients following a ketogenic diet consisted of 3 to 5 servings of vegetables, moderate protein, and fat until they found enough. In this study, participants were educated on nutrition and were closely monitored by health professionals about blood sugar so they could adjust their medication. And all participants were able to eliminate at least one diabetes drug, the level of HbA1C decreased. In general, the Keto diet is beneficial for people with diabetes.

✅ However, If you start the ketogenic diet, it is best to consult an expert to get a reasonable keto menu. Because strong carbohydrate reductions may work for some people, but it can be dangerous for those who are new to the change. Especially if they do not strictly control blood sugar and the drug they are taking can cause a very serious case of hypoglycemic stroke. Therefore, to be safe, if you have type 2 diabetes, please consult your doctor when using this keto diet. Your doctor will advise you on nutritional changes, as well as give you more specific instructions on choosing foods that benefit from this method.

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