Keto diet | How does it work ?

Keto diet ( ketogenic diet ) is one of the popular diets that have spread quite widely today. Many of us “pursue” keto diet to lose weight and improve body shape effectively, others use the keto diet to treat illnesses. However, if you are new and are starting on the keto diet, you need to fully understand it. What is the Keto diet? The principle of the Keto diet? keto diet foods list? Let’s find out through the following article.

1. What is the Keto diet?

What is the Keto diet?

✅ First, you understand what keto is? Keto stands for: “Keep Eating The Fat Off”. So is a keto diet a high-fat diet?
✅ Keto diets have many similarities with low-carb diets. That is the reduction of carbs (starch) to the minimum (about 5% of carbs on the total food). This carb reduction will be offset by increasing fat intake higher. And do not worry, fat is the culprit causing weight gain. Because when carbohydrate intake is reduced, your body will fall into a state called “Ketosis”. In Ketosis, your body will burn more energy. At the same time, the pancreas will convert fat into ketones, providing energy for the brain. This diet can significantly reduce blood sugar. This can bring a lot of benefits to your health. Let’s explore the working principle of this keto diet together.

2. Types of Keto diet

There are 4 main types of Keto diet :

  1. Standard Keto diet: In this diet, you eat extremely low carb (5%), moderate protein (20%), and high fat (75%).
  2. Revolving Keto diet: When you follow this diet, your carb intake will change with the day. For example, in 1 week you will have 5 days to eat low carbs and 2 days to eat high carbs.
  3. Target Keto diet: This diet will allow you to eat more carbs during exercise.
  4. High protein Keto diet: It is similar to the standard diet but has a higher protein content, usually 5% carbs, 35% protein, and 60% fat.

3. The principle of the Keto diet

✅When we perform the keto diet, we need to reduce the number of carbs from the food to the lowest level, which will cause our body to burn all the glucose stored. And after it needs more energy to work, it is forced to burn from fat. Because the energy supplied to our bodies through eating and drinking. And with our typical meal plan, we have 50% carbs, 20% fat, and 30% protein. Carb is always rated as the most preferred energy source of our bodies. When carbs into our bodies will form glucose as the energy source for the body. However, if you are a sedentary person, excess glucose is stored in the liver and called glycogen. The liver stores glycogen from 100-120gr only (for adults). So glucose is not stored all the way into fat as excess fat. And that is the cause of overweight and obesity.


✅So with the ketogenic diet? You only need to eat 1/10 of the normal carbs, is 5% carbs, 25% protein, and 70% fat. When you eat fewer carbs, it means less glucose in the body. If it runs out of energy, the body forces the liver to make ketones from fat. These ketones are an alternative fuel source for glucose in our bodies. Fat is constantly being burned 24/7 to energize our bodies, while also giving us a feeling of fullness, limiting our eating and drinking more than carbohydrates. So, with 70% fat replacing normal carbs, it not only will keep our body fuller longer, but the continuous burning of fat will help us to be more energetic and lose weight more effectively.

4. Keto diet foods to eat

You should use the following food groups for your keto diet menu:

Keto diet foods to eat – Salmon
  • Meat: Choose red meat, steak, chicken (western), bacon, eggs.
  • Fish: High in fat like mackerel, tuna, and salmon.
  • Other types of fat supplements: Butter and cream made from animal milk, unprocessed cheese, healthy cooking oils such as coconut oil, virgin olive oil, avocado oil, etc.
  • Vegetables and fruits: Choose low-carb vegetables like greens, tomatoes, onions, bell peppers, avocados, etc.
  • Spices: salt, pepper, beneficial herbs.

In order to succeed in the Ketogenic diet, you absolutely must eliminate high-carb foods. Keto diet foods to avoid include:

  • Foods / sugary drinks: Soda, fruit juice, confectionery, ice cream, yogurt,…
  • Grains and starches: rice, wheat, noodles,…
  • Fruit: restrict almost all fruits except some berries and as little sugar as strawberries.
  • Starchy vegetables: sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes, turnips, beans, and legumes.
  • Limit bad fats: processed vegetable oils, mayonnaise, sugary sauces.
  • Limit alcohol consumption

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