4 Best foods for hemorrhoids


Eating habits have a great influence on the cause of the formation and progression of hemorrhoids. One of the causes of hemorrhoids is constipation. Hemorrhoids Diet is to reduce constipation and to supplement foods that regenerate blood. The following article will help you choose the best foods for hemorrhoids.

1. What are Hemorrhoids?

✅ Hemorrhoids is a fairly common disease today, but most people do not dare to share with others because the location of hemorrhoids in the anus is very sensitive. When suffering from hemorrhoids, most patients experience pain such as anal pain every time they have a bowel movement, anal bleeding, constipation, itching, and discomfort … For many people, hemorrhoids are not dangerous, do not affect health, and only affects life. However, according to hemorrhoids specialists, if not treated early, it can cause dangerous complications such as blood loss, bleeding, inflammation, superinfection, anal necrosis, cancer …

Common causes of hemorrhoids :

  • Standing, sitting for 1 long position: People who work in the office or have to stand or sit for a long time in one position are the main cause of hemorrhoids. The reason is that when you stand or sit for a long time, the muscles of the whole body are not massaged so blood circulation is slow. At this time the body does not have elasticity, anal sphincter works poorly and weakens.
  • Eating too little fiber: Fiber is an important component indispensable every day to help the digestive system excrete better. If the body is deficient in the necessary amount of fiber, hemorrhoids can quickly appear. Fiber is often found in green vegetables, fruits, you should add more than these foods to avoid constipation, reduce anal pressure.
  • Not drinking enough water every day: Every day the body needs to provide about 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day to help strengthen the blood circulation, help the digestive system stay healthy, and work better. If the body does not provide enough water, it can cause skin and digestive problems, stiffer stools, and anal diseases.
  • Constipation or chronic diarrhea: People with a history of bowel movements often have a higher risk of hemorrhoids than normal. This is because bowel motility problems make it difficult for you to use the restroom, veins, and damaged intestinal wall. In addition, having hemorrhoids will make constipation worse because people often hesitate to use the toilet, which becomes a vicious cycle that makes the condition worse. According to statistics, up to 80% of people with constipation, chronic diarrhea suffer from hemorrhoids.
  • Aging: Older people, organs in the body, especially the anus, the aging digestive system are at higher risk for hemorrhoids. Elderly, the elasticity of the sphincter is significantly reduced, the veins of hemorrhoids lose anchor and slide down the anus, causing constipation, hemorrhoids lasting.
  • Pregnant women and giving birth: When pregnant, a woman’s uterus is at risk of developing. Especially in the last months of pregnancy, the weight of the fetus increases significantly will put weight on the pelvis, anus. At this time the veins of the hemorrhoids will be pinched large causing hemorrhoids.
  • Work hard regularly: People who work hard, carry a lot of work, or who regularly do strenuous sports are also at risk for hemorrhoids. This is because heavy workouts put pressure on the abdomen, increasing the pressure on the anus.

2. 4 Best foods for hemorrhoids

2.1 Best foods for hemorrhoids: High fiber foods

Best foods for hemorrhoids: High fiber foods

✅ Patients with hemorrhoids should focus on foods high in fiber, natural laxatives, minimize symptoms of constipation. Natural laxative foods such as:

  • Vegetables: carrots, bitter melon, cauliflower, and sweet potatoes.
  • Grains: tofu, ground cereal, brown rice, oats.
  • Laxative vegetables: sweet potato, spinach, jute, lettuce, cruciferous vegetables, zucchini, lettuce, red radish. Beetroots are very good against constipation and hemorrhoids. The rich fiber in radish makes it easier for waste to get out of the intestine.
  • The fruits: oranges, tangerines, grapefruit, plums, strawberries, watermelons have a laxative value, prevent constipation well.

2.2 Best foods for hemorrhoids: Foods high in iron

Best foods for hemorrhoids: Foods high in iron

✅ Bleeding during defecation, anemia, fatigue are general conditions of people with hemorrhoids. So want to improve health, restore blood loss, internal hemorrhoids, external hemorrhoids need to eat a lot of iron-containing foods to replenish red blood cells, and make blood. Foods high in iron can be listed as:

  • Iron-rich foods of animal origin: seafood, beef liver, chicken liver, pig liver, duck liver, egg yolk, cow’s milk, breast milk, beef heart, pig heart, dried shrimp, pork, beef, chicken. However, these foods are also at risk of constipation and digestive problems, so consider using the plant group below.
  • Iron-rich foods of plant origin: wood ear mushroom, dried shiitake mushrooms, sesame, soybeans, dried seaweed, spinach, broccoli, white beans, cowpea seeds, red amaranth, beans nut peanuts.

2.3 Best foods for hemorrhoids: Probiotics

Best foods for hemorrhoids: Probiotics

✅ Hemorrhoids should be supplemented with yogurt daily to provide probiotic probiotics that help to enhance digestive health and immune function. Probiotics have the effect of improving bowel function by enhancing bowel motility, softening stool, thereby curing constipation. This can help prevent or treat hemorrhoids caused by constipation. You should choose yogurt that contains Probiotics such as Lactobacillus paracasei, Lactobacillus acidophilus.

2.4 Best foods for hemorrhoids: Drink a lot of water

Best foods for hemorrhoids: Drink a lot of water​

✅ People with hemorrhoids have limited bowel movements due to the sensation of pain, blood flowing in their stools. As a result, the longer the stool stays in the large intestine, the more it accumulates, the more water it absorbs, the drier and more solid it becomes. So drinking plenty of water will help loose stool, soften the stool, easily move down the anus, making bowel movements easier. One day a person with hemorrhoids should drink at least 2 liters of water to replenish the body’s water. You can drink water, fruit juice, broth … Just make sure there is enough water in the body.

3. Foods to limit when having hemorrhoids

In addition to the healthy foods you should limit the following foods, they make constipation, digestive disorders, and bleeding become crueler:

  • Eating too much meat: Meat is a food that provides protein, iron for the body but does not contain much fiber, easily indigestion, bloating. When you consume too much meat easily leads to constipation. In order to regulate a proper diet, you should prepare meat with high fiber vegetables and healthy fats such as olive oil (in small amounts) so that the body can digest easily, limiting constipation.
  • Spicy foods: One of the foods to avoid if you don’t want hemorrhoids to get worse is spicy foods. Spicy foods such as chili, pepper, ginger, mustard … are hot, when absorbed into the body, it is easy to raise blood pressure, sweat, if you eat too much, your body will be hot, causing constipation, pain, and irritation when using the toilet, leading to hemorrhoids.
  • Salty foods: Salty foods absorb water in the body, making stool appear hard. The more salt you consume, the more you disrupt the digestive tract, making bowel movements more difficult.
  • Alcoholic beverages, stimulants: Alcoholic beverages and stimulants are easy to cause internal organs to heat up, a long time will go down the anus causing hemorrhoids. Meanwhile, coffee containing caffeine easily fills up the stomach, causing dehydration, causing stool to dry, causing constipation, damaging the rectal mucosa, congestion, and hindering blood circulation.

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