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People kept bees very early, in the Koran, the Greek bible and myth all recorded beekeeping techniques have been handed down. Many ancient books depict ancient humans taking honey from a tree or a cliff. It can be said that the relationship between man and bee was formed very early and existed until now. Honey bees produce a range of valuable products, which are used by humans as health-promoting herbs. It can be said that beeswax, propolis, royal jelly, and honey are four gifts of bees for humans. People have known how to use these four healthy bee products since ancient times.

1. Healthy Bee Products: Health benefits of honey

Healthy Bee Products: Health benefits of honey

✅ Honey, bee products made from worker bees, after sucking honey from flowers, then through the refining stage. Honey is a complete medicine, 100g of honey can provide up to 335 calories, also added a number of vitamins and trace elements Ca, Fe, P, Mg … Recent studies have shown a lot of effects of honey on health and beauty.

  • Improve the digestive system: Studies have shown that honey has a very positive effect on regulating the digestive system function, helping to regulate the process of gastric acid secretion thereby supporting the treatment of painful stomachs. In addition, honey is also an effective antibacterial, good for the entire intestinal tract, has a good effect in supporting the treatment of colitis.
  • Improving immunity: Honey contains many enzymes and minerals, can synthesize and enhance human immunity, you can use honey to prevent common colds, including pain throat.
  • Regulate blood sugar: Honey has a sweet taste, but people with diabetes can also enjoy it without any problems. In honey, natural sugars are not chemically synthesized and they are difficult to be absorbed into the body, so it will not cause a sudden rise in blood sugar. Moreover, the minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants in honey provide very high benefits for diabetics.
  • Wound healing: Honey is a natural antiseptic, antibacterial, and antiseptic, which can help clean wounds. So honey can help disinfect wounds, reduce marks and pus, reduce pain, and speed healing. After washing the wound with warm water and mild soap, apply a layer of honey over the wound and cover it with a gauze dressing. Change bandages every 24 hours. Honey is a great option for those who are allergic to topical antibiotics.
  • Treating mild burns at home: Because of its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, honey will prevent bacteria from growing and anti-bacterial properties will prevent infection. If you have a minor burn, simply rub a small amount of fresh honey on the wound, and after a few times, you will feel less burning, itching, and pain.
  • Weight loss: Honey contains vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, all of which help stimulate fat and cholesterol metabolism, help maintain body weight, and prevent obesity. Regular honey also helps detoxify, clean the liver, remove toxins, and expel fat from the body. You know, the body has lots of toxins that make it harder to lose weight.
  • Beauty effect: Due to its antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, honey is a basic ingredient used in health and skin lightening. Honey is very benign, so suitable for even the most sensitive skin. For bruises on the skin, just apply a little honey directly on it before going to bed. Honey also helps treat acne effectively because the active ingredients in honey penetrate the pores and kill acne-causing bacteria.

2. Healthy Bee Products: Royal jelly health benefits

Healthy Bee Products: Royal jelly health benefits

✅ Pure Royal Jelly is an exceptionally precious nutrient collected from nectar, protein, and many vitamins by worker bees. This herbal blend that is the only source of the queen bee’s food should be called Royal Jelly. Royal jelly is about 18% protein, 17-18% sugar, 5.5% fat, in addition to 22 amino acids, many trace elements necessary for the human body. Royal jelly has a slightly sour-sweet taste, has many very nutritious effects :

  • Natural antibiotics in royal jelly are effective in treating acne, anti-inflammatory skin, melasma, and tanning. Royal jelly helps increase the metabolism so that the body is young, anti-aging, has the effect of treating melasma, freckles for the skin, helps the skin become smooth and white.
  • It is also known as royal jelly with the effect of physical development, helping the mind to be clearer, enhancing eyesight.
  • Royal jelly helps boost skin and body immunity, prevents hair loss, smoothes hair.
  • Royal jelly also works to treat high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and liver disease.
  • People also use royal jelly to sedate, help sleep, and prevent insomnia, prevent stroke, cardiovascular sclerosis.
  • Royal jelly helps regulate the heart, stimulates, and restores the nervous system, and restores sexual ability in both sexes, stabilizing physiological hormonal disorders.

3. Healthy Bee Products: Beeswax benefits

Healthy Bee Products: Beeswax benefits

✅ Beeswax is soft in substance, ranging in color from white to ivory, separated from the beehive wax layer. Beeswax contains vitamin A, saturated, and unsaturated fatty acids. Beeswax is sweet, slightly warm, non-toxic. Has detoxifying effect, astringent, hemostatic, anti-ulcer. In addition, beeswax also has many health effects: such as lowering blood cholesterol, fighting stomach ulcers, and improving the body’s immunity.

4. Healthy Bee Products: Health benefits of propolis

Healthy Bee Products: Health benefits of propolis

✅ Propolis is healthy bee products made by worker bees made from the sap of plants, trained with wax. Propolis has up to 55% plastic oil, 10% essential oil, and about 30% wax, 5% pollen. However, the main ingredient that makes the effect of propolis is flavonoids.

  • Antioxidant: Propolis has antioxidant properties, thanks to its high polyphenol content, mainly galanin. They reduce free radical-related diseases, so have anti-aging and anti-aging effects.
  • Antibacterial: Propolis has a strong antiseptic effect on many types of bacteria, it can be said to be a natural broad-spectrum antibiotic.
  • Anti-inflammatory: Propolis has a stimulating effect on the production of anti-inflammatory cytokines. Therefore, this product is capable of preventing sore throat, sinusitis, rhinitis, cough, colds, flu, upper respiratory infections …
  • Anti-radioactive: Flavonoids in propolis have the effect of limiting the radiation damage to cells due to inhibiting oxidation reaction. Besides, it also promotes the growth of cell tissue, enhances the recovery of damaged cells.
  • Skin Care: Propolis is also known as a beauty product that can drink. Drinking propolis not only eliminates toxins, cleanses the blood, improves microcirculation, but also eliminates acne, melasma, freckles, helps women always have white skin pinky.
  • Preventing cancer: Propolis contains flavonoids, phenol compounds, terpenes, polysaccharides, organic acids, and other natural substances that significantly inhibit cancer cells. Cancer patients using propolis regularly not only prevent the spread of cancer cells but also reduce the side effects caused by chemotherapy and radiation.

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