5 Health benefits of matcha green tea


Japanese culinary culture is considered one of the healthiest cultures in the world. Green tea matcha has the same origin as the sushi culture. This traditional drink from Japan has been shown to provide many health benefits and that is why the market has recently paid much attention to this tea. I believe that with green tea matcha people who have a passion for tea have an extra great choice. These are 5 health benefits of matcha green tea.

1. The active ingredient in Matcha green tea

In matcha green tea contains many bioactive substances such as antioxidants, cholesterol-lowering and antibacterial

  • Flavonoids and catechins help reduce the formation of free radicals, destroy and prevent the progression of cancer cells in the body. These are substances with antioxidant effects if taken daily will help smooth skin, always youthful and ruddy.
  • EGCG compound has the effect of burning fat, reducing the formation of fat cells to help lose weight effectively.
  • Catechin and caffeine are very effective at fighting inflammation, high levels of chlorophyll, have bactericidal and antiseptic effects that help reduce acne swelling.
  • Amino acids help reduce fatigue stress, increase concentration.
  • In addition, matcha is also very helpful in reducing the harmful effects of tobacco, anti-hypertension, helps reduce cholesterol, reduce blood sugar …

2. 5 Health benefits of matcha green tea

2.1 Health benefits of matcha green tea: Anti-aging effect

Health benefits of matcha green tea: Anti-aging effect

βœ… Matcha green tea is just like other teas that contain antioxidants and counteract the negative effects of UV ultraviolet radiation, helping us keep our skin youthful. Surprisingly, studies have proven that a cup of Matcha green tea contains about the same amount of nutrients and antioxidants as 10 cups of regular green tea. People living in Okinawa, Japan have the largest average life expectancy in the world, in part because they regularly drink this tea.

2.2 Health benefits of matcha green tea: Prevent cancer

Health benefits of matcha green tea: Prevent cancer

βœ… Green tea is one of the drinks that are very good for the body and also has the ability to prevent cancer. There are surveys that if you drink tea daily you can reduce the risk of cancer by 40%. Catechins are believed to prevent cancer and among the catechins found in Matcha green tea, 60% is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), EGCG cleans out dangerous free radicals in the body and is a powerful anti-carcinogen. Several studies have confirmed that the polyphenols found in Matcha tea prevent the proliferation of malignant cancer cells and reduce the risk of developing other cancers, including colorectal cancer and bladder cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer. You know, Japan is a country that consumes a lot of green tea, so the incidence of cancer is also very low.

2.3 Health benefits of matcha green tea: Good for heart health

Health benefits of matcha green tea: Good for heart health

βœ… Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide, accounting for about one-third of all deaths in people over 35. Several studies have shown that drinking green tea, which has the nutritional composition as matcha, may help protect against heart disease. Green tea has been shown to lower total and bad LDL cholesterol levels, as well as triglycerides. It can also help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol – an important cause of atherosclerosis, hypertension, and cardiovascular complications. Studies have also shown that drinking green tea is associated with a reduced risk of heart disease and stroke. When combined with a complete diet and a healthy lifestyle, drinking matcha can help keep your heart healthy and protect against disease.

2.4 Health benefits of matcha green tea: Helps to lose weight

Health benefits of matcha green tea: Helps to lose weight

βœ… Matcha green tea is almost calorie-free, the catechins in tea have thermogenic properties that promote fat oxidation. This tea helps to boost metabolism to burn calories four times faster and reduce the formation of new fat cells. In fact, studies show that drinking Matcha green tea increases the body’s calorie-burning speed from 8-10% to 43% of the total daily energy consumption. Unlike many other diets, Matcha green tea helps with weight loss without side effects.

2.5 Health benefits of matcha green tea: Relax the spirit

Health benefits of matcha green tea: Relax the spirit

βœ… Matcha green tea contains 5 times more L-theanine amino acid than regular other tea. L-theanine is a unique amino acid that has properties to relax, fight stress, anxiety, increase resistance and help increase alpha waves in the brain (Alpha waves help relax without drowsiness and keep the spirit in a state of mind. cut awake). In addition, L-theanine also contributes to the production of dopamine and serotonin, which enhances memory and promotes better concentration. During meditation hours, Zen Buddhist monks drink Matcha tea to keep calm and alert.

3. Simple ways to prepare Matcha green tea


1️⃣ Iced Matcha: Considered the most basic way to prepare this tea for drinking. You can do it at home easily and give the whole family the best taste.
Method: Dissolve matcha powder with some warm water.
Put tea, water, and ice cubes in a shaker well. If you like sweetness, you can add matcha to matcha and some sugar water.


2️⃣ Matcha green tea with lemon and mint left: One of the best ways to make this tea in the summer is blended with lemon and fresh mint leaves.
Method: Dissolve matcha green tea powder with boiling water. This step helps the tea powder to dissolve completely in water and will not clump.
Put matcha green tea, mint leaves, fresh lemon in a shaker. Close the lid of the jar and shake well for about 5 minutes. You can add sugar water, or a few drops of honey if you like to drink sweet. Add ice cubes and filtered water (if necessary).


3️⃣ Matcha latte (Matcha Fresh Milk)
Method: Dissolve matcha powder with warm water. Stir well to dissolve the tea powder with water.
Put matcha tea, sugar, and fresh milk in a shaker. Add some ice cubes and shake well. Pour the tea into a glass, spray fresh cream (if any) on top of the cup and enjoy.

4️⃣ Honey matcha
Method: Mix powder with warm water, stir until dissolved.
Add 1 to 3 teaspoons of honey (depending on taste) and stir well.
You can add a slice of lemon and a little lemon juice if you like. If you like to drink hot, you add 100ml hot water, if you drink cold, put ice in a shaker, shake well, give glass and enjoy.

4. Notes when using Matcha green tea

The benefits of Matcha green tea with health are undeniable, but if you use this drink in the long term, you should pay attention to the following:

  • Pregnant women and children under 3 years of age that use fluoride and tannin in green tea powder cause iron deficiency, anemia, evaluated fetal development; people with anemia are more likely to get worse; elderly people are prone to insomnia leading to weak health and subjects with stomach ulcers.
  • Do not drink solid green tea powder: Japanese matcha green tea powder is a beverage that is recommended for daily use, but it is not a thick tea because drinking solid tea leads to headaches and insomnia, especially lack of blood. In green powder rich in caffeine (causing insomnia), tannins (causing iron deficiency anemia) when long-term use is not good for health.

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