Top Fucoidan health benefits | The active ingredient to prevent cancer from seaweed

Fucoidan is a greasy compound extracted from marine algae, especially Japanese algae such as Okinawa brown algae, Mozuku, Kombu, and Mekabu. The compound was first discovered in 1913 by Professor Kylin of Uppsala University (Sweden). Fucoidan has been shown to have many benefits to human health such as anti-cancer effects, boosting the immune system, fighting obesity, etc. Currently, Fucoidan-containing products are now available in many countries around the world and are mostly consumed in two markets, the US and Japan.

1. Top Fucoidan health benefits

1.1 Fucoidan health benefits: Preventing cancer

Fucoidan health benefits: Preventing cancer

βœ… Fucoidan has received such great attention mainly because of its ability to prevent and support cancer treatment through mechanisms such as stimulating the immune system, antioxidant, inhibiting new blood vessel formation of cancer cells, and stimulate cancer cells to die. Not only cancer patients but also many healthy people normally look at functional foods containing Fucoidan in the hope of improving health and preventing cancer.
βœ… Fucoidan causes cell death (apoptosis): Part of the body’s growth and development process includes cell death (apoptosis). This process helps prevent the formation of tumors in the body by causing the cancer cells to die on their own. Kyushu University (Japan) conducted a study showing that Fucoidan has the ability to promote cell death (apoptosis), especially for breast cancer cells, but absolutely does not affect the cells. Normal cells in the body. Fucoidan extracted from Mozuku-Okinawa brown seaweed has a greater effect on apoptosis induction than kelp extracted from kelp.
βœ… Fucoidan, in addition to preventing tumors from forming due to its stimulating properties of apoptosis, has the ability to fight the growth and metastasis of cancer cells thanks to its activity against hematopoiesis causing the above phenomenon. Scientists at Qingdao University (China) conducted a study on the effect of fucoidan on angiogenesis in tumors. They found that Fucoidan helped significantly reduce new blood vessel formation in tumors, thereby reducing the risk of metastatic cancer and reducing the formation of cancer cells. Research by Kanehide Bio-Japan has shown that Fucoidan extract has a specific effect on cancer cells while healthy cells have not been significantly reduced.

1.2 Fucoidan health benefits: Support to strengthen the immune system

Fucoidan health benefits: Support to strengthen the immune system

βœ… Many scientists believe that taking Fucoidan from brown seaweed may help boost the immune system, helping the body fight cancer better. A number of studies done on rats show that fucoidan helps restore the immune system in immunosuppressed or irradiated mice. Accordingly, Fucoidan helps support biological reactions, increases immune responses in the body by increasing white blood cells. In a study by Kanehide Bio-Japan, Glucose was used as a reference point for measuring the size of macrophages in mice. Fucoidan extract from Mozuku in the Okinawa region increases Glucose consumption and that may be related to an increase in macrophages.

1.3 Fucoidan health benefits: Supports weight loss

Fucoidan health benefits: Supports weight loss

βœ… Korean scientists conducted a study on the effect of Fucoidan on the cells that make up fat tissue in the body and obtained results showing that Fucoidan stimulates lipid breakdown in cells, thereby supporting weight loss, which may be beneficial in preventing obesity.

2. Notes when using Fucoidan

  • When using Fucoidan, you may experience some side effects such as allergic reactions such as swelling of the throat and face, severe breathing, fast heart rate, and skin rash. Or symptoms of hypotension such as bruising, lightheadedness, fainting. However, not everyone experiences the above side effects.
  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children under 6 years of age, the elderly should consult a doctor before use.
  • Alcohol increases the risk of drowsiness when taken with fucoidan.
  • People with diabetes, high blood pressure, hypotension should be cautious when using.

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