6 ways to relieve muscular cramps


Cramping is not only a concern for athletes because it affects the quality of life and exercises very badly. Cramps can occur with anyone, especially in older people. You should improve your diet to prevent cramps before it happens on a regular basis. There are many causes of this condition such as muscle tension, dehydration, pregnancy, or holding the muscles in a position for long periods of time, or lacking minerals like calcium, potassium, magnesium, lacking vitamins like vitamin B1, B5, and B6. Please refer to 6 ways to relieve muscular cramps.

1. What are cramps?

✅ Cramping is a sudden, involuntary spasm that occurs in the muscles. Usually, cramps will last from a few seconds to a few minutes. This sphincter condition is often painful, even very painful, and can affect many different muscle groups. The intensity of the pain of a cramp may make you awake at night or have difficulty walking. The muscle groups in the legs are the most commonly affected muscle groups.

What is the cause of cramps ?

✅ There are many causes of cramps. Some common causes include :

  • Due to exercise: Excessive use of muscle that causes muscle tension or holds the body in an extended position can cause cramps.
  • Dehydration
  • Alcoholism: Drinking alcohol causes muscles to become weak, prone to cramps.
  • Inadequate blood supply: The artery that nourishes your foot may be narrowed. This can lead to reduced blood supply to the muscles in the legs. When you walk, play sports … this anemia can cause cramping pain.
  • A pinched nerve: A pinched nerve can also produce leg cramps. This pain is usually worse when you walk.
  • Mineral deficiencies: Too little potassium, calcium, or magnesium in the menu can contribute to cramps. Diuretics – drugs often prescribed for people with high blood pressure – can also cause a deficiency of these minerals.

2. 6 ways to relieve muscular cramps

2.1 Relieve muscular cramps: Use foods rich in potassium

Relieve muscular cramps: Use foods rich in potassium

✅ Potassium is an important mineral when combined with sodium that helps regulate nerve conduction signals to muscles. Potassium is important for the functioning of the muscles and nervous system, and your muscles can cramp if you lack potassium. There are many types of potassium-rich foods you should eat such as bananas, avocados, soy, sweet potatoes, potatoes, pumpkins, fish …

2.2 Relieve muscular cramps: Use foods rich in Calcium, Magnesium

Relieve muscular cramps: Use foods rich in Calcium, Magnesium

✅ Calcium works to contract muscle and magnesium works to relax muscles. Therefore, it is necessary to balance these 2 types of minerals in the body. Cramping the back and legs is a sign that the body is lacking in calcium. Get more calcium through milk and dairy products, sardines, kale, dark green leafy vegetables, tofu, and other soy products … Food sources of magnesium are nuts, leafy greens like melon pears, legumes, cereals.

2.3 Relieve muscular cramps: Use Carbohydrate-rich foods

Relieve muscular cramps: Use Carbohydrate-rich foods

✅ In the case of high-intensity exercise or prolonged sports competition, without adding carbohydrate-rich foods, the body will be easily depleted of Glycogen leading to cramps. You can supplement carbohydrates simply with the following foods: sweet potatoes, taro, brown rice, oats, bananas, cereals …

2.4 Relieve muscular cramps: Take vitamin B12 with food

Relieve muscular cramps: Take vitamin B12 with food

✅ Studies show that B12 is very effective in treating cramps. Lack of vitamin B12 may be associated with low blood pressure, spasms, and muscle weakness. These conditions can contribute to muscle, cramps. This vitamin should be supplemented by good sources such as eggs, meat, dairy products, and cereals.

2.5 Relieve muscular cramps: Always drink enough water

Relieve muscular cramps: Always drink enough water

✅ Occasionally not drinking enough water can cause muscle cramps. Make sure your body always has enough water to help you prevent this condition. You can drink more water after exercising to make up for lost water.

2.6 Relieve muscular cramps: Notes in movement and activities

Relieve muscular cramps: Notes in movement and activities
  • Limit the use of stimulants.
  • Make it a habit to exercise your feet before you go to bed.
  • Increase exercise regularly and warm up before exercise.
  • Get into the habit of swimming, walking because these activities are both gentle, not too stressful, and help you train muscles.
  • Avoid standing for long periods of time if you have pain.

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