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Do you know? Most medications recommend taking away from meals (about 2 hours before and after). What you eat and drink can affect the medication you are taking. There are even some foods that you should not use while taking the medication, because they can reduce the effectiveness of the drug, even producing toxins and other side effects. The following are food lists that should not be taken with medication.

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1. Fresh milk

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During the period of taking antibiotics, it is necessary to temporarily abstain or minimize the habit of using milk and milk products. The calcium in milk reacts with antibiotics, creating insoluble calcium salts in water. You should avoid eating milk, yogurt, cheese … before and after taking the drug for at least 2 hours to avoid reducing the special effects of the drug.

2. Green tea

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When drinking green tea with anti-cancer drugs, this effect is no longer available. In particular, tea should not be taken while taking iron tablets. The tannins in hot condensed tea can combine with iron to form insoluble compounds, preventing the body from getting enough iron. So anemic people should not drink hot tea. The tannic acid in tea can be combined with certain substances in the drug (such as iron sulfate tablets, berberine …) to precipitate and then affect the absorption of the drug as well as its effects.

3. Seafood

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Like fresh milk, the calcium in seafood combines with antibiotics, creating insoluble calcium salts in water. As a result, the drug does not work because calcium has been inhibited, significantly reducing the effectiveness of treatment. When taking antibiotics like tetracycline, doxycycline, do not eat shrimp and crab.

4. Citrus

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Orange juice contains a lot of acids, it needs to stay away from the time of use antibiotics (about 3 hours) because the antibiotics are less sustainable in the acid environment. This is also true for other unstable drugs and acidic foods or drinks containing other acids. Especially dangerous is grapefruit juice, it has the ability to increase or change the effects of many drugs.

5. Alcohol 2020 08 12T204727.080

Sedatives and alcohol may have similar side effects. Therefore, if you take them both at the same time, they may increase the risk of nausea, dizziness, or drowsiness … Not to mention, some antibiotics like tinidazole, metronidazole, and sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim are more likely to remain the ability to cause serious reactions if you drink alcohol while drinking them.

6. Coffee 14

Many drugs will be changed when coffee is present, especially those that treat thyroid diseases, antidepressants, estrogen hormones, osteoporosis medications … It helps keep coffee in the body longer than when not using the medicine. Coffee in the body will increase the heart rate, causing fatigue.

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