Diet to help you reduce weather allergies


Weather allergies is a common disease at the time to change seasons. High humidity, erratic temperature, pollen spread in the air … makes people susceptible to respiratory diseases: sneezing, runny nose … or suffer from conditions such as hives, skin acne, inflammation nose …. So how to prevent weather allergies? What dishes help prevent weather allergies? and which foods to avoid?

1. The cause of Weather allergies

The cause of Weather allergies – pollen

There are many causes of your allergic condition. Of the causes of allergy, whether the allergy is the most common form of the disease. Weather allergies often appear during the changing seasons.

  • Due to dust: Fine dust in the air, construction site dust, and heavy traffic can lead to allergies. It is caused by dust or bacteria mixed in dust that irritate the nasal mucosa and cause allergic reactions.
  • Due to mold: Mold is everywhere. Mold on clothes, on utensils, or on the food itself due to poor storage. Many people are allergic to the protein components or toxins in molds that cause gastrointestinal allergies and rashes, nausea, and poisoning.
  • Due to pet hair allergy: dogs, cats, birds … Some people have sensitive nasal mucosa and atopic allergies that are easily irritated by pet hair.
  • Due to allergy to the drug. Drug allergy usually occurs because atopic does not match the composition of the drug. Drug allergy is a very dangerous form of allergies, if not emergency timely can cause rapid death.
  • Due to the changing weather: Changing weather weakens the immune system in humans, creating conditions for other allergens to the body.
  • Other causes: Coal dust, engine smoke, cigarette smoke, gasoline vapor, chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides …

2. The common manifestations of weather allergy

When the weather changes, the human immune system is impaired, easily affected by allergens. The result is a series of symptoms on the skin and mucous membranes such as:

weather allergy- Hives
  • Hives: The rash is characterized by a rash and redness on the skin. The bumps and nodules may be concentrated or scattered in different areas of the skin with different sizes. In weather allergies, the urticaria can float everywhere, initially scattered, and then spread all over the body. Hives in weather allergies accompanied by uncomfortable itching. The more the patient scratches, the more itching.
  • Skin blisters: When the weather changes, there may appear acne marks on the skin. They are tiny blisters that usually appear on the limbs and can then spread to other parts and they are very itchy.
  • Atopic dermatitis: Atopic dermatitis caused by nonspecific weather changes and is difficult to distinguish from other conditions. Atopic dermatitis is often accompanied by hives and itching.
  • Allergic rhinitis: Allergic rhinitis manifested with runny or stuffy nose symptoms, sneezing, redness, itching.

3. Foods prevent weather allergies

There are many foods that are both nutritious and can help prevent weather allergies. Eat more of these foods during the changing seasons.

weather allergy diet – Enoki mushroom
  • Enoki mushroom: Enoki mushroom promotes metabolism, eliminates toxins and waste, heavy metal ions. Furthermore, enoki mushrooms contain a protein that can inhibit asthma, rhinitis, eczema, and allergies.
  • Honey: Honey is effective in preventing seasonal allergic rhinitis, asthma, itching, coughing … So honey is used to treat bronchial asthma and other allergies.
  • Carrots: The beta-carotene in carrots helps prevent pollen allergies, weather allergies, atopic dermatitis, and other allergic reactions.
  • Supplement vitamin C: Vitamin C helps the body strengthen the immune system and reduces the symptoms of hives, pimples … due to weather allergies.
  • Omega-3 supplements: Omega-3 has the effect of preventing allergies, fighting inflammation, and strengthening the body’s resistance. You can add omega-3s to your family’s menu: mackerel, salmon, sardines, fish oil, yogurt … or in supplements.

4. Types of food should abstain

Besides the healthy foods, others make allergies worse. Here are some foods and beverages that make the weather allergy symptoms worse that you should abstain from or limit your use of :

weather allergy food sould abstain – seafood
  • Beef: In beef and cow’s milk contains serum protein and Casein. These two proteins often increase the risk of allergies, especially in young children.
  • Seafood: Seafood, including crabs, shrimps, fish, crabs, etc., is a food group that can cause an allergic reaction to become serious. Because according to nutrition experts, the main ingredient of seafood is parvalbumin protein. These proteins can cause reactions in sensitive patients, with weak immune systems.
  • Peanuts: The composition of Albumin and Vicilin in peanuts are two of the strongest and most durable allergens, even at high temperatures. According to some studies, the threshold for allergy recorded in peanuts is 1mg. However, a bean has an average weight of 500 – 1000mg. This means that 1/1000 peanuts are also the cause of allergy. Therefore, patients with severe weather allergies should not use peanuts, even in small amounts if they do not want the disease to be severe.
  • Abstain from carbonated beverages and alcohol: The active ingredients contained in these drinks can irritate nerve cells that cause rash and itching.
  • In addition to food, patients should abstain from the cold wind, limiting the air conditioning is too low, do not scratch itchy skin damage.

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