Diabetes Workout


Diabetes Workout is one of the most effective methods of preventing and treating diabetes in addition to the use of specific medicines and dietary changes with the right foods. Exercise helps control blood sugar levels due to increase in insulin activity. In general, all exercise is beneficial for people with diabetes, but some are more appropriate and effective.

1. Benefits of exercises for diabetics

  1. Exercise helps stabilize blood sugar: because during exercise, glucose is transferred to the muscles for energy to function. As a result, blood glucose levels drop.
  2. Weight loss for diabetics: when exercising, reducing body fat, the weight is well controlled, improving the efficiency of insulin secretion from the pancreas in the body.
  3. Prevent cardiovascular complications: when you exercise, bad cholesterol (LDL) in the body reduces and increases good cholesterol (HDL), thus reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Did you know that LDL, the cholesterol that causes plaque in the arteries, is the cause of high blood pressure and complications like stroke and heart attack?
  4. Helping the spirit comfortable and happy: the hormone endorphin is released during exercise, creating a sense of comfort, helping the spirit to cheer. The optimism, love life will help patients eat better, support for healing.

2. Notes when diabetics do exercise

  • You should measure blood sugar before training: If the blood sugar is too low below 70mg / dL or too high than 300mg / dL, you should not exercise because there may be hypoglycemia or hypertension very dangerous.
  • Apparel and training shoes must be appropriate, especially for those who have peripheral neurological complications that cause reduced or loss of sensation in the legs.
  • Do not work too close (under 2 hours) or too far (over 4 hours) after eating. Also need to prepare some sugary foods to supplement promptly when there are manifestations of dizziness, sweating, tremor, limbs … due to hypoglycemia during exercise, especially in those taking drugs hypoglycemia and insulin.

3. Types of exercises for diabetics

3.1 Diabetes Workout : Walk


βœ… Gentle walking exercises are familiar exercises. When working muscles will help sugar from the blood to the cell, at the same time lowering the glycemic index and increasing flexibility for the body. To be effective, you should keep walking for about 50 minutes or more. Once you have chosen this method, you should prepare a pair of shoes that are comfortable, fit, and exercise with a frequency of 3 days per week.

3.2 Diabetes Workout : Gym


βœ… Exercising with high intensity will increase energy consumption significantly and stimulate the process of intracellular pathways most powerful. However, diabetics who work out the gym must have a specific schedule, diabetics should not exercise without professional coaches.

3.3 Diabetes Workout : Dancing


βœ… Dancing can both help you lose weight effectively while also having fun, creating a good spirit for diabetics. In addition, dancing helps the body to be flexible and active, stimulating the movement of blood sugar into the cells, lowering the glycemic index, and increasing the body’s flexibility.

3.4 Diabetes Workout : Yoga

βœ… Yoga movements help increase blood circulation to the cells, helping the pancreas to excrete insulin better, thereby reducing blood sugar effectively. Moreover, regular yoga practice will help reduce cholesterol, prevent hypertension, and cardiovascular complications often associated with diabetes.

3.5 Diabetes Workout : Swimming

βœ… Unlike exercise for other people with diabetes, swimming exercises help the whole body be active. This exercise will help diabetics suffer from osteoarthritis complications because, in swimming, the human body will be supported by water, and reduce gravity on the entire joint.

3.6 Diabetes Workout : Cycling


βœ… This cycling sport is quite suitable for cardiovascular patients. You only need a durable bike to easily perform that exercise. If you do not want to be affected by bad weather and you have the conditions, you should prepare a fixed bike to exercise at home. When cycling, you will increase blood flow to your feet, protect your feet from negative complications of diabetes. This amazing benefit is unlikely to be possible with any medicine.

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