Natural remedies for bad breath at home


Bad breath is not a serious health problem, but it has a significant impact on the communication and life of the infected person. Many people are feeling inferior or ashamed due to bad breath. So how to improve this situation? It is completely possible to cure bad breath if you know the exact cause and hence the appropriate treatment. Depending on the cause of bad breath there will be many different ways to cure bad breath. For simple causes such as oral bacteria or eating smelly foods, you can choose these natural remedies for bad breath.

1. Why do I have bad breath?


Bad breath can be caused by a variety of causes.

  • Poor oral hygiene: After eating, leftovers are trapped in the mouth. If not cleaned, they will accumulate, forming plaques that are home to bacteria. From here, these bacteria decompose and produce gas products that have an unpleasant odor and directly affect breathing.
  • Dry mouth: The components of saliva have a relatively good ability to clean the mouth. Therefore, when the mouth is dry, the bacteria will have the opportunity to make the breath smell bad.
  • Respiratory, digestive tract infections: When suffering from a sore throat, tonsillitis, pneumonia, or gastroesophageal reflux or enteritis can produce gas products with a sour smell, the smell of rotten meat, or ammonia …
  • Foods that cause a “heavy” smell: Some spices have a characteristic odor, such as onions and garlic, which can easily cause bad breath. After being digested, the decomposition products enter the bloodstream, reach the lungs, and affect breathing.
  • Regular smoking is also a common cause of bad breath.

TOP 5 foods that cause bad breath

  1. Garlic: Asians generally like to eat garlic, this spice will give food a nutty taste. However, if you abuse this spice, your breath will smell very terrible. The taste of garlic is very intense, even after being absorbed by the body, its aftertaste still permeates our oral cavity.
  2. Onions: Similar to garlic, the smell of onions is very strong. Most of us don’t know that onions contain sulfuric compounds that, after being ingested, are absorbed into the bloodstream and continue to be excreted through the sweat and breath glands.
  3. Milk and dairy products: Dairy products have high nutritional value for the body. Milk has just provided calcium to enhance resistance, help us healthier. However, the amino acids in milk, cheese … are very likely to cause the presence of natural bacteria, making the breath smell bad.
  4. Coffee: Coffee is an indispensable drink for most people. A cup of fragrant coffee early in the day will help us stay awake and have more energy to work. However, coffee is one of the foods that cause serious bad breath. If you do not clean your teeth after drinking coffee, the acid and natural enzymes in coffee as well as in the oral cavity will create bad breath.
  5. Animal meat: Animal meat includes all kinds of cattle and poultry such as pigs, cows, chickens … and seafood including shrimp, crab, and fish are all high protein foods. When you consume this food, the natural bacteria in the mouth will digest the protein to create volatile sulfur compounds, thereby causing bad breath in the breath. In addition, animal meat is easily trapped in the teeth and fermented, creating an unpleasant odor.

2. Natural remedies for bad breath at home

2.1 Natural remedies for bad breath at home: Use Green tea

Natural remedies for bad breath at home: Use Green tea

✅ Two trace elements potassium and fluoride in green tea, have special use in combating tooth decay, gingivitis treatment, reducing bad breath for breath. Make a habit of drinking green tea after a daily meal to help kill bacteria and limit bad breath quickly.

2.2 Natural remedies for bad breath at home: Use Lemon

Natural remedies for bad breath at home: Use Lemon

✅ Lemons have organic acid and vitamin C components that have a very good bactericidal and deodorizing effect. Even taking the lemon zest and chewing it a few times a day will definitely reduce the bad breath.

2.3 Natural remedies for bad breath at home: Use Salt

Natural remedies for bad breath at home: Use Salt

✅ Use diluted salt water to gargle daily to prevent bad breath and disinfect bacteria very well. Should not mix salt water is too salty or too light if possible using physiological saline (0.9%) bought at pharmacies with standard concentrations and very hygienic. Besides, regular oral hygiene: Brush your teeth at least 2 times/day, floss the mouth cavity after eating, combined with mouthwash with salt water to help prevent bad breath effectively. Tongue cleaning is also essential as this is where many types of bacteria in the mouth live.

2.4 Natural remedies for bad breath at home: Use Ginger tea

Natural remedies for bad breath at home: Use Ginger tea

✅ How to cure bad breath with ginger tea is both effective and time-saving for everyone. According to research in ginger, it contains components such as zingiberene, essential oil, curcumen, geraniol, linalool, borneol, zingerone, gingerol, etc. compounds that are effective in killing bacteria and eliminating bad breath.

2.5 Natural remedies for bad breath at home: Use Honey

Natural remedies for bad breath at home: Use Honey

✅ Honey eliminates bad breath thanks to antibiotic components that have bactericidal effects and inhibits the growth of some types of bacteria in the oral cavity.

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