Chakra Healing for Common Health Problems (Part 3)

21. Neuropathy


Neuropathy, or feeling pain throughout the body or in a specific area of the body, is usually caused by damage to the nerves. This is often the result of a traumatic injury, infection, diabetes, side effects of chemotherapy, inherited causes, or exposure to toxins. However, if the cause is not due to neurological injury, it may be the result of an imbalanced third eye chakra, because this chakra can be involved with neurological disturbances. An example of this is experiencing pain in the body after feeling disconnected from our intuition or fearing the spiritual aspects of ourselves. Oftentimes, fear of our spiritual self can indicate that we are either on the verge of becoming more connected with our inner wisdom or that we actually have a very strong intuition and are afraid of our power. So, if neuropathy is caused by energetic blockage, this may be exhibited by being able to only focus on the intellect and logical mind, rejecting any spiritual perspectives we may have and focusing only on what is physically in front of us—all of which are aspects of an unbalanced third eye chakra.

22. Panic Attacks

CHAKRAS AFFECTED Heart Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Root Chakra

Panic attacks occur when we are gripped by sudden, acute, and disabling anxiety. They are often accompanied by palpitations, a pounding heart, increased heart rate, sweating, trembling, shaking, shortness of breath, and a feeling of impending doom. These debilitating attacks can occur when we have disconnected from our heart chakra, and are not listening to what it’s trying to tell us. In addition, our root chakra is involved when panic and fear set in because our primal fear for our own survival can be triggered. With our heart chakra feeling disconnected and our fear mechanisms in play, our power center at the solar plexus chakra can feel like we’ve been punched in the gut because our self-esteem and sense of confidence reside there.

23. Sciatica

CHAKRAS AFFECTED Root Chakra, Sacral Plexus Chakra

Sciatica is a painful condition that radiates from the lower back, through the hips and buttocks, and down each leg. When it’s not caused by trauma to the spine, or some other injury, sciatic pain can reflect an imbalanced root chakra. The root chakra deals with issues around survival and being. When primal issues arise, like where you’re getting your next meal, if you’re going to be able to make your rent, if your children will be provided for, or if you generally live in fear that all the basic things in life may be easily snatched away, then your root chakra is not in harmony.
In addition, sciatica can energetically symbolize fear of money and the future. Anytime we have issues with pain that limits how we walk in this world, literally and figuratively, we need to ask ourselves if we are purposely limiting our progress to move forward in life, or if we are living in fear of the next steps that we may need to take to accomplish our goals.
Sometimes when we experience sciatic pain, it may be because we feel unsafe in this world. The sacral plexus chakra is related to the lower vertebrae, pelvis, and hip area, so it may be worth examining whether or not we are connecting with and honoring our emotions if we are freely expressing ourselves creatively, and if we are able to allow ourselves to enjoy pleasure in life.

24. Self-Hate

CHAKRAS AFFECTED Heart Chakra, Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Self-hate is based on the perception that we are unlovable—that we do not deserve love due to doing something we perceive as terrible, or because when we were younger we were taught we were unlovable. Believing we are unlovable is a direct result of disconnection from our heart chakra. The heart chakra is all about love—love, and compassion for ourselves and for others—and love always begins within.
If we hate ourselves, which is a learned behavior based on outdated perceptions, we need to see how we came to believe that. In addition, hate is angry energy and emotion. And anger always stems from fear. Fear of our existence and the inability to stand up for ourselves are based on the root chakra. Fear related to self-hate can also reside in the solar plexus chakra if it is fear due to lack of self-esteem. If this chakra is unbalanced, our power center is challenged, and we may feel a lack of confidence. In feeling powerless, fearful of existing, and disconnected from our heart chakra, we can easily believe outdated perceptions that we are unloveable. The good news is outdated perceptions are updateable, and energy can shift very quickly to recalibrate.

25. Sexual Abuse

CHAKRAS AFFECTED Sacral Plexus Chakra, Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Throat Chakra

When we are sexually violated, the abuse can be very damaging, not only to our physical body but to our soul as well. Because of the trauma, survivors of sexual abuse may shut down their feelings or disassociate from themselves to avoid feeling deep pain. They may feel ashamed and possibly blame themselves for what happened (even though the trauma was in no way their fault). Their sexuality and feelings around pleasure may shift. And because, at that moment, a power dynamic was exploited, control issues may result. The rage around the incident, toward themselves, and/or their abuser, is often bottled up. These reactions are all understandable, given the depth of the trauma, and are all related to the sacral plexus chakra.
If the sexual abuse was perpetrated by a family member, and if important family members were unsupportive after learning of the trauma, feelings of betrayal may arise, which are connected to the root chakra. In addition, if the pain remains unprocessed, it may affect overall self-confidence and self-esteem, which are related to the solar plexus chakra. The throat chakra can also be directly affected as a result of the violation, and survivors may feel silenced and unable to speak up (or at least feel uncomfortable doing so). The irony is that exercising the throat chakra, such as speaking up and sharing our stories, can be therapeutic — not only for the survivor but also for others who need to hear their story. Sharing the emotion with those you feel safe with can feel very scary but can ultimately open the door toward healing.

26. Sinus Pain


If you’re experiencing pain in your sinuses unrelated to allergies, environmental irritants, or direct trauma, you may have an imbalance in your third eye chakra. Our sixth chakra is related to our inner sight — our intuition beyond physical evidence. It helps us trust beyond that which we can physically see and allows us to follow our precious insight.
Oftentimes, sinus pain can be an energetic indication that we are irritated with someone who is close to us, and we may view the situation as full of discord. If this is the case, consider examining whether the relationship is still a healthy one. On the other hand, the problem could be the way the relationship is viewed, or because you might be operating from outdated perceptions of what is happening in the relationship.

27. Skin Issues



Our skin is our largest organ and can manifest many disorders, including acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, rashes, and dermatitis, among others. Although skin issues can surface as a result of poor diet, stress, hormonal issues, and skin-care regimens, they can also surface as a result of an imbalanced crown chakra. If this is the case, it is worth examining any areas in your life where you feel disconnected from your spirituality and the Divine, and if you feel challenged by a lack of trust in the Divine or life.

28. Stomach Pain and Disorders


CHAKRA AFFECTED Solar Plexus Chakra

Stomach pain and disorders can come in many forms: ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), colon/intestinal problems, indigestion, acid reflux, and gastritis, among others. Aside from eating something that directly inflames our digestive tract, stomach pain can also result from feeling overwhelmed, out of control, powerless, intimidated, or lacking in self-respect. What we take in through our power center (our solar plexus chakra) is a way for us to digest our surroundings and take in our environment.
For example, I once knew a patient who experienced episodes of acid reflux after her divorce. In this case, her body was expressing the “acidic” emotion of resentment that the experience gave her. It was difficult for her to digest her divorce, which had made her feel powerless and out of control.
Our bodies are always telling us exactly where our imbalances lie, and digestive disorders are no exception.

29. Stress


CHAKRA AFFECTED Root Chakra, the other chakras can also be affected

Stress, when referring to chakra health, is a state of mental tension and emotional strain resulting from very demanding circumstances and problems that occur in our lives, work situations, and relationships. When we experience stress, cortisol (otherwise known as our stress hormone) steps in to help us handle our stress. Adrenaline is our fight-or-flight hormone. Both of these hormones are activated by our adrenals to help us get out of stressful situations. This is great when used on a short-term basis. But, oftentimes, people can stay in stress response mode on a much longer-term basis. Whether short term or long term, stress can indicate an imbalanced root chakra, because this energy center is related to our personal security, feeling safe, and feeling like all aspects of our survival are met (such as having food to eat, a roof over our head, and clothes to wear). When the root chakra is out of balance, we are operating from a place of fear; we feel unsafe like our needs are not met. Our survival instincts are activated. Because the primal feeling of instability and fear can affect other chakras, stress can affect our chakras in the following ways:

  • Crown chakra: Stress from feeling alone and disconnected from the Divine
  • Third eye chakra: Stress from not being able to trust what’s coming next in our lives, or from being unable to see the bigger picture in front of us
  • Throat chakra: Stress from feeling like we’re not expressing ourselves the way we’d like, or that we’re not being heard in the way we want to be heard; stress around speaking our truth
  • Heart chakra: Stress stemming from disconnection with self and, as a the result, with others
  • Solar plexus chakra: Stress coming from lack of self-worth and a sense of powerlessness
  • Sacral plexus chakra: Stress from pent-up emotions, not expressing ourselves creatively or in healthy sexual ways
  • Root chakra: Stress from feeling like our basic needs are not being met

30. Thyroid Disorders


The throat chakra is all about speaking our truth. When we say what we mean, mean what we say, express how we really feel, and communicate in ways that are aligned with who we are, we honor our throat chakra. If we have disorders that involve the neck, such as imbalances in the thyroid, that lack direct medical explanation, it is likely the throat chakra is imbalanced. It is possible that we have silenced ourselves, usually in regards to something traumatic (such as abuse), or something we feel unable to express. Even if not due to experiencing trauma, thyroid disorders can simply be a symptom of habitually staying silent when there is much we want to say. Those who’ve had these kinds of thyroid disorders due to abuse, then heal and release the pain they’ve been holding onto, tend to be very effective at communicating who they are with others, often beginning with sharing their own story in healing ways.

31. Uterine Fibroids and Cysts

CHAKRA AFFECTED Sacral Plexus Chakra

According to the Mayo Clinic, uterine fibroids are noncancerous growths of the uterus that often appear during childbearing years. Many women have uterine fibroids sometime during their lives. Sometimes they don’t cause any symptoms. However, at other times, they can grow to a significant size and cause pain during menstruation, when you’re having a bowel movement, or when your body is trying to digest food—they can even affect your breathing. Cysts are fluid-filled sacs inside, or within, the ovaries.
When there is an abnormal growth within the uterus, it is often a signal that the sacral plexus chakra is out of balance. Because there are actual blockages in the reproductive area, the energy body is telling you that there is blocked creative flow and energy within. You may be holding onto old, negative, and toxic thoughts, emotions, or feelings that are flowing life energy into dead ends. These might be jobs or relationships that you’ve outgrown, or conflicts about creativity, abundance, reproduction, and/or relationships in your life.

32. Weight Issues

CHAKRAS AFFECTED Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Sacral Plexus Chakra

Although weight issues are often addressed with behavioral, lifestyle, exercise, and dietary changes, another possible cause is a lack of feeling grounded. When we do not feel grounded, this is a root chakra problem. A balanced root chakra helps us feel connected to nature. It also makes us feel secure—that no matter what we may be experiencing in life, all of our basic needs are met. What we often do to feel more grounded is gain weight.
Another possibility is that we sometimes put a buffer of weight between us and the world when we feel attacked, intimidated, or ourself-esteem feels off. In this case, the cause may be more of an imbalanced solar plexus chakra, which is our power center.
Sometimes, feeling our emotions and being in touch with pleasure can be difficult for us. When we bottle up our feelings about what’s going on around us and within us, do not process our emotions that may have shaped our feelings around worth and survival, and do not experience the pleasure of eating, then our sacral plexus chakra may be unbalanced.

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