Chakra Healing for Common Health Problems (Part 2)

11. Fatigue


CHAKRAS AFFECTED Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown Chakra

When exhaustion is ongoing, increases, or isn’t relieved by rest, there is a constant state of weariness, and our energy reserves feel depleted. This affects concentration, focus, energy, and motivation, which eventually impacts us energetically. If we are the type who’s prone to adrenal fatigue, addicted to being busy, or habitually overwork ourselves, we are driving ourselves into fatigue due to solar plexus chakra imbalance.
Fatigue is related to the solar plexus chakra, our power center. When we link our self-esteem and self-confidence to our performance in the workplace or in life, we take it very personally if a project fails or appears to be subpar. We then work ourselves into a frenzy to meet a perception of perfection, which results in fatigue. On the other hand, if our fatigue is due to depression or feeling disconnected from the Divine, the crown chakra is in need of balancing.

12. Fear

CHAKRAS AFFECTED Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

When we feel fear, we perceive someone or something as dangerous – we feel it is going to cause us harm or is threatening our existence. Fear causes a change in brain and organ function, activating a cascade within our sympathetic nervous system that brings us into fight-or-flight mode. It is an adaptive behavior that helps us identify threats, and survive predators and natural disasters. Fear is helpful for survival. However, being in this state for too long can negatively impact our lives. Some issues that can trigger this primal reaction are basic survival needs and feeling secure in our lives, neighborhoods, and families.
Anytime our basic needs are threatened, it creates an imbalance in the root chakra. And, if we’ve been taught at an early age to stay in this fear, it can create long-standing root chakra disharmonies that affect us as adults. Staying in fear for long periods of time can also affect our hormonal system and cause adrenal fatigue.
Another chakra that can be affected when we feel fear is our solar plexus chakra. This is often a result of the initial root chakra imbalance. Not feeling supported in our basic needs can create a sense of powerlessness and challenge our self-esteem, both of which are related to the solar plexus chakra.

13. Grief


It is healthy to grieve when we lose someone or something precious. However, if the grief is left unprocessed, if we deny that it exists, or if we hold onto it passed its usefulness in an unhealthy way, it can cause a block in the heart chakra. If left unchecked, the imbalance caused by holding onto grief for too long will cause us to feel lonely, lose hope, or cultivate bitterness. While grieving, there may be a tendency to isolate ourselves. This, too, can serve a purpose, because some of us need the downtime to decompress and process how we’re feeling. However, because our heart chakra connects us to our self-love and love for others, if we isolate ourselves for too long, our heart chakra suffers from a lack of connection. We need to remember to reconnect, not only with ourselves but with other people. Although it may feel permanent, everything transforms and changes, including our perception that we are forever torn apart from those we love.

14. Headache


CHAKRAS AFFECTED Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra

When we get headaches that aren’t directly caused by physical imbalances, it can be an indication that there is disharmony in one of our chakras. When you have frontal headaches, with symptoms such as sinus pressure and pressure behind your eyes that can spread to your forehead, it is often a third eye chakra disharmony.
This kind of headache may indicate that we are focusing only on our intellect, fearing the spiritual aspects of ourselves, only able to see the physical reality in life, and not trusting our intuition. Sometimes, when these headaches occur, it is because we are ignoring the inner wisdom we possess. When we receive intuitive “hints” but don’t act on them, we are not honoring our third eye wisdom. For example, perhaps you feel you should pursue a new opportunity but don’t. Or you experience an intuitive knowing that a certain person may not be healthy to interact with, but you enter into a relationship with them anyway. Acting in opposition to intuitive hints can cause discord and an imbalance with your third eye chakra.
If, on the other hand, you have a vertex headache (one that is at the top center of the head), it may be caused by an imbalanced crown chakra. This may indicate difficulty trusting life or our path, seeing the larger pattern or picture, or cultivating faith in ourselves and our connection to the Divine. We may also feel alone or unsatisfied with life.

15. Hemorrhoids


Hemorrhoids, otherwise known as piles, are swollen veins in the anus and lower rectum. They may be found under the skin around the anus (external hemorrhoids), or inside the rectum (internal hemorrhoids), and are similar to varicose veins. If they’re not caused by straining during bowel movements, increased pressure on the veins during pregnancy, or one of many other physical causes, they may be caused by a chakra imbalance.
Because the lower rectum and anus are at the level of the root chakra, any dysfunction that involves these parts of our bodies can indicate that our root chakra is out of balance. This chakra is all about survival, so primal needs like having food to eat, water to drink, clothes to wear, a roof over our heads, and feeling safe and secure in our lives may arise. Hemorrhoids may also be energetically linked to a fear of letting go, the anger of the past, or feeling burdened.

16. Hip Pain

CHAKRA AFFECTED Sacral Plexus Chakra

When we experience issues in the hips (such as tightness, tension, muscle spasms, or pain), that aren’t the result of physical trauma to the area or overexercising, there is often a relationship to sacral plexus chakra issues. Often, the hips can hold a lot of unexpressed emotions, usually emotions that haven’t been dealt with, or that we’ve been avoiding.
Because the sacral plexus chakra is the seat of our emotions, we cause an imbalance in this area when we do not honor our feelings around a situation. In addition, if we are feeling issues around expressing healthy sexuality, particularly around shame related to our sexuality (another marker for a sacral plexus chakra imbalance), this can also cause tightness or pain in the hips.

17. Jaw Pain / Temporomandibular Joint (TMJ) Pain


The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) connects your jawbone to your skull and acts like a sliding hinge to open and close the mouth. We have one joint on each side of our jaw. Sometimes pain in the area can result from a jaw injury, arthritis, genetics, or teeth clenching and grinding. Teeth grinding, or bruxism can often be due to stress that is held in the jaw. It can also occur when we’re trying to hold back what we really want to say or feel silenced, which is related to our throat chakra. Acupuncture, massaging the masseter muscle (the muscle in your jaw that controls chewing), and wearing a mouthguard at night can be helpful for the physical aspects of TMJ pain.
TMJ pain may also be rooted in an energetic component—feeling like we’re not able to speak up for ourselves, say what we mean, or communicate effectively. TMJ pain can also result when we’re feeling resentful. To address the full picture of jaw pain relief, we not only need to examine sources for physical relief but understand the possible energetic causes as well. If you find yourself biting your tongue when you really want to say something, or you’re clenching your jaw tightly to hold yourself back, it may be worthwhile to examine what you are holding in your throat chakra, and why you are finding it difficult to say what’s on your mind.

18. Leg Pain

CHAKRAS AFFECTED Root Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra

Leg pain, when not directly related to physical trauma, is often linked to a root chakra imbalance. Sometimes, leg pain can symbolize our resistance toward moving forward in life, which can manifest as self-sabotaging behaviors based on fear—fear that we’ll fail, or fear that we’ll actually get what we want and step into our power. If this is the case, the root chakra imbalance can also be linked to the solar plexus chakra. But, it’s mostly a root chakra issue if the resistance to moving forward is due to fear around bills, or gaining or losing housing, food, water, or clothing.

19. Loneliness


When we feel lonely, we are under the impression that we are not connected to anyone. This is a powerful feeling and a powerful illusion. Our heart chakra teaches us that we are all geared to love and to connect with each other (yes, even those of us who attest to being loners!). Love is the real deal, and anything resembling fear (such as loneliness, which is feeling disconnected or the fear of being disconnected) is not. We all need to connect. Our heart chakra wants us to connect, not only with ourselves — the most important connection of all—but with other people. When we are truly, deeply lonely, it is often because the connection with ourselves has been lost. This is the realm of the heart chakra.
If you are feeling lonely, it may be because the heart chakra is out of balance, and you may have closed yourself off from love, whether as a reaction to being hurt after opening your heart or because you feel you don’t deserve love. When we find it difficult to show ourselves loving kindness, such as taking the time to do daily tasks, performing self-care rituals like resting when needed, eating foods that fuel our system in healthy ways, and surrounding ourselves with uplifting people, it is difficult for our heart to radiate with joy. When we fully and completely love ourselves and are connected with our heart chakra, we are never truly lonely, no matter what our circumstances.

20. Neck Pain



Neck pain that is not caused by physical trauma or bodily harm (like an accident) can be the result of imbalanced throat chakra energy related to the way we interact with the world. When we fail to express ourselves in a very honest or open way, or when we try to hide certain parts of ourselves, such as fear or insecurity, from other people, it creates imbalances in the throat chakra. Examples of this behavior might be pretending to be happy in a relationship when deep down you’re dissatisfied or holding yourself back from speaking openly at work. There may be a range of reasons why we hold ourselves back, but the result is usually the same—neck pain caused by an inability to express ourselves freely and openly.

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