Top 5 benefits of beta-glucan

Beta Glucan is a chain of glucose molecules, which is effective in preventing infection, healing wounds, strengthening the immune system, and destroying cancer cells, found in bread yeast, some fungi, Grains (oats, barley), algae. Beta-glucan is an active ingredient that is well known for many health benefits. Supplements containing this ingredient are widely found in the market, including those for children and pregnant women.

1. Top 5 benefits of beta-glucan

1.1 Benefits of beta-glucan: Improve the immune system

Benefits of beta-glucan: Improve the immune system

βœ… Beta Glucan is best known for its effects on the human antibody system and it has been used for this purpose for decades. Beta-glucan is considered a biological supplement to the body through its ability to stimulate antibodies.
βœ… In addition, Beta Glucan also has the ability to stimulate the natural immune system, helping to strengthen the immune system for the body. Beta Glucan compound enhances the activity of macrophages in the body, stimulates the body to secrete more cytokines, is a cellular activator that destroys external antigens, stimulates digestion, benefits the digestive and intestinal systems, and destroys harmful bacteria and viruses.

1.2 Benefits of beta-glucan: Help control cancer

Benefits of beta-glucan: Help control cancer

βœ… The mechanism of action of Beta Glucan to kill cancer cells and inhibit tumors has been scientifically proven. Ξ’eta-glucan itself has no direct toxic effect on cancer cells but it will stimulate the production of Macrophage leukocytes and NK killer natural cells. Macrophage white blood cells are likened to a steel shield, preventing the formation of tumors. They have the ability to “swallow” cancer cells and other infected cells to protect the body. Macrophage also creates factors to repair tissues damaged by cancer cells. Natural killer (NK) cells affected by Beta Glucan also contribute significantly to the search and destruction of cancer cells, as well as pathogenic cells. They become stronger, more active in fighting cancer cells.
βœ… In their experiments, the scientists also demonstrated that Beta-glucan has the ability to inhibit metastatic tumors. They used 1,3 Glucan in mice with liver cancer cells and showed that the mortality rate in mice injected with Beta-glucan was significantly reduced compared to mice not injected with this compound. In addition, many cases of stomach and rectal cancer patients using shiitake mushrooms (shiitake mushrooms) with lots of 1,3 beta-glucan also have positive results.

1.3 Benefits of beta-glucan: Reduce Cholesterol

Benefits of beta-glucan: Reduce Cholesterol

βœ… Beta-glucan helps to significantly reduce bad cholesterol (LDL) but also significantly improves good cholesterol (HDL). Thereby, lowering atherosclerosis while reducing the risk of cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke.
βœ… The authors of the report have determined that oat-derived beta-glucan can significantly lower total and LDL (“bad”) cholesterol levels. On average, the authors noted, daily oat consumption was associated with a 5% and 7% reduction in total cholesterol and LDL, respectively. A 2014 meta-analysis found similar results, when using at least 3 grams of beta-glucan per day and found it reduced total and LDL cholesterol, but did not affect HDL cholesterol levels or triglycerides.

1.4 Benefits of beta-glucan: Reduce blood sugar after eating

Benefits of beta-glucan: Reduce blood sugar after eating

βœ… Supplementation with Ξ²-glucan may reduce the postprandial glycemic index while maintaining palatability. In a 50g carbohydrate portion, every Ξ²-glucan lowers blood sugar intake by 4 units, making it a useful supplement to reduce postprandial hyperglycemia. However, a 2014 literature review confirmed these findings but noted that beta-glucan alone is not enough to achieve a normal glycemic index in diabetics, and it should be used as an adjunct to standard treatment.

1.5 Benefits of beta-glucan: Wound healing and infection prevention

Benefits of beta-glucan: Wound healing and infection prevention

βœ… One of the uses of Beta-glucan is for wound healing. The reason is that beta-glucan stimulates macrophage activity, in which macrophages play an important role in wound healing. Since then the patient quickly healed scars. Minimize the possibility of serious infection. Therefore, patients with cancer of the immune system are very weak, often encounter infections, infections should use beta-glucan to prevent and keep the immune system healthy.
βœ… In 1990, Alpha – Beta Technologies conducted a trial on the anti-infection ability of Beta Glucan in 34 randomized patients. The results showed that the beta-glucan group showed fewer signs of wound infection than the other group.

2. Foods that contain Beta-glucan

βœ… One of the common sources of beta-glucan in nature is yeast cells. The main material extracted from the yeast cell wall (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) has a very high Beta-glucan content. Apart from yeast, the bran husks of nuts such as oats, barley, rye, and wheat also contain beta-glucan. Seaweed, Ganoderma, some other mushrooms also contain Beta-glucan.

3. Notes when using Beta-glucan

  • Although beta-glucan is generally considered safe, there are some concerns that it may lower blood sugar. Therefore, people with hypoglycemia or anyone taking medication to lower blood sugar should consult their doctor before using beta-glucan.
  • Like all fiber, beta-glucan can cause stomach pain, bloating if taken in larger doses than a normal dose. Side effects will fade over time.
  • Pregnant, breast-feeding women and children can use beta-glucan but should consult a doctor.

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