5 Natural remedies for fever at home for children


Fever is a common condition in young children, this is the body’s response to environmental changes or when they have health problems. In many cases, the use of antipyretics is not a priority, especially drugs that have unwanted effects when used. Here are 5 Natural remedies for fever at home for children.

1. Causes of fever in children

A child may have a fever for a variety of reasons:

  • Fever is the way your body responds to killing bacteria by stimulating natural defense mechanisms, which can be a sign of a number of illnesses such as colds, pneumonia, dengue fever, gastritis, Ear, lung, skin, throat, bladder, kidney infections …
  • The child has a fever after vaccination.
  • Teething can also increase a child’s temperature.
  • Side effects of some medications.

Fever can be a warning for a serious illness, so reducing your child’s fever must be accompanied by understanding the immediate cause of a fever.

The benefits and dangers of fever to the body

  • Fever’s effect: Fever is considered a defensive reaction of the body. Fever is often a symptom of infections. When you have a fever, your body’s immune response increases, which increases its immune response and kills pathogens. Therefore, antipyretic drugs will reduce the body’s immune response, especially after vaccination. Moreover, the use of antipyretics may mask symptoms of infection or other serious illnesses.
  • The dangers of fever: High fever increases the reaction of shocking hypersensitivity, increases the destruction process, reduces zinc and iron in the blood. In addition, fever causes dehydration, electrolyte disorders, which can cause seizures. People with high fever may also suffer from other nerve damage such as delirium, confusion, loss of appetite, exhaustion, heart failure, respiratory failure…

2. Manifestations when the child has a fever

  • Baby body temperature is higher than 37.5C.
  • Sweat.
  • Babies cry, or easily irritable.
  • Tired, drowsy.
  • Rapidly breath.
  • Anorexia.
  • Sleepless.

3. 5 Natural remedies for fever at home for children

When a child has a fever, you can apply quick ways to reduce fever for children at home and monitor the health status of children before taking them to the hospital. You can refer to the following ways:

3.1 Natural remedies for fever: Drink plenty of water

Natural remedies for fever: Drink plenty of water

The easiest way to reduce fever is to give your child plenty of fluids. In the case of fever, an increase in body temperature causes dehydration for children. Try to encourage your child to add more fluids such as juice, soup, porridge, water, and milk. All have the effect of supplementing the water and additional nutrients for children. In addition, parents can also give babies rehydration and oral electrolyte preparations such as Oresol.

3.2 Natural remedies for fever: Wipe the child with warm water

Natural remedies for fever: Wipe the child with warm water

✅ Wiping babies with warm water instead of bathing directly is a quick and safe way to reduce fever. Wiping not only lowers body temperature but also helps your baby feel more comfortable. Warm water will evaporate, dilating blood vessels to help cool the body. Continue to do so until your child’s temperature drops to normal (37 ° C).

✅ You can also apply a wet washcloth to the large blood vessels of the body, in order to allow the high temperatures in the bloodstream to flow contact the wet towel at a lower temperature, thereby reducing fever. The large blood vessels of the body in the positions are 2 sides of the neck, 2 sides of the armpits, 2 sides of the groin, so these are the most suitable places to apply wet towels, rather than often putting towels on the forehead like many people still often do. Do not use a towel too cold because applying ice will shrink the pores, reducing the ability of the skin to release heat.

3.3 Natural remedies for fever: Use vitamin C

Natural remedies for fever: Use vitamin C

✅ Vitamin C helps children increase resistance against pathogens. Adding vitamin C to children through daily diet with foods and drinks from fruits rich in vitamin C such as grapefruit, oranges, tangerines … will help children reduce fever quickly. In addition, fruits such as grapes, watermelon, dragon fruit … chilled also provides water to help calm the body.

3.4 Natural remedies for fever: Use essential oils

Natural remedies for fever: Use essential oils

One way to reduce fever is quite effective but few people know it is to use massage oils. This is a great way to lower fever naturally by lowering body temperature. The active ingredients in peppermint, ginger, and cinnamon bark have the ability to warm the circulatory system and cause perspiration. This in part helps the body reduce heat. Dilute the essential oil with a base oil and massage all over your baby’s body, paying attention to special areas such as the back of the neck and the heel.

3.5 Natural remedies for fever: Use antipyretics

Natural remedies for fever: Use antipyretics

You should give your child fever-reducing medicine when he or she has a fever above 39 ° C. Because when a child has a fever up to this temperature, it is easy to have convulsions and coma. Paracetamol is available as a single package, or syrup is a safe, easy-to-use, quick-acting antipyretic, usually with a fever-reducing effect after 30 minutes of use and lasts 4-6 hours with minimal effect side effects. Note that you must adjust the dose according to the instructions for use. Another thing is that paracetamol has many different trade names, you must be careful not to overdose for children.

4. Recommended for you :

🎁 Use fever-reducing patches on children properly

✅ Basically, there are two ways to reduce fever: taking fever-reducing medicines or using cooling treatments from outside the body. The cooling outside the body to reduce fever for babies by wiping their body with warm water, putting warm towels on children’s forehead, groin, armpits. In addition, using fever-reducing patches is also a simple, quick solution to help reduce heat for your baby. The obvious benefits of fever-reducing patches :

  • Steam evaporation mechanism helps reduce fever: Antipyretic patches often contain hydrogel body water to help cool naturally. Applying fever-reducing patches for children helps to evaporate steam from the body according to the diffusion mechanism.
  • Convenient to use: parents only need to peel off the shell, stick the patch on the child’s forehead.
  • Avoid abuse of antipyretics: For infants or children who have difficulty taking medicine, it is very difficult for children to take enough antipyretic drugs. Especially many children have nausea, vomiting when taking the drug to lose the effect of the drug. At that time, parents apply fever-reducing stickers for children is a reasonable option to reduce heat.
  • Antipyretic patches for infants: The antipyretic patches are most likely to be used for babies because they contain safe, benign, hypoallergenic, and skin-friendly ingredients.
  • Cooling for a long time: Different from the effect of antipyretic drugs in about 5 hours, the antipyretic patches can cool for long periods, up to 10 hours.

However, in some cases, you should consider using fever-reducing patches for children :

✅ Children with pneumonia should never use fever-reducing patches. Due to the use of fever-reducing patches, the child’s respiratory system is further compromised by more activity, making it difficult to treat.
✅ For children with a fever higher than 38.5 °C, they should use fever-reducing medicine or see a doctor, not just use fever-reducing patches to treat at home. Because if children have a high fever for a long time can cause seizures, there is a possibility of brain complications for children.

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