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Ziziphus jujuba is native to North Africa and Syria but has moved eastward, via India to China, the two regions it has been growing for over 4,000 years. According to traditional Chinese medicine, Ziziphus jujuba has many health benefits like is used for poorly digested people, eat little, inadequate blood flow, heart palpitations… Fruit extract of some Ziziphus is available in tonic form dietary supplements. Today, Ziziphus extract has been used to support the treatment of depression, diabetes, and cancer.

1. The active ingredient in Ziziphus

✅ Ziziphus is rich in fiber, vitamin C, riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamine (vitamin B1), Niacin (vitamin B3), and other vitamins. In addition, there are 36 more trace elements such as catechol, tannin, 13 types of amino acids and calcium, phosphorus, iron. In particular, the polysaccharide is one of the richest components of apples and represents a group of bioactive components that contribute to sedative, liver, antioxidant, immune boost and anti-inflammatory effect of Ziziphus.

2. Top 3 Ziziphus jujuba health benefits

2.1 Ziziphus jujuba health benefits: Good for the brain

Ziziphus jujuba health benefits: Good for the brain

✅ Jujubes are widely used in alternative medicine to improve sleep quality and brain function. Studies have shown that compounds extracted from Ziziphus jujuba may have a sedative effect. In fact, Oriental medicine uses the whole Ziziphus to treat insomnia. Today Jujubes is widely used in alternative medicine to improve sleep quality and brain function. Emerging research shows their unique antioxidants may be responsible for these effects. In addition, Jujubes are often prescribed by alternative medicine doctors to reduce anxiety.
✅ What’s more, animal and test-tube studies indicate that this herb can improve memory and help protect brain cells from damage by nerve-damaging compounds. Research in mice even shows that Ziziphus extract may help treat Alzheimer’s dementia.

2.2 Ziziphus jujuba health benefits: Antioxidant

Ziziphus jujuba health benefits: Antioxidant

✅ Jujubes are rich in several antioxidant compounds, mainly vitamin C, flavonoids, polysaccharides, and triterpenic acid. They also contain high levels of vitamin C, which acts as an antioxidant. Antioxidants are compounds that can prevent and reverse the damage caused by excess free radicals. Free radical damage is thought to be a major cause of several chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.
Good for the skin: Ziziphus’s powerful antioxidant helps prevent the growth of skin cancer cells, makes them unable to grow and spread, and stimulates the body to increase collagen production, and helps skin always firm, youthful, prevent wrinkles.
Cancer prevention: Jujubes can boost immunity and fight the growth of cancer cells. Jujubes’ polysaccharide, a natural sugar with antioxidant properties, can combat free radicals, neutralize harmful cells and reduce inflammation. In addition, vitamin C and some other antioxidants in Jujubes also help eliminate free angles, prevent cancer formation effectively. Another study showed that lignin – a fiber with antioxidant properties, promotes immune cell production, and speeds up these cells to neutralize harmful compounds. However, most of these studies have been done in animals or in vitro, so more studies in humans are needed before a firm conclusion can be made about Ziziphus.

2.3 Ziziphus jujuba health benefits: Improve digestion

Ziziphus jujuba health benefits: Improve digestion

✅ About 50% of the carbs in fruit come from fiber, which is known for its beneficial digestive effects that help regulate bowel movements and digestion. This nutrient helps soften and add large amounts to your stool. As a result, it speeds up the movement of food through your digestive tract and reduces constipation. In addition, the fiber in jujube can act as food for your beneficial gut bacteria, allowing them to grow and maintain the balance of intestinal microflora.
✅ Furthermore, jujube extract can help strengthen your stomach and intestinal mucosa, reducing the risk of damage from ulcers, trauma, and harmful bacteria that can reside in your gut. In one study, jujube polysaccharide extract strengthened the intestinal mucosa of rats with colitis, helping to improve their digestive symptoms.

3. Notes when using Ziziphus

Ziziphus is relatively safe when used as Chinese medicine or as a supplement, but there are a few issues to keep in mind :

  • Ziziphus may interact with a number of medications including diabetes medication, sedatives. If you are currently taking these medications, talk to your doctor.
  • Pregnant women, nursing mothers, children should consult a doctor before use.

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