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Use Panax notoginseng reasonably

Panax notoginseng is a flowering plant in the ginseng family. Ginseng is one of the most valuable medicines with many effects and any effect is very reliable. In fact, in every aspect, this herb is as good as ginseng, but there are some aspects that ginseng can’t have. Typically hemostatic, Panax notoginseng’s effect is considered to be the most precious drug mentioned first. However, the use of Panax notoginseng also requires special attention.

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1. The active ingredient in Panax notoginseng

Scientists discovered that Panax notoginseng contains Saponin – an important substance to help reduce swelling, reduce pain, saponins help the body fight inflammation, fight cell oxidation, prevent cancer. Flavonoids are ingredients in Panax notoginseng, which are antioxidants, help remove free radicals from the body, enhance resistance, slow down the aging process of cells. In addition, this herb also contains elements such as Fe, Ca, … have the ability to stop bleeding, blood tonic, and many other effects.

2. The effects of Panax notoginseng

2.1 Ability to heal and stop bleeding

Panax notoginseng is hot and contains Dencichin which has the ability to stop bleeding and heal wounds very well. So if you have an open wound, you can use the root of this herb soaked wine to wash the wound and help stop bleeding very well. Panax notoginseng powder has a similar effect in helping to stop bleeding. In addition, thanks to the effect of hemostasis, blood drainage, swollen pepper should be used in cases of bleeding due to trauma (including internal organs), stasis blood (due to surgery, soft bruising shock), … Panax notoginseng tuber if used properly will help strengthen the body’s iron, helping to reduce the anemia encountered when the body is weakened or blood loss.

2.2 Help blood circulation better

The Saponin in the Panax notoginseng root also works to reduce the congestion of the body, making blood circulation better. Thereby helping the body prevent diseases of blood pressure, stroke, and heart disease. In addition, saponins also significantly reduce the amount of cholesterol in the blood, helping you to significantly reduce the risk of stroke, chest pain may occur with the body.

2.3 Menstrual conditioning

Using powder of this herb will help treat irregular women’s periods. The active ingredient in this herb has the same effect as the hormone that regulates the lower genital axis- the ovaries, thereby regulating the menstrual cycle. Dencichin has a good ability to stop bleeding will help you not to have dysmenorrhea during menstruation.

2.4 Good for postpartum women


Postpartum women often suffer from depression, fatigue, bone and joint pain, blood pressure, etc. The use of this herb will help stop these problems because it contains Saponin Rg which has the effect of increasing excitement nerves, help you relax, dispel the fatigue, thereby limiting the risk of depression. This Saponin Rg component also has the ability to stop bleeding, helps to overcome the bleeding situation effectively. Panax notoginseng root can provide the body’s ability to absorb iron, when stewed with food will be extremely nutritious, overcome anemia after birth in women.

3. Who should not use Panax notoginseng ?

  • People with diarrhea should not use Panax notoginseng because it can make the condition worse.
  • Women who are menstruating should not use this herb because it has a blood-activating effect that can cause heavy menstrual periods.
  • People with colds should also not use it because it can make the cold worse.
  •   Pregnant women absolutely should not use Panax notoginseng arbitrarily, because it has a blood-activating effect that can adversely affect the fetus.
  • People with low blood pressure should not use it.
  • Be careful when children use, it is best to consult with your doctor before use.

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