4 Motherwort benefits | The special medicine for women


Motherwort (Leonurus cardiaca) is an herb in the mint family. It originated from central Eurasia, then spread to North America, both as a garden plant and as an invasive weed. The use of the mother plant’s medicine dates back to ancient Greece, it was used as a remedy for women. Motherwort health benefits include an effect on blood circulation, regulating menstruation… However, not all women can use it, in some cases can dangerous. You should read the following article to make the best use of this herbal extract safely.

1. The active ingredient in Motherwort

Motherwort contains leonurin, atachydrin, leonuridin. The seeds of the plant contain leonurin. Medicine has found that the active ingredients of the sample have effects on the uterus, blood pressure, cardiovascular, nervous system, antibiotics for some bacteria, also works for nephritis.

2. 4 Motherwort benefits

2.1 Motherwort benefits: Effect on women diseases

✅ Motherwort  extract may contain only one ingredient, or it may incorporate mugwort on women with menstrual disorders and dysmenorrhea:

  • Irregular menstruation (including long, short, or irregular menstrual periods).
  • Really relieves pain in dysmenorrhea and regulates the menstrual cycle, makes menstruation.
  • Mildly lower blood pressure and reduce heart rate in premenopausal women, reduce unpleasant menstrual symptoms such as feeling hot, headaches, irritability …
Motherwort benefits: Effect on women diseases

Motherwort extract is a safe medicine, but you should not overdose and not used it for a long time. If you do not see your situation improved after taking medicine for a long time, you should go to the hospital to look for a specific cause.

2.2 Motherwort benefits: Antioxidant

Motherwort benefits: Antioxidant

✅ Motherwort contains many plant compounds that have antioxidant properties, including flavonoids, sterols, triterpene, and tannins. They help protect your cells from damage by reactive molecules called free radicals. Free radicals present in large quantities can lead to oxidative stress related to a number of chronic diseases including heart disease and cancer. Research shows that antioxidants can help protect the body against a number of diseases, including cancer, arthritis, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and Parkinson’s.

2.3 Motherwort benefits: Good for the cardiovascular system

Motherwort benefits: Good for the cardiovascular system

✅ In folk medicine, Motherwort is used to reduce fast or uneven heartbeats due to stress or anxiety. In test-tube and animal studies, Motherwort extract showed anti-arrhythmic effects and reduced heart rate.
✅ A study from 2012 using mouse cells found that leonurine acts as a very weak calcium channel blocker, a drug that leads to lower blood pressure. Another study found that the antioxidants in Motherwort (ursolic acid, leonurine, and flavonoids) may help protect the heart from damage. Despite limited research, several European countries have approved the use of Motherwort to support cardiovascular health and help treat hyperthyroidism, stress, and anxiety.

2.4 Motherwort benefits: Alleviate anxiety and depression

Motherwort benefits: Alleviate anxiety and depression

✅ Despite the limited scope of the study, taking a daily extract of peppermint or leonurine daily for up to 4 weeks is believed to reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression after. A small study published in Phyt Does a 2011 study included 50 people with high blood pressure and related psychological problems (such as anxiety). After 28 days of treatment with Motherwort, 32 percent of the participants showed significant improvement in symptoms of anxiety and depression, while 48 percent of the participants showed moderate improvement.

3. Cases should not use Motherwort  extract

✅ Women with hemorrhage or menorrhagia should not use Motherwort extract. Because of this, Motherwort extract is an active blood medicine, helps to break down congested blood and produce new blood. Therefore, if you have heavy periods, the condition will get worse.


✅ People with infertility, women who want to be pregnant, and pregnant are not allowed to use because Motherwort extract contains contraceptive active ingredients and causes uterine contractions and abortion. Motherwort extract is not an abortion drug and should not be used in high doses for abortion purposes because it will be dangerous for both the fetus and the pregnant woman, even causing death. In addition, people with hypotension should not take Motherwort extract.
✅ Mother In addition Motherwort has the ability to affect heart rate. People taking medications for heart rates, such as beta-blockers and people with low blood pressure, should consult their doctor before using this herb. Moreover, this herb has been shown to interact with warfarin to thin the blood, so use with caution.

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