Top Detox Familiar Herbs

Barley Grass – The nutrient storehouse

Barleygrass is a gluten-free superfood rich in digestive enzymes, probiotics and prebiotic fiber, essential amino acids, dense concentrations of minerals, vitamins, and a powerful antioxidant (superoxide dismutase). Barley grass supports digestion and detox. It has an affinity with the blood, being rich in chlorophyll, the ” blood of plants “.

Beet Root – Blood tonic


Known for its affinity with liver and blood, beetroot gives strong support to detox activity via the stomach, liver, and bile duct, supporting blood purification and bowel regulating mechanisms in the body. Betaine in beetroot supports stomach acid production, normal cholesterol levels, and a healthy liver.

Black Walnut Hulls – Pathogen remover


A valuable cleansing herb in a short-term intensive detox. Black walnut hulls support bowel regularity and elimination of most common pathogens from the intestines and other tissues. A great tonic for the digestive tract, gallbladder, and spleen.

Burdock Root – Blood cleanser


A key ingredient in the Canadian herb formula Essiac was given to Rene Caisse by the Ojibway Indians. This nutritive herb is a powerful liver and skin tonic that supports the body to cleanse from the inside out, eliminating toxic and acidic overload. Its purifying action supports blood cleansing and healthy skin.

Cinnamon – Weight manager


A warming digestive stimulant with thermogenic action, cinnamon also supports stable blood sugar and healthy glucose metabolism. Its antiseptic aromatic oils support the body to eliminate pathogens. It soothes discomfort from intestinal gas, supporting stomach emptying and peristalsis.

Coriander Leaf – Heavy metal chelator

This culinary herb supports the chelation and removal of numerous heavy metals from the body, including mercury, aluminum, and lead. With strong antioxidant and antiseptic properties, coriander leaf (cilantro) is one of the best detox and digestive herbs available.

Dandelion Root – Liver tonic

This is one of the best liver and gallbladder tonics, supporting fat metabolism and blood detoxification. Containing all the nutrients needed to nourish and restore healthy blood and pH balance via the liver, bile flow, pancreas, and spleen. Dandelion’s actions are energizing and grounding.

Fennel Seed – Aromatic protector

Fennel supports fat metabolism in the liver and the flushing of pathogenic toxins via kidneys, with strong antioxidant protection against free radical damage. Aromatic oils support calming muscle relaxation and bowel tone if flatulence and bloating occur.

Ginger Root – Ayurvedic activator

This warming circulatory tonic herb supports fatty tissue detox and is a catalyst for the action of other herbs. Ginger is gastro-protective and carminative for digestive ease and bowel regularity, and antioxidant-rich for cell protection from free radicals.

Kelp – Oceanic superfood


This marine superfood provides all the minerals needed to maintain health, plus alginate to prevent absorption of toxic heavy metals.

Lemon Peel – Prebiotic alkaliser

High vitamin C benefits immune health, supporting lymph glands to detoxify. It supports alkalinity, liver detoxification pathways, healthy cholesterol, and fat metabolism. Lemon peel is naturally fluid-balancing with prebiotic fiber for healthy bowel action. Pectin supports sugar metabolism for healthy weight management.

Licorice Root – Glycaemic balancer

Adding natural sweetness to the mix, this great liver protective and adrenal tonic supports sugar regulation and helps manage cravings. It supports healthy bile flow, blood detox, and bowel regularity while soothing GI tract membranes and supporting healthy gut flora to thrive in the colon.

Marshmallow – Soothing demulcent


A soothing and protective mucilaginous herb, marshmallow has a cooling and moistening action on mucous membranes while strengthening bowel action. Tonic and nutritive properties support digestive health and effective bowel elimination of released toxins. A naturally soothing herb that supports trouble-free detox.

Peppermint – Gas remover


Its carminative properties, similar to ginger and fennel, take the ‘gas’ out of the gastrointestinal tract. Peppermint supports stomach emptying and tones the colon while supporting the detox effect of each herb via capillary dilation. Helps minimize any unpleasant symptoms of detox.

Rosemary – Head clearer

This is a nutrient-rich digestive tonic and calming, liver-protective herb that supports healthy bile flow from the gallbladder. Rosemary helps clear the head and supports blood cleansing while detoxing. A key antioxidant, rosmarinic acid supports normal cell expression as well as gastrointestinal health.

Wormwood – Bitter tonic

This is one of the best bitter tonics for nourishing a protective internal environment in the body against harmful organisms. Aptly named, wormwood’s stomach and liver-toning, bowel regularity, and nervine actions make it a wonderful tonic for digestive health.

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