Symphony and health


Symphony (Classical music) helps people feel loved life, closer together, and bring physiological balance. In addition to improving enjoyment, few people understand that music can be used to treat some common ailments. Currently, many studies have demonstrated the effects of the symphony on health. Listening to the regular symphony in your free time, after work, or during pregnancy will help you reduce stress, sleep well, and keep your brain functioning properly.

Benefits of Symphony

1. Help the brain better

✅ In the brain there is a very sensitive area of ​​music, they are responsible for receiving the timbre from the music that humans hear. When exposed to music with appropriate timbre, this part of the brain is more active, which leads to the recovery of other functional areas in the brain. Therefore, when listening to this type of music, the brain is transmitted strong stimulating waves, like brainpower waves and it helps the brain to operate effectively. Many studies show that the speed of brain activity and many other activities of children listening to Mozart music becomes faster, more active than usual.
✅ Studies show that music can help Alzheimer patients regain memories and improve their quality of life spectacularly. This is because music affects many parts of the brain, it can revive parts of the brain unaffected by dementia.

2. Symphony help you sleep better

✅Classical music has a positive effect on sleep quality. This is because classical music has the right frequency for sleeping brain waves, which helps relax the body and mind before going to sleep. One study showed that people who have a habit of listening to classical music 45 minutes before bed will sleep better than those who listen to audiobooks or do not hear anything. So to improve the quality of sleep, try listening to some symphonies with gentle sounds like Bach or Mozart will feel easier to fall asleep.

3. Symphony helps relieve pain

✅Music is not only soothing to the soul but also a cure for physical pain. Listening to the music you like will help you reduce pain effectively. Many studies show that listening to music can reduce postoperative pain and chronic pain.

4. Helps stabilize blood pressure

✅Do you know the frequency of the music you hear affects your heart rate and blood pressure? While classical music syncs with the body’s natural rhythms and helps keep blood pressure at optimal levels, the pop and rap genre can cause blood pressure to skyrocket. Today doctors say music can enhance the function of the neural network, slow down the heartbeat, lower blood pressure. It also provides stress relief therapy for surgery, heart attack, or stroke patients.

5. Positive impact on mother and baby


Stimulate fetal brain development
According to research, even in the womb, listening to music can help improve children’s intelligence, creativity, and ability to express emotions. Especially at the start of the 3rd month of pregnancy, the fetus’s central nervous system and senses are especially sensitive to stimuli.

The emotional connection between mother and baby
Listening to melodious and gentle melodies every day is a simple way to connect the affection of two children.

Reduce stress for pregnant mothers
During pregnancy, feeling jittery, anxious makes pregnant women stressed. At such times, a soothing song can ease the mood and also help pregnant mothers sleep better.

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