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3 Sophora japonica benefits | Herb help to stabilize your blood pressure


Herbal hypertension treatment is highly effective and safe, especially for high blood pressure, which must be treated for a long time. Sophora japonica is one of the most commonly used herbs. The effect of Sophora japonica is due to its important ingredient Rutin. 3 Sophora Japonica Health Benefits include Increases endurance of blood vessels, Improve cardiovascular system, and Anti-cancer. Let’s find out.

1. The components of Sophora japonica

✅ In sophora japonica contains rutin which enhances the endurance of blood vessels. Rutin in sophora japonica helps stabilize and lower blood pressure, prevent stroke, people often use flower buds to make medicine. Rutin content in flower buds is very high (6-30% rutin). Blooming flowers will contain lower rutin content so the quality of medicinal materials will also decrease. After harvesting flower buds, it is conducted to dry. Sophora japonica dry scent is very gentle, pleasant.

2. 3 Sophora japonica benefits

2.1 Sophora japonica benefits: Increases endurance of blood vessels

Sophora japonica benefits: Increases endurance of blood vessels

✅ Rutin in sophora japonica has the effect of stabilizing capillary walls, reducing capillary permeability. In addition, rutin is used to increase the stability of red blood cells, so rutin is mainly used to prevent atherosclerotic events or in cases of impaired venous. So sophora japonica tea is used to control bleeding phenomena: epistaxis, hemoptysis, uterine bleeding, urinary bleeding.
✅ In addition to using sophora japonica, you can use supplements that contain rutin components independently or in combination with vitamin C because Rutin helps the body support the absorption of vitamin C, helps increase the activity of vitamin C, supports Support blood circulation, increase vascular endurance.

2.2 Sophora japonica benefits: Improve the cardiovascular system

Sophora japonica benefits: Improve the cardiovascular system

✅ Sophora japonica is used to reduce blood cholesterol in the liver and artery gates. Moreover, Sophora japonica relaxes coronary arteries. Therefore, used to prevent atherosclerosis and complications of heart attack, stroke. It is also used for people recovering from a stroke and other hemorrhagic illnesses by strengthening and rebuilding damaged blood vessels. Therefore, the provision and supplement of rutin to prevent cardiovascular complications are essential.

2.3 Sophora japonica benefits: Anti-cancer

Sophora japonica benefits: Anti-cancer

✅ Oxidation of the skin is the process by which free radicals in the body look for healthy cells to bind and damage them, then react and create more free radicals. The proliferation of free radicals in the body causes a chain-destroying chain reaction, which damages the DNA of cells throughout the body, especially causing cancer. Rutin is a quercetin glycoside, belonging to the bioflavonoid family (plant pigment), known for its strong antioxidant properties. Rutin will quickly bind to free radicals before they destroy cells, thereby neutralizing free radicals, blocking and slowing down oxidation. For leukemia, colon cancer, rectal cancer, metastatic lung cancer, or liver cancer … studies have shown rutin has a cancer cytotoxic effect, significantly reducing the size of tumor size and metastases reduction, etc. Moreover, rutin is the main active substance of sophora japonica, accounting for 20% or more. Therefore, it is possible to see the potential of sophora japonica in cancer treatment.

3. How to make sophora japonica tea?


✅ Sophora japonica tea is a popular drink because of its taste and effects. Flower buds after being collected are pale yellow with a very characteristic aroma. First, remember to rinse with clean boiling water and then pour this water away. Next, put boiling water in the teapot, cover for 5-7 minutes, you can enjoy it. Take it daily for the best cardiovascular health.

4. Notes when using Rutin

When using sophora japonica tea or supplements containing rutin, you should note the following :

  • Rutin may be safe when taken in small amounts for a short period of time. However, you may still experience some cases such as headaches, flushing, rash, or stomach pain.
  • If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, you should only take the medication as recommended by your doctor.

5. Recommended for you :

🎁 The main activity in sophora japonica is Rutin. Rutin is a substance with many health effects, especially for the circulatory system, including:

  • Heart Healthy: Studies show that rutin benefits heart health by lowering cholesterol, promoting healthy circulation, and reducing the risk of hardened arteries.
  • Antioxidant: Rutin functions as an antioxidant, protecting the body from harmful free radicals that lead to signs of aging and disease.
  • Relieves Joint Pain: Rutin may help ease joint pain, swelling, and stiffness in those with arthritis and other inflammatory joint conditions.

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