Top skullcap health benefits


Skullcap, named after its shape resembles a medieval helmet. In the summer, small, blue flowers appear as a helmet- or cap-like shape. Skullcap is an herb used by medicine in many parts of the world with many health benefits. Skullcap is rich in nutrients including antioxidants called flavones that reduce the effects of oxidative stress on various tissues in the body. Chinese doctors are known to have used tree roots, called Huang qin, for antibacterial purposes, as a diuretic, antispasmodic, and to help with bile circulation. And in Nepal, plants are used as a folk remedy for the common cold, cuts, and stings of insects. The Iroquois used it to keep the throat clear and healthy, and it was used to cause vision like a ritual tree sucked by some Native Americans.

1. The active ingredient in Skullcap

βœ… Skullcap contains many different natural compounds including amino acids, essential oils, flavonoids, phenylethanoids, and sterols. In particular, its root alone contains more than thirty types of flavonoids, which can be mentioned are baicalin, baicalein, chrysin, oroxylin A, oroxylin A 7-O-glucuronide, wogonin, and wogonoside. In particular, baicalin, baicalein, wogonin, and wogonoside are the main biologically active ingredients in Skullcap root extract with many therapeutic effects.

2. Top skullcap health benefits

2.1 Skullcap health benefits: Anti-inflammatory

Skullcap health benefits: Anti-inflammatory

βœ… Skullcap is one of the leading herbs used in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The roots of this herb contain flavonoid baicalin that has antioxidant, anti-inflammatory effects that maintain healthy joints. Many people with arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases are known to use skullcap as a home remedy.

2.2 Skullcap health benefits: Help prevent cancer

Skullcap health benefits: Help prevent cancer

βœ… Research shows that Skullcap extract is toxic to cancer cells, such as brain tumor cells, prostate cancer cells. It is believed that some flavones, such as baicalein, are antioxidants in plants, which eliminate the free radicals in the body responsible for the anti-cancer effects. A study published in the International Journal of Molecular Medicine investigated the effect of skullcap extract on fibrosis (a highly metastatic cancer of connective tissue) and found that Anti-cancer points may occur.
βœ… The compounds found in the skull may help slow the growth of prostate cancer tumors, suggests a 2005 study in mice. Skullcap is a component of the PC-SPES herbal formula, and several laboratory and animal studies suggest that PC-SPES may inhibit the growth of prostate cancer cells.

2.3 Skullcap health benefits: Good for the nervous system

Skullcap health benefits: Good for the nervous system

βœ… Oxidative stress affects a number of brain-related diseases, such as anxiety, Alzheimer’s disease, depression, and Parkinson’s disease, but research indicates that the bioactive compounds present in Skullcap can be neutralized and even remove harmful free radicals. When this happens, oxidative stress is greatly reduced. Nerves for anxiety may work because of their ability to provide significant antioxidant effects, which can make it a great option for reducing anxiety. For more than two centuries, the skullcap has been used by both Americans and Europeans as a neurological tonic to help treat anxiety.
βœ… In a 2008 study on mice, scientists discovered that Oroxylin A (an antioxidant found in the skullcap root) may help protect against amyloid-beta memory loss, a substance that forms Brain plaques related to Alzheimer’s disease.
βœ… Published in 2008, a study in mice showed that baicalein (an antioxidant derived from the skull) may help protect nerve cells from damage related to Parkinson’s disease (a condition that chronic tremor, limb stiffness and weakness, balance, and coordination, and slow-motion).

2.4 Skullcap health benefits: Other benefits

Skullcap health benefits: Reducing the risk of heart disease
  • Reducing the risk of heart disease: A recent study aimed at investigating the protective effects of baicalein, derived from the cranial roots, suggests that plants may help protect heart health. Overall, the study revealed the protective effects of baicalein, providing evidence that this herb can prevent some heart conditions, such as myocardial infarction.
  • Antipyretic, antibacterial: According to a 2014 study by the Korea Food Research Institute, Skullcap can help reduce fever. Skullcap has the ability to inhibit many types of bacteria. These include staphylococcal bacteria, pneumococcal bacteria, diphtheria bacilli …

3. The note when using Skullcap

When using Skullcap extract or supplements, you should note the following:

  • Skullcap is said to be safe for use by adults. Side effects are minimal and may include drowsiness.
  • Skullcap should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding.
  • People with diabetes should not take skullcap and diabetes medications without consulting a doctor because it can lower blood sugar, increasing the risk of hypoglycemia.

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🎁 Herb Pharm Certified Organic Skullcap Liquid Extract 

βœ… Herb Pharm Certified-Organic Skullcap extract works with the body’s natural mechanisms to support the nervous system. Herb Pharm prepares Skullcap extract from fresh (never dried) Scutellaria lateriflora plants which are Certified Organically Grown on our own farm. To assure optimal extraction of Skullcap’s bioactive compounds, the plants are hand-harvested while in full flower and are then taken directly to our laboratory and promptly extracted while still fresh and succulent. Skullcap is bitter and vegetal in flavor. It may be added to water or other liquid for taste and is easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Directions: SHAKE WELL BEFORE USING Two to five times per day take 30 to 40 drops in a little water.

🎁 Nature’s Way Scullcap Herb, 850 mg per serving

βœ… Nature’s Way is the preeminent brand of quality dietary supplements with over 1,000 product offerings. They have been at the forefront of the herbal health industry. An early leader in educating consumers and retailers on the effectiveness and safety of herbal supplements, they have always supported legislative efforts that help protect health freedoms, and are constantly striving to promote better health through the power of nature. Scullcap (Scutellaria lateriflora) herb is commonly used in traditional nighttime rest formulas. Recommendation: As an addition to the daily diet, take 2 to 6 capsules as needed.

🎁 Organic Skull Cap Tea

βœ… Buddha Teas is the leading organic tea company for single herb teas. All teas are certified organic and they only use bleach-free tea bags.
βœ… One of the most important benefits of a skullcap includes its ability to reduce anxiety. This delightfully smooth, malty tasting tea provides those seeking a relaxing cup the perfect option for sippingβ€”day, or night. Known by the botanical name Scutellaria, skullcap is a member of the mint family. Its refreshing and cool flavor is sure to impress. To make a soothing cup of Skullcap Tea, bring one cup of fresh water to a boil. Cover and steep for 3 to 6 minutes, then remove the teabag and enjoy it!

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