5 Home remedy for stuffy nose


Stuffy nose is a condition we have encountered many times in our lives. It causes unpleasant things and lowers the quality of life. The disease can be caused by many causes, you should find and treat specific causes in parallel with the treatment of stuffy symptoms. Here is some simple home remedy for stuffy nose.

1. Cause of Stuffy nose

βœ… Stuffy nose is when mucus in the nose is too much, they cause the postnasal drip, mucus also flows back to the throat. This causes a sore, itchy throat, leading to sputum buildup in the throat. There are many causes of runny nose, stuffy nose, usually including:

  • Infections caused by sinusitis.
  • Influenza, the common cold caused by a viral infection.
  • Weather Allergy.
  • Using certain foods or medicines causes a certain reaction.
  • The drought environment sat many air conditioners …

If you often have a runny nose that leads to a stuffy nose, contact your doctor to find the exact cause and the most effective home remedy. If you have the following symptoms of congestion, you should see a doctor immediately:

  • Symptoms last more than 10 days.
  • Stuffy nose is accompanied by a high fever.
  • The discharge from the nose is yellow or cloudy with fever or sinus pain. This could be a sign that you have a bacterial infection.
  • You have pre-existing conditions that weaken your immune system, asthma, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
  • Seek immediate medical attention if a person has persistent nosebleeds or watery discharge after a head injury. This may be a sign of a CSF leak.

2. 5 Home remedy for stuffy nose

2.1 Home remedy for stuffy nose: Drink enough water

Home remedy for stuffy nose: Drink enough water

βœ… The thick mucus will make you feel uncomfortable and even breathless. Therefore, maintaining a sufficient amount of water for the body will thin the mucus and prevent clogging.

2.2 Home remedy for stuffy nose: Wash your nose often with saline 0.9%

Home remedy for stuffy nose: Wash your nose often with saline 0.9%

βœ… When a stuffy nose, use 0.9% physiological saline solution to wash 2 to 3 times a day, will clean the nasal passages and minimize congestion in the nose. The mucus will follow saline out, can thin the mucus, prevent nasal congestion, help the airway more open.

2.3 Home remedy for stuffy nose: Drink ginger tea

Home remedy for stuffy nose: Drink ginger tea

βœ… The pungency in ginger can be very effective in relieving nasal congestion and runny nose. It also has many health benefits especially in treating digestive problems. Moreover, ginger tea contains many vitamins C, amino acids, calcium, zinc, phosphorus … beneficial for the body fluid crown when stuffy nose often accompanied by a respiratory disease.

2.4 Home remedy for stuffy nose: Use garlic

Home remedy for stuffy nose: Use garlic

βœ… In garlic, allicin and scordinin are two substances that contain antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal agents, which help the body fight off pathogenic microorganisms. Garlic helps reduce inflammation and congestion, reduces mucus production, so your nose will be more open and reduce congestion. Garlic is high in vitamin C, several enzymes, selenium, sulfur, and other micronutrients that are beneficial to the immune system, helping the body fight off pathogens. The anti-inflammatory properties of garlic also help reduce the swelling and pain of the nose. You can use fresh garlic directly or garlic oil for convenience.

2.5 Home remedy for stuffy nose: Steam

Home remedy for stuffy nose: Steam

βœ… The steam with essential oils or natural leaves such as lemongrass, grapefruit leaves, basil, mint …will help you clear the nose and eliminate the fluid in the nasal passages. Maintain inhalation of the vapor until you feel the nasal discharge has drained.
βœ… Procedure: Take a bowl of boiling water, add some natural essential oils to relax more. You get a towel covering your head and a bowl of water. Do this 2-3 times daily until fully recovered.

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