Top Red Clover benefits | The herb reduces menopausal symptoms

Top Red-Clover-benefits-|-The-herb-reduces-menopausal-symptoms

Red Clover is a traditionally used herb of Russia and China, and flower tea is used to support respiratory-bronchial health. Today, it is used as an extract, in medicinal products. The vibrantly colored flowers of Red Clover contain many nutrients including calcium, chromium, magnesium, niacin, phosphorus, potassium, thiamine, and vitamin C. Red Clover is also a rich source of isoflavones with many benefits for women. These are compounds that act as phytoestrogen plant chemicals, similar to the female estrogen hormone. Isoflavone extract is marketed as a dietary supplement for high cholesterol and osteoporosis in addition to menopausal symptoms. It also has innumerable benefits for the skin and is good for the cardiovascular system.

1. Top Red Clover benefits

1.1 Red Clover benefits: Reduce menopausal symptoms

Red Clover benefits: Reduce menopausal symptoms

✅ For women, by the time of perimenopause, ovarian estrogen production decreases, making the body more vulnerable to estrogen deficiency. When this hormone is reduced, it will lead to hormonal imbalance and cause great effects on the body and mind of women such as hot flashes, mood swings, menstrual disorders, Night sweats, trouble sleeping, insomnia, decreased libido … Many years ago, estrogen was commonly used to support the treatment of symptoms of perimenopause and menopause. However, according to many studies, long-term use of estrogen therapy may increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer. So researchers have come up with an alternative, using plant-based phytoestrogens to balance hormones for women. Red clover contains isoflavones, a phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogens have the same chemical composition as estrogen, the female hormone is impaired at menopause.
✅ In one trial, women taking the red clover isoflavones to supplement compared to placebo, women taking this supplement reduced bone density significantly less than women taking the placebo. In another study, a small study reported in Gynecological Endocrinology showed that supplementing with red clover reduced menopausal symptoms and decreased triglyceride levels. For this reason, you can use Red Clover as an herbal tea or as a supplement to improve your menopause.

1.2 Red Clover other benefits

Red Clover benefits: Good for the cardiovascular system
  • Good for the cardiovascular system: Studies have shown that red clover is beneficial for heart health. It can raise good HDL cholesterol. Thereby helping to reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, increase blood circulation, while reducing cardiovascular complications such as stroke, heart attack.
  • Reducing cancer risk: Researchers have found that isoflavones seem to help prevent cancer cells from multiplying or growing. It can also cause apoptosis (the process of self-destruction of cancer cells). The types of cancer most likely to be affected when using this plant are those associated with hormonal changes, such as prostate, breast, and endometrial cancer.
  • Treatment of dermatitis: There is some evidence that isoflavones may be helpful in slowing the signs of aging on the skin. It also reduces various skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and various rashes. Studies over the past decades have shown red clover’s effects in combating inflammation, anti-ultraviolet rays, strengthening collagen, and wound healing. In older adults, it reduces the effects of skin aging due to estrogen deficiency and may help boost collagen production.

2. Notes when using Red Clover

When using Red clover in the form of herbal teas, extracts, or supplements, you should note the following:

  • Although red clover seems to be safe for short-term use. However, you may experience side effects such as rash, muscle aches, headache, nausea.
  • Red clover acts like estrogen and may interfere with the balance of important hormones during pregnancy or lactation. Therefore, do not use red clover during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • Large amounts of red clover can slow blood clotting. Red clover should be avoided together with medications that slow blood clotting like aspirin and warfarin because it can increase the risk of bruising and bleeding.
  • Large amounts of red clover may have the same effect as estrogen, but red clover is not as strong as estrogen pills. Taking red clover with estrogen pills may reduce the effects of estrogen pills.
  • Red clover can cause slow blood clotting, increasing the risk of bleeding during and after surgery. Stop using red clover at least 2 weeks before a scheduled surgery.

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✅ Nature’s Answer Alcohol-Free Red Clover Arial Parts Fluid Extract is a concentrated herbal extract made from Red Clover aerial parts, primarily the red flowers. It offers tremendous benefits of 2000 mg of dried plant per serving. Super Concentrated. Made from 2,000mg of dried herbs (1:1 dry herb equivalent), Red Clover Arial Parts Fluid Extract supports healthy menopause. Directions: As a dietary supplement take 1–2 mL (approx. 28–56 drops) 2–3 times a day in a small amount of water. Warning: Do not use if pregnant or nursing.

🎁 Buddha Teas Red Clover Tea

✅ Buddha Teas is the leading organic tea company for single herb teas. All teas are certified organic and they only use bleach-free tea bags. “Start your day with a delicious cup of organic Red Clover Tea that has many health benefits! Red Clover Tea is invigorating and enriching and supports healthy cholesterol levels while helping to relieve menopausal symptoms. This delicious, grounding tea is crafted using organic red clover, and no artificial or natural flavors, no GMOs, and packed in bleach-free tea bags, so you can feel great about enjoying a cup of tea any time of day! Red Clover Tea needs a good boil of freshwater and steep of 3-6 minutes to extract the full flavor and optimum benefits. Cover the cup of water and let it steep, then remove the teabag and enjoy it!

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