Top 4 Maitake mushroom health benefits | The food is trusted by cancer patients


Maitake (Grifola frondrosa) is a medicinal mushroom native to northeastern Japan. In markets like the US or some Asian shops, people call Maitake mushrooms with its Japanese name. When translated it means “dancing”. Therefore, mushrooms also have another name is “dancing mushroom “. In Japan, Maitake mushrooms can grow up to 100 pounds, which is equivalent to a weight of about 45kg. And that is why it is classified as “king of mushrooms”. Maitake mushroom is highly regarded in traditional Japanese and Chinese medicine for the support of the immune system and many health benefits. During the feudal period of Japan, Maitake was used as a currency, used to exchange silver from rulers. Currently, fresh and dried Maitake mushrooms are available in major supermarkets.

1. The active ingredient in Maitake mushroom

✅ Maitake mushrooms are said to provide a range of health benefits. An important ingredient in maitake mushrooms is beta-glucan, a type of polysaccharide, a long carbohydrate molecule found to affect the immune system, overall health, as well as healthy cell growth and growth. strong normal. In addition, Maitake mushrooms are also rich in B vitamins, vitamin C, important micronutrients such as copper, potassium, amino acids. Not only that, but Maitake also contains high fiber content, no fat, low sodium, and low calories. This is very beneficial for general health.

2. Top 4 Maitake mushroom health benefits

2.1 Maitake mushroom health benefits: Preventing cancer

Maitake mushroom health benefits: Preventing cancer

✅ The main ingredient of Maitake mushroom is beta-glucan. This substance is also found in some mushrooms or other foods. Beta-glucan is known to stimulate the immune system and is useful in attacking cancer cells. In laboratory research, scientists have found that maitake extract can slow down the growth of some tumors. By promoting activity in immune cells (such as natural killer cells and T cells), maitake is thought to help inhibit the growth of cancer cells. Another study published in the journal of the same name in 1995 also said that the secretion of this mushroom has a good effect on liver cancer. Specifically, it slows the spread of liver cancer cells in mice. Besides, it also prevents the process of healthy cells from turning into cancer cells.
✅ Adding Maitake mushrooms to the diets of cancer patients to support cancer treatment and prevention is very effective. Not only is this mushroom safe to use, but it also has numerous benefits. Cancer patients eat Maitake mushrooms daily to help the body stay healthy and minimize pain.

2.2 Maitake mushroom health benefits: Control diabetes

Maitake mushroom health benefits: Control diabetes

✅ An animal study showed that maitake mushroom extract improved insulin resistance – a health condition that increases the risk of type 2 diabetes, and insulin resistance that occurs when the body doesn’t respond properly to insulin (a hormone that plays a major role in using blood sugar for energy). A 2015 study showed that maitake mushrooms may have a positive effect on rats with type 2 diabetes. This indicates the potential of fungi to treat type 2 diabetes in humans.

2.3 Maitake mushroom health benefits: Good for the cardiovascular system

Maitake mushroom health benefits: Good for the cardiovascular system

✅ Heart health has a tremendous impact on the life and health of people. Therefore, it is even more important to take care of your heart especially those with heart disease. Keeping cholesterol under control is absolutely essential and should be done if you want to maintain the health of the cardiovascular system. Cholesterol can build up inside arteries, causing them to harden and narrow, thereby preventing blood flow, forcing your heart to work harder to pump blood throughout the body. Some studies show that maitake mushrooms can help lower natural cholesterol levels, help you protect the heart thanks to the beneficial nutrients, thereby limiting the risk of atherosclerosis, stroke, and high blood pressure.

2.4 Maitake mushroom health benefits: Strengthen immune function

Maitake mushroom health benefits: Strengthen immune function

✅ The health of the immune system is important because it acts as a natural defense system, helping to fight off invaders from outside to protect your body from damage and infection. Besides consuming antioxidant-rich foods like guava, citrus fruits, dark green vegetables, etc., Maitake mushroom is also an interesting suggestion for you. According to a study published in the journal Annals of Translistic Medicine, Maitake mushroom is effective in stimulating the immune system to work more efficiently. Adding one or two servings of maitake mushrooms to your diet can help boost your immune system to prevent common illnesses.

3. Notes when using Maitake mushroom

When using the Maitake mushroom you should note the following:

  • There is some evidence that maitake mushroom supplements may interact with certain medications (such as hypoglycemic agents and blood thinners such as warfarin). Therefore, maitake supplements should be avoided for two weeks after the scheduled surgery.
  • Some substandard products may be contaminated with other substances such as heavy metals.
  • Pregnant women, nursing women, and children should consult a doctor before use.

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