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Clove is an herb native to Asia and South America. Clove is a spice used in cooking because of its sweet-smelling, very good digestive support, and has many health benefits. Not only that, but clove has also been used a lot in traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda medicine to boost the immune system, kill parasites and repel insects due to its eugenol, a germicide strong.

1. The active ingredient in Clove

βœ… According to nutrition data, a teaspoon of ground clove contains 30% of the RDI of manganese, 4% of the RDI of vitamin K, 3% of the RDI of vitamin C, it is also a good source of fiber. Vitamin C and eugenol are both antioxidants that can help slow the development of chronic disease. Manganese is important for bone health. In addition, cloves also contain very strong anesthetic chemicals called eugenol (about 70 – 90%). Eugenol also has a numbing effect on nerves and reduces pain. Eugenol is also active as a natural antioxidant. In fact, a test-tube study showed that eugenol prevented oxidative damage caused by free radicals five times more effective than vitamin E, another powerful antioxidant.

2. Top Clove health benefits

2.1 Clove health benefits: Teeth care

Clove health benefits: Teeth care

βœ… Many of the health benefits of clove oil are thought to result from its analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial effects. Cloves work to relieve toothache, gums, and mouth sores. For many years, in dental treatment, the compound eugenol (the main component of clove has anesthetic and analgesic effect) has become a very important medicine. According to the study, cloves contain eugenol about 20 times higher than other herbs. In a 2006 study of 73 adults, researchers found that clove-based gels were comparable to benzocaine (a local anesthetic) in pain relief. When you have a toothache, you only need to apply clove essential oil to the area of ​​an infected tooth or chew a little clove herb, after a few minutes you will see the pain is greatly reduced. In addition, you can also add clove essential oil to toothpaste to keep your teeth from decay and help eliminate harmful bacteria.
βœ… Besides, the specific aroma of clove essential oil also helps you eliminate bad breath very effectively. Simply mix a few drops of clove essential oil in water and rinse your mouth each day to improve this condition.

2.2 Clove health benefits: Promote Digestive

Clove health benefits: Promote Digestive

βœ… Cloves have the effect of promoting enzymes in the body, helping to enhance digestive function. Therefore, this medicine is often used to treat stomach pain and digestive disorders. Several studies show that the compounds found in cloves can help treat stomach ulcers by removing the increased production of stomach mucus – which functions as a barrier and helps prevent Erosive of gastric mucosa from digestive acids. If you have a stomach ache or feel nauseous, try using clove powder mixed with honey. In particular, pregnant and lactating women can still use cloves because this herb is quite benign.
βœ… Clove essential oil is also known for its good digestive tract antiseptic function. According to a 2018 review, clove oil, and specifically the eugenol component, showed advantages over potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate, and other chemical food preservatives in terms of antibacterial and safety activity. In laboratory tests published in 2009, scientists found that clove bud oil (as well as cinnamon and chili oil) also prevented the growth of listeria, a common bacteria. Other variables are known to cause foodborne illness, suggesting clove oil may be helpful in protecting against food poisoning.

2.3 Clove health benefits: Other benefits

Clove health benefits: Help regulate blood sugar
  • Anti-cancer: Compounds found in cloves (especially eugenol) are thought to help prevent tumor growth and promote cell death in cancer cells. A test-tube study found that eugenol promotes cell death in cervical cancer cells.
  • Help regulate blood sugar: Research shows that the compounds found in cloves can help control blood sugar. Cloves and nigericin (a compound found in cloves) work to increase the uptake of blood sugar into cells, increase insulin secretion, and improve the function of insulin-producing cells. Insulin is a hormone responsible for transporting sugar from the bloodstream to your cells.
  • Enhance bone health: Several compounds in clove have been shown to help preserve bone mass in animal studies. Cloves are very rich in manganese – a mineral that is involved in bone formation and is extremely important for bone health. An animal study showed that clove extract with high levels of eugenol improved some signs of osteoporosis and increased bone density and strength.

3. Notes when using Clove

When using cloves in the form of herbs, medicinal extracts, or supplements, you should keep the following in mind:

  • Although generally recognized as safe for topical use, clove oil has been found to impact the diversity of the intestinal microflora when ingested due to the susceptibility of some beneficial bacteria in intestinal biology with eugenol, as indicated in a 2012 study.
  • In 1992, there was a detailed report of a child eating clove oil and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and liver cell necrosis. Therefore, do not let babies and children swallow clove oil.
  • Pregnant and lactating women should consult a doctor before use.
  • Eugenol slows down blood clotting and may lead to an increased risk of bleeding. Therefore, clove should not be used with anticoagulants such as warfarin or aspirin. Stop using cloves 2 weeks before surgery.
  • Clove has been shown to lead to reduced blood sugar levels, so caution should be exercised when used with hypoglycemic agents.

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